What should my download and upload speed be for online study software?

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Online studying is not too strange in modern life today and during the serious Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes a must-do. Differ to study in the school, university, online studying need stable internet speed. What should my download and upload speed be? The article will share the basic data needed for some applications serving for online studying as well as providing tips to good internet speed.What should my download and upload speeds be?

What should my download and upload speeds be?

Online studying

Technology has had a profound effect on almost every aspect of our lives, and education is no different. Over the past few years, online courses have expanded rapidly by the benefits of. Especially in the complicated evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic, when the need for home learning increases. 

Online studying brings in many benefits

Online studying brings in many benefits

One of the benefits of online learning is convenience. Instead of having to study in one location, learning and teaching can be done at home. Teachers and students can study on tablets or laptops. Online learning also saves more time for teachers, students, and parents.

No more traveling, dropping off, or worrying about getting to class, time can be spent on other activities. While in class, some students cannot see the writing on the board clearly when the teacher lectures. 

The difference in online learning is that they allow participants to share their screens during the lecture. This is more convenient for lectures because everyone can see the content clearly, increasing students' ability to focus and absorb. 

Participants can share their screens during the lecture

Participants can share their screens during the lecture

What should download and upload speed be to have a good online lecture, let’s conduct a speed check internet. Check if your network connection is fast enough for studying. 

What should your download and upload speed be for online studying?

Nowadays, there are a lot of video chat software as well as applications for online education such as Zoom, Google classroom, Skype, etc.

The article will share some basic data needed for some popular applications which are used by many people. This helps you after running the speed test you will know if your connection is slow or not. 


ZOOM is often used for online learning

ZOOM is often used for online learning

ZOOM with the full name of Zoom Cloud Meetings or Zoom Meeting is often used for online learning, online meeting, training, or technical support extremely conveniently via the Internet connection. 

Easy-to-use interface for organizing online classes, meeting online with friends, students, and students via Zoom. Specifically, Zoom allows saving meetings or online lessons to the device, or a cloud service. 

Support scheduling from Outlook, Gmail, or iCal. In addition, it allows for group chat, saves search history, shares files, and stores data for up to 10 years. Zoom Meetings are the perfect choice for an educational environment when organizing online classes over the Internet.

What should my upload and download speeds be? How fast is 5G download speed for Zoom? Below are the basic data Zoom need to be able to work well: 

  • 2.0 Mbps / 2.0 Mbps (Upload / Download) for one-way video calling

  • 4.0 Mbps / 4.0 Mbps (Upload / Download) for two-way (two-person) video calling

  • 2.0 Mbps upload speed  / 7 Mbps download speed  for three-person video calling


Another online education application is TRUECOF. It is recommended that teachers use the TrueConf version for Windows operating systems. Students will be able to join online classes from any device just by following the link in the browser. 

TrueConf Server has no advanced system requirements. You don't need an expensive server or a multi-core virtual machine to host online teaching. With TrueConf, even a very basic setup will allow online training and teaching with up to 1000 concurrent participants. 

The advantage of TRUECOF is remote desktop control; instant messaging (or chat) allows users to exchange text messages, especially, filming for latecomers or absent students. 


TrueConf allows up to 1000 concurrent participants

TrueConf allows up to 1000 concurrent participants

What are good download and upload speeds for this software? How much speed do you need? Here are some basic data for TRUECOF work well:

  • Video call 1-1: server need 1.8 Mbps download speed and the client need 1.3 Mbps download speed

  • Less than 9 multiple users: the minimum download speed should be 9 Mbps to work fluently

  • Less than 12 users: 16,5 Mbps is the better speed for this level

  • More than 46 multiple devices: with this number of users, it should be good download speeds up to 25 Mbps. Not only 25 Mbps download speed good for gaming but also for online studying, video conferences. 


Skype has always been in the top position on the communication tools list. This is the most popular tool for teaching and communicating lesson content between teachers and students. 

The "Skype in the Classroom" feature helps to expand learning between classes, maximizing support for lectures. 

It allows to connect teachers and learners for free: Just equip yourself with a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection and install skype software, you can organize classes and invite everyone to join. 

Besides, with an easy-to-use interface, Vietnamese language support, and basic functions Video call, voice and chat can also be used fluently by primary school students. 

Skype has always been in the top position of the communication tools list

Skype has always been in the top position of the communication tools list

What is a good download speed for Skype? How much download speed do I need? When you study online with Skype, the speed check result should be more than 40Mbps.

Basically, if you have online communication with your friend, teacher to discuss, the speed of 1,5 Mbps is the ideal speed. 

How fast is 1.5 Mbps download speed? The Mbps needed for Skype will increase in proportion with the number of people joining the online lesson. 

For example, you call a Skype video to Annie to discuss the next exam, the internet speed should be at least 1 Mbps or 1.5 Mbps download speed ideally by the speed test. 

While you have an online Microeconomics lesson, your classroom includes 45 students, therefore, you will need at least 45 Mbps to have a good online experience. 

Also, you are able to take a look at the pic of good upload and download speeds below as a reference.

Requirements download and upload speeds for Skype

Requirements download & upload speed for Skype

How to get fast download speed?

After conducting a good download speed check, what to do if the result is not good. Let’s apply some tips below to get fastest download speed.

Update firmware for the router

Update firmware of the router 

Update firmware of the router

Updating your router is the first thing you should think to do when you get the slow internet for studying. It will help fix old firmware errors and keep your router running at its best. To update the firmware of the router, it's very simple, you just need to search Google to find out how to guide you.

Different router brands will have their methods of updating, so when searching you should include the name of the router you are using. Your internet speed can increase noticeably. 

Check your internet speed

Your wi fi connection is not working well because of the speed of your internet plan. Sometimes your internet speed is not up to what your carrier has committed. Visit the friendly- use speed test https://gospeedcheck.com/ to check this. 

In the main interface, there will have the word Go on the screen, you click to test the network speed. If the network speed results are not the same as what the carrier promises, you should immediately call the operator's switchboard for support.

Using the speed test to check your internet plan

Using the speed check to test your internet plan

Internet package upgrade

When stay-at-home order is promulgated, the number of devices connecting to the Wi-fi connection in your house is raised. Therefore, upgrading the internet speed is a must when the demand for your family increases more than before due to work and study at home. 

The old packages are not enough to meet the needs, so it is important to upgrade the internet package to make your wi fi signal smoother, to meet the current usage needs. The download speed checker result shows your internet is slow for studying and the reason can be this. 

Change the location to the router indoors

The location of the router will also affect more or less the wireless network operator. You should keep the wifi in the middle of the house and there are few obstructions because this is the best location so that every position in your house can get the best wi-fi signal. 

Replace the indoor router

Replace the indoor router

The router should also be kept away from TV electronics, refrigerators, and metal objects that will contaminate your wifi. Moreover, the higher the router is, the wider area the Wifi broadcasts.

Buy more devices to increase wifi

Buying more wifi transmitters is essential if your home has a large area and many floors. You can also use wifi hotspots to create more wifi hotspots indoors. Some supporting Wifi transferring devices you can try are a Wifi extender, Wifi repeater, or WiFi Booster. Each type has unique advantages and disadvantages, you should find out and choose the most suitable one for you.

Change the router's wifi channel

The speed check internet result shows your internet is slow for studying, the reason can be wifi channel. Changing the wifi channel will help avoid interference when you are in a densely populated area or an apartment with multiple routers broadcasting in the same channel. 

To change the channel - wifi channel is very simple. Simply log in to the router with the login link, account, and password that is usually found in the device information on the router.

Once logged into the router, select Wireless> Wireless Settings> Channel (channel). Normally, the wifi transmitters of current carriers are 2.4GHz standard, so you should choose channels 1, 6, 11Ghz as the best.

Changing the wifi channel will help avoid interference

Changing the wifi channel will help avoid interference

The bottom line

The global Coronavirus pandemic upsets life totally. Work and study remotely becomes more popular. Some applications are developed to support students’ online study like Zoom, Skype. These apps are friendly-use and require low-data internet. However, “what should my download speed be ?”, it is advised to conduct a Speed check online to make sure your connection is sufficient for online education. What should you do if the speed check results show your internet is slow for studying? Let’s try 6 tips to get good internet speed above.