What is good Wifi upload speed? Why is the Wifi upload speed slow?

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Talking about a good wifi speed is tremendously confusing. There is no absolutely perfect rate for all online activities, however in general, the higher the internet speed is, the better the online experience is. Good wifi upload speed does too. If your upload speed is stalling your video calls, keep reading the article to find out interesting information.

What is a good upload speed for wifi?

What is a good Wifi speed?

The internet speed depends on regular Internet behaviors as well as the number of devices connecting to the Internet at the same time. 

For example, sending an email consumes much less internet bandwidth (in other words, require less speed) than watching Netflix stream movie. 

Of course, you don't typically use the internet for just one activity at a time — in fact, you probably don't even use one device at a time. You may also want faster internet connections if you often video conference or upload files.

Basic internet speed in the US ranges from 3 to 8 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed while an advanced service often provides exceed 25 Mbps of download and upload speed of above 3 Mbps. They are also speeds defined by the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission).


Good Wifi speed: 25 Mbps download speed & 3 Mbps upload speed

However, not every based-internet activities need that speed. What is a good upload and download speed for wifi? Look at some examples of good speed for different tasks.

  • 1-3 Mbps: Enough for web browsing, email, social and simple online gaming, and email. However, at this rate, it’s difficult to watch video streaming.

  • 3-4 Mbps: The minimum speed for basic video streaming from services like Netflix. This speed may be adequate for a standalone house, however with all accessible HD material on the web, this will result in continual video buffering.

  • 5-10 Mbps: Good for HD material but it might still create buffering if you have numerous connected devices in your household. 

  • 10-20 Mbps: This is the bare minimum for a steady and dependable Internet experience. 

  • 20 Mbps and higher: This speed is suitable for households with several computers and gadgets, video streaming services, smart devices, and concurrent users 

Keep in mind that internet service providers may have various requirements for upload and download speeds. Download speeds are often faster, so that's what you'll see advertised. Investigate both download and upload speeds to determine your best alternative.

Good Wifi upload speed

What is upload speed?

Upload speed refers to how fast you can deliver data from your computer or device to others via the Internet. This can be uploading files ( videos, pictures, texts) to social media or homework assignments. Also, video conferencing, VOIP calling, and video online gaming require uploading data.

For better or worse, the pandemic resulted in an unprecedented number of individuals studying and working from home. Our home office setups and equipment have evolved over time, but our internet connections have remained the foundation of our ability to safely learn, work, and connect with others. 

The covid-19 pandemic shows us the vital role of upload speed

While download speeds remain the most significant aspect of our internet connection, upload speeds are becoming increasingly vital as we continue to adjust to what may be the new normal.

Which internet provider has a good upload speed?

What is a good upload speed for wifi? In general, 5 Mbps upload speed is good enough for most online activities on a single device. Also, internet users don’t need to take care of this rate too much when choosing an internet service provider or registering an internet plan.

Upload speed of Asymmetric DSL or ADSL is around 1.5 Mbps whereas that of cable connection can speed up from 5 to Mbps. The 1.5 Mbps upload speed is just enough for most simple online activities such as sending emails, posting a photo, or using Google doc. Nevertheless, this rate will need to be much higher if you want to do video calls, broadcast Livestream.

As consequence, if you are working from home or streaming on a regular basis, ADSL will show its weakness clearly. In this case, a cable provider can be an ideal option with an average upload speed from 25 Mbps to 50 Mbps. 

Cable connection provides upload speed of 25 Mbps & 50 Mbps

A much better solution is fiber optic. For those who rely on uploading heavily, it seems there is no such good choice as a fiber connection. This network offers symmetrical speeds which means that equality between upload and download speeds. If you get a 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) internet plan, you have a download and upload speed of 1000 Mbps.  

Moreover, Fiber is also considered the most reliable type of network connection. You will experience fewer internet issues even if you stream at a high-peak time.

Minimum upload speed requirement for video calls

Because video conferences entail sending and receiving real-time video at the same time, there are a few internet speed aspects to consider in order to get the most out of your remote meetings. So, what's a good upload speed for wifi


Video chat application

Min. upload speed

Min. download speed

Rec. upload speed

Rec. download speed

Zoom (one-on-one calling)

600 Kbps

600 Kbps

1.8 Mbps

1.8 Mbps

Zoom (group calling)

800 Kbps

1 Mbps

3 Mbps

2.5 Mbps

Google Hangouts and Google Meet

3.2 Mbps

1.8 Mbps

3.2 Mbps

3.2 Mbps


600 Kbps

600 Kbps

600 Kbps

2 Mbps


128 Kbps

128 Kbps

512 Kbps

8 Mbps

Data from highspeedinternet.com

From the table, many video calling apps require low-bandwidth connections. Most home networks can meet at least the bare criteria. That's great when it means we can all keep in touch.

If you have problems with video conferencing, the main reason is likely your upload speed. Internet service providers often provide consumers with significantly less upload speed than download speed (except most fiber internet providers). 

Even though your download speed is enough for video calls, your upload speed may be inadequate for large group calls. Try out some easy improvements to get a better experience. Move to the next part.

Wifi upload speed slow 

To determine whether your upload speed is slow or not, using an upload speed test is a great idea. Of course, when you often see lag and freezing during video conversations, you are also able to use a tool to make sure your upload rates are inadequate for your purposes.

What if the wifi upload speed is not good? What causes this situation?

Router Drivers & Firmware

Your router is certain to encounter problems and vulnerabilities over time, as is the case with any equipment. While changing your router's firmware isn't required, it might assist boost your upload speeds if you're experiencing problems.

Update Router drivers and firmware

Router drivers do too. Updating these could help you improve overall network performance. It’s also easy to update these because you often see updates for your driver.

Too Many Devices Connected

Of course, there are too many devices connecting to your network at the same time which influences speed a lot. If you want to check which device is connecting to your connection, there are many apps to help you do that. 

Let’s start with unplugging all of them and reconnecting your most critical device to see if this improves your upload speeds.

Unplug unnecessary devices connecting to your network

Your router problems itself

Something else making your upload speed not achieve a good rate can be your router. Older routers may have limited speeds that they can use and may not be able to handle as many devices as modern routers.

Besides, maybe you place your router in the wrong place which weakens its Wifi signal strength. Positioning it near 2.4 GHz devices or placing it in a corner of the house, your router can not work well as it could. 

Place your router in a central position in your house

It recommends you place your router in the middle of your house to spread signals as much as possible. It’s better for routers to be far from Microwave, Bluetooth earphones, or something 2.4 GHz like that.

The bottom line

Overall, wifi upload speed is not less important than download speed. You should make sure to get internet speeds as faster as possible to gain a good online experience. Try out some easy improvements to see positive change. Do you want to suggest other ways?

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