WiFi upload speed test: How to make your WiFi upload speed faster

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You run a WiFi upload speed test and notice that it’s slower than it should be. Now, what should you do to make your WiFi upload speed faster so that you can better engage in activities like video chatting, uploading videos to YouTube, sharing photos on social media sites, or any other things involving uploading data? 

Wi-Fi internet connections

Some first words

First of all, it’s worth noting that many factors can affect the download and upload speeds of your WiFi connection, causing them to be slower than they should be. Wireless interference, far distance to the router, physical obstructions, multiple devices using the network at a time, background apps and programs, ISP-related issues, and others can result in slow WiFi upload speeds.

Of course, depending on what makes your WiFi connection upload speed slow, there are always effective ways to improve it. Right below here, MySpeed is about to share with you some simple but sure-to-helpful methods to speed up your internet upload; let’s take a look now!

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How to make your upload speed faster?

Here are some suggestions on how to increase WiFi upload speed.

Move closer to the router 

As you probably know, WiFi signals are transmitted via the air, so they are susceptible to different things, including distance, physical obstructions (like walls, floors, or others), and wireless interference. 

The further the distance between your device and the router, the weaker the WiFi signals will be. So, try moving closer to the router (the closer, the better) to see if your upload speed gets faster. 

Also, it's good to be sure that there aren't any major physical obstacles and wireless interference taking place to interrupt or even block your WiFi signals when they travel between your device and the router. This way, you will have a more consistent WiFi internet connection. 

WiFi router

Reboot the router

There might be problems with your router if it has been running for a while without any reboot. Rebooting the router can help refresh your connection. So, give your router a reboot and notice if the speeds get boosted. 

If possible, disconnect other devices from your network

Multiple devices or users connected and using your WiFi internet connection at once cause the bandwidth connection to be split. As a result, no one has the full speeds.  

These days, more than more online activities require uploading data. When these devices use the upload bandwidth simultaneously, slower WiFi internet upload speeds for all can be expected. 

So, if possible, try disconnecting other devices from your wireless internet network, then re-run internet speed tests to see if your speeds get improved. 

Multiple devices using the same network

Close unnecessary programs running on the background 

Background apps and programs running on your device's background also consume bandwidth even though you are not using them. 

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In addition to the above methods, other fixes like uploading at off-peak hours, moving your router to a more optimum location, upgrading the router if it’s too old, calling your internet provider, … can also help. 

Faster upload speeds

Bottom line

As you can see, all of the solutions for improving WiFi upload speeds are so simple and easy, right? Hope that the easy fixes above are helpful to you. Along with them, many other ways can help you have better internet download and upload speeds. And it is worth noting that WiFi is considered less consistent than a wired Ethernet connection, so, if possible, you should use a wired connection for the fastest possible internet speeds. And that’s all for this post! The upcoming article will be about Limit Youtube Upload Speed; check out if you find it interesting.

Rating:4.9 - 50Votes



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