Best Straight Talk Signal Booster Apps & 5 Boosting Tips [Guide]

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Have you used Straight Talk but are having trouble getting a good signal inside your home? 

That is why you need good Straight Talk signal booster apps

But which one should you choose?

See our post to learn about our top 5 recommendations and practical advice for enhancing Straight Talk signals.

 What are the best Straight Talk signal booster app?

What are the best Straight Talk signal booster app?

Why do I need to boost Straight Talk signal?

Intermittent connections or signal loss or reception would be the most frequent issue cellular consumers encounter with it.

Though there are many causes for it, some of the most typical ones are:

Obstacles and materials

Obviously, certain substances, materials, and other types of things can be dangerous for signal transmission or reception.

You should take this into account if, for example, there are many obstacles on your way to a cell tower and it is not in a favorable location.

Attempt to go farther away from the cell tower so that there are fewer and fewer things that can interfere with your device's ability to connect to it.

Cell tower distance

The distance between you and the cell tower is another aspect you should take into account.

Cell tower distance

There is an issue if the cell tower is too far away from where you are and there are no alternative cell towers you can connect to.

On the other hand, there may be a few issues if you are too close to a cell tower.

Operating system version

The operating system (OS) of your gadget is out of date, which is the last but not least reason.

By selecting Settings > About phone or About device, you may view the OS version of your smartphone.

These are the main explanations for why so many people are searching for methods to enhance their signal.

 Reasons to boost Straight Talk signal

Reasons to boost Straight Talk signal

How to boost Straight Talk signal?

The signal strength of your mobile phone can be increased in a number of ways.

In this post, we'll explain both free and paid methods for doing it.

Here are some techniques you can try without having to make any purchases.

Check your smartphone’s software version 

Many people are unaware that their cellphones don't operate entirely automatically.

In actuality, they still need to be checked occasionally, particularly when it comes to the operating system version.

Check your smartphone's operating system version to verify if it is the most recent or updated version.

Check the software version

Power cycle or restart your device

In order to boost Straight Talk signal, you must restart or power cycle your device.

You only need to flip your device off for one to two minutes, then switch it back on. However, avoid simply restarting it. 

Turn it off entirely to shut off all applications and programs that could be running in the background.

Toggle airplane mode on/off

You can also try switching the airplane mode on and off.

In case you weren't aware, this is a feature on smartphones that disables or deactivates the current mobile network you're using.

Without turning the device off, it's similar to resetting the network. Therefore, you must activate airplane mode for 15 to 30 seconds, then turn it off again.

Reset network settings

Similar to airplane mode, this third technique resets the entire network.

Included in this are Bluetooth, changing or forgetting WiFi passwords, changing access point names (APNs), and other similar issues.

Here's how to reset the network settings quickly and easily.


Follow these steps:

  • Select Settings > General > Reset

  • Then, look for the Reset Network Settings option. 

The Reset All Settings option will reset it to factory defaults, so avoid choosing that option.

Reset network settings on iPhone


With Android phones, you need to follow this instruction:

  • Select Settings > General Management Reset

  • Now, select Reset Network Settings

Reset network settings on Android

Use signal booster apps 

If none of these work for you, you might want to think about using a Straight Talk signal booster.

As the name suggests, using a Wifi signal booster app is an effective method as to how to make WiFi faster.

You can try these boosters to boost or entirely improve the signals received by your mobile device.

Straight Talk provides a variety of signal boosters if you're looking for a more sophisticated and powerful solution to improve your signal.

But with so many options available now, making a decision is getting increasingly challenging.

Read on to learn about our top 5 picks for booster applications.

In case you are using a  and wonder “does Telus Wifi booster work with Shaw?” discover our upcoming post!

Best Straight Talk signal booster apps 2022

Your signal cannot be artificially increased via an app.

The majority of apps that make this claim just flip your mobile data or Wi-Fi on and off or use another incredibly simple approach to reset the network connection. 

In other words, they are essentially app equivalents of switching things on and off.

Nevertheless, there are apps available that can assist you in recognizing issues so you can more quickly resolve them. 

Once you know what to look for, there are numerous ways to solve such issues on your own. 

The top Straight Talk signal booster apps for 2022 are listed below.

 Top 5 best Straight Talk signal booster apps

Top 5 best Straight Talk signal booster apps


A helpful networking app is GlassWire. It displays the connection of your device as well as all of the data that it sends and receives. 

Also, it can help sort out programs that are secretly abusing your connection, which is important for people with sluggish data rates but good signal strength.

Notably, it won't assist diagnose true signal strength problems. 

However, if anything is popping off and consuming constant data, it will undoubtedly show up at slower speeds and erratic connection.

You can easily check it by running a Wifi speed test.

Also, you can examine the data usage of all of your apps in the free version, which is where we advise you to start.


Network Cell Info

You can use Network Cell Info to locate the closest cell towers. 

There are many causes of the faulty signal, one of which might only be the separation from a tower. 

This type of app allows you to see the locations of the towers and your distance from them. 

It should function on both GSM and CDMA carriers, and dual-SIM is also supported. 

Signal measurements and a crowdsourced signal finder are some more features.

If you want more features, you will have to unlock them in the $1.49 pro version.

Network Cell Info

IP Tools

There are a number of IP Tools apps available on the Play Store, but we decided to go with this one due to its affordable price and generally great performance.

The program does a wide range of tasks, such as port scanning, Wi-Fi scanning, DNS lookups, IP-host conversions, and more. 

This requires a little bit more hardware than your typical mobile networking tools, but it can shed light on why your signal isn't functioning as it should (on Wi-Fi, at least). 

The pro version costs $2.99 for a single in-app purchase.

IP Tools


Quite comparable to Network Cell Info is OpenSignal. 

It displays the 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G towers that are close to you. 

But this one also utilizes WiFi signals. 

Basically, OpenSignal can definitely find it if you can connect to it, which  is effective for a number of reasons. 

The best feature is that it compares the signal strengths of the major US carriers to determine whether one might have a stronger signal where you live. 

There is also a coverage map so that you can determine if you might simply reside in a carrier-weak area. 

Indeed, this is one of the greatest signal booster applications because it contains a lot of useful information for diagnosing signal issues.


Wi-Fi Analyzer

Numerous Wi-Fi analyzers are available for mobile devices, but this Straight Talk signal booster app is our favorite.

It is comparatively simple to use, gets regular updates, and performs admirably.

The software displays both your home's and surrounding homes' Wi-Fi signals in addition to those from your own. 

With this app, you can discover the network congestion in your area so as to modify the settings on your router to broadcast on channels that are less congested. 

As a result, it will resolve your signal problems. 

In addition, this booster app allows connectivity at 2.4 and 5 GHz, among other frequencies.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

How to set up your home signal booster?

By now, we hope you can choose a booster app for yourself. 

But here comes a concern: How to set up my home signal booster? It is easy!

Have a look at our 5-step guideline:

Step 1: Download the 3rd Party Mobile Apps 

Third-party APPs will be used in this case.

There are numerous booster apps available online, including Opensignal, Cell mapper, Network cell info lite, and others.

So, feel free to download them ahead of time via Android and/or iOS.

You can download it from Google Play or App Store

Step 2: Connect the booster to the Signal Supervisor APP

Due to the differences in phone and WiFi router types, there are certain cases where the booster will not be successfully linked to the signal supervisor app, even after our technical assistance. 

In this case, remember the following points:

  • You'll get the same result if you use an LCD signal meter to help you with your installation.

  • If you really need a remote monitor, use a different phone or change your WiFi router.

Step 3: Find the best outside signal and install your outdoor antenna

The success of the outdoor antenna installation has a significant impact on the booster system's performance, so follow these steps carefully:

Install outdoor antenna

  • Connect an outdoor antenna to the booster

  • Choose the best location for the best outside signal

  • To find the tower, use a third-party app(s)

  • Find the most suitable outdoor antenna location and direction

  • Repair the outdoor antenna if any

  • Confirm that the signal displayed on the signal gauge is the best it can be

Step 4: Install the two indoor antennas 

It is now time to install the two indoor antennas. With first one, you need to:

  • Connect the first indoor antenna to the booster's indoor 1 port with an indoor cable, then turn the booster on.

  • Determine the best location for an indoor antenna.

  • Test the signal quality 

Now, you should repeat the process in another location to install the second indoor antenna.

Step 5: Connect the booster and cables

Remember to install the signal booster in a dry and cool location that is easily accessible for maintenance.

Also, run the cables neatly and use waterproof tape to protect all outside connections from the weather.

 5 steps to set up a home signal booster

5 steps to set up a home signal booster

Depending on the booster you are using, the installation process may differ. 

In other words, setting up a Straight Talk booster is not similar to a Virgin Wifi booster set up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Does Straight Talk have a signal booster?

Definitely yes. 

A signal booster is a gadget that serves to extend the cellular coverage footprint in areas with weak or inadequate coverage.

Straight Talk cell phone signal boosters will improve weak signals, battery life, data rates, as well as eliminate dropped calls.

As a result, you can buy a signal booster to assist speed up your hotspot connection for faster downloads and uploads from your connected devices. 

Can weather cause weak cell phone signals?

Contrary to popular belief, bad weather is not beneficial for receiving or sending signals. 

Because it still operates through cell towers, the quality would still be affected by the weather. 

Do cell phone boosters work in rural areas?

Cell boosters function wonders in remote locations if there is even a fragment of cellular coverage outside. 

They employ powerful antennas and an amplifier to maintain you connected.

The key point here is to select the appropriate antennas for increasing cell phone service in rural locations.


There are numerous ways to improve the environment for your network coverage and internet connection. As a result, you might try asking your Internet service provider for assistance in this situation. It is simple if you know what to do. 

You have two alternatives for improving your signal on your Straight Talk: increase your signal or use booster apps. After reading this post, we hope you can choose the best Straight Talk signal booster apps and get the connection you want.

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