How to Unblock Devices from Wifi? Try This Step-by-Step Guide

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You use the wifi network as usual but suddenly one day, you are unable to access that wireless connection anymore. 

You might think that you simply entered the incorrect password but it is not, your device may be abandoned from that wifi by its owner.

If so, read and follow this post on how to unblock devices from wifi.

Let’s start!

Learn ways to unblock devices from Wifi

How does Wifi blocking work?

There are many ways to block a device from using a wifi network but most of the time, it is done through a blacklist.

Blacklisting a device to connect to wifi means whenever you request to connect to that network, you will receive a notification for failing to connect with the wifi system. 

The wifi’s owner may put you on this list via a filter called MAC. 

Technically, MAC is not related to Apple computers, in this case, it stands for Media Access Control. 

This is like hardware containing a serial number which is used to identify the device connected to it and the route traffic accordingly.

Unlock devices from your Wifi

For instance, if your laptop is connected with both wifi and ethernet ports, then it will get two MAC addresses. 

Each type of connection has its own address ID. 

Hence, you might need to change your device’s MAC address if you want to unblock it. 

This process will be well presented in this post, however, we must warn you that changing your MAC address is not simple. 

Why is my device blocked from Wifi?

Before getting to know how to unblock devices from wifi, read these reasons why your phone is blocked to find the most suitable method to solve it.

Be blacklisted from the network

Being blacklisted from the network is the most possible reason once you could not access wifi. 

It could be by accident or intentional but there must be a reason for it.

Be blacklisted from the network

There is a network whitelist

Another way to filter the user of the wifi network is to use a whitelist network. 

This term is opposite to the blacklist explained above, it is a list containing all MAC addresses which can use the wifi. 

That said, if your devices are not on the list, then you’re unable to access the wifi. 

Wifi password changing

Once the wifi password is changed, all the devices connected to it will be logged out or cannot link to it. 

What you need to do is to enter the updated password. 

If you don’t know how to change my CenturyLink Wifi password, we have created a detailed guide, so stay up to date!

How to unblock a device from Wifi?

Unconnected to the Internet could be hard for keeping up with your jobs, and your friends, so how to unblock device from wifi is a pretty fair question to ask.

Here we show three feasible solutions to this issue. Follow these tips closely and you will be able to gain access to the router again. 

Solution 1: Use the router’s settings

The easiest way as to how to unblock a device from wifi router is to use communication. You should gently ask the network administrator to remove you from the blacklist. 

If it’s not a positive option, you may have to gain access to the wifi router’s admin password yourself. 

Here is how we do it:

  1. Access the router’s admin by using a different device

  2. Look for the blacklist or blocked clients list

  3. Then you should check if your device is on that list and select ‘unblock’

Access the router’s setting page

To ensure it works, you must use a different device to get access to the router’s settings since your current phone/laptop is blocked. 

Solution 2: Use the ISP’s app

The ease of use also increases the likelihood that other users of the ISP's app would unintentionally restrict you from the network.

Use ISP App

Additionally, you can configure settings that would instantly ban users if they violate the security of the network.

You can get your phone unlocked for wifi network with ISP’s router app as follows:

  1. Download and then open the app.

  2. Log in with your username and password.

  3. Search for the blacklist or blocked devices list.

  4. Remove yourself from that block list.

  5. Connect to wifi again.

Solution 3: Change your device’s MAC address

How to unblock a blocked device from wifi? - just change the MAC address of your device.

Each type of device (iOS or Android) will have a different process to adhere to since MAC addresses are controlled at the software level. 

iOS devices

  1. Connect to the wireless network that you want to change the MAC address

  2. Open Settings on your phone, then select Wifi

  3. Tap the ‘i’ icon next to the network you are connected to

Tap the ‘i’ icon next to the network you are connected to

  1. Then a new page will pop up, you should turn on the Private address

Turn on the Private address

  1. Now reconnect to the wifi network.

With these 5 easy steps, now you can use the wifi again.

Android devices

For Android devices, changing the MAC address is less complicated. One simple to do it is to get root access. 

Besides, you can modify your MAC address without rooting your phone but you need to download ‘Terminal Emulator for Android’ - a free app that you can easily get from Play Store. 

  1. Open Settings -> About phone -> Status

  2. Remember to note your MAC address as it’s a crucial part of the process

  3. Download ‘Terminal Emulator for Android’

Download ‘Terminal Emulator for Android’

  1. After the download is completed, run the app and then type ‘IP link show’ and also write down your network interface name

  2. Now, for the last step, type ‘IP link set <network interface><new MAC address>

This setting is not permanent as it doesn’t require you to root your phone, so your MAC address will revert to the original one once you reset your phone.

Disable MAC address filtering

The function of MAC address filtering is to secure your network by letting you choose the eligible device to join the network. 

If your wifi is public, you might want to turn this filter off.

This method can be easily done by these steps:

  1. Go to your router’s admin panel

  2. Search for ‘Advanced’

  3. You will find MAC filter and then tab on it

  4. Choose Disable and save the settings

  5. Connect to wifi by using your blocked device.

Reset the Wifi router

If all of these methods of “how to unblock a device from your wifi” above don’t help, you might need to reset the wifi route. 

By doing this, all of the blacklists and whitelists will be gone.

Reset the router

Resetting the wifi router, such as Wifi password Arris, is quite simple.

You just need to press the reset button at the back of your router for about 15 to 20 seconds. Then your router will shut down and start again. 

You will need to change the wifi name and password in order to connect your device again to wifi again. 

How do you unblock a phone on a router?

How to unblock a device from wifi? You can unblock your phone manually on a router. 

To do so, you need another device that is not blocked. 

The next step is to type the router’s IP address in a web browser and log in with the default username and password. 

Here you will find an option for MAC filtering, open it and you will see the blacklist.

The final step is to remove your device’s name from that list and connect to wifi again.

Unlock a phone on a router


Now, you’ve got the full answer to the question “how to unblock devices from wifi”. With these specific steps listed above, your issue should be completely solved. Good luck!

Rating:4.7 - 50Votes



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