Virgin WiFi Booster Set Up: A Detailed Set Up Tutorial (with Pictures)

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Virgin WiFi booster set up can be difficult to make if you’ve just bought it or don’t know about the technical. 

However, it is not complicated. 

This article will help you understand more about setting up Virgin WiFi booster easily and quickly. 

A guide on Virgin Media WiFi booster setup

A guide on Virgin Media WiFi booster setup

What Is a Virgin WiFi Booster?

Virgin boosters include main types: wired and wireless systems. 

Yet, regarding convenience and practicality, a wireless booster is the prevalent choice of businesses and homeowners. 

This equipment supports you to expand the network coverage with better signals from your workplace or house. 

Thus, it gives a reliable and consistent connection to your devices such as smartphones, PC, or smart TV. 

It will help you avoid network connectivity issues. 

Virgin Internet booster

What to Consider Before Having a Virgin Booster Set Up?

When connecting a WiFi booster to your Virgin router, you must consider these basic things. 

First, you must have a good quality signal from your wireless router. 

Everything is fine if the router is in a central place without obstacles between it and the booster. 

Things you need to consider before Virgin Media booster setup

Second, note that Virgin signal booster only boosts the received signal. 

Thus, it cannot improve your signal if your router is in a bad location with many obstacles between your router and booster.  

Last but not least, you need a compatible Virgin Media router.

The Super Hub 2 is a compatible router.

You can follow the steps below for how to connect Virgin WiFi booster if you have a suitable Virgin Media router with good signal quality.

How to Set Up Virgin WiFi Boosters?

How to set up a Virgin WiFi booster? Luckily, the process to set up Virgin Media WiFi Booster is quite simple. 

Follow the steps below; you only take about 20 minutes to complete your process. 

 Setting up Virgin Media booster

How to set up Virgin booster?

Plug a Smaller WiFi Booster

First, you will plug the smaller Virgin Media signal booster directly into the outlet for setting up the device. 

You will know that your device is ready to run when your arrows start flashing red. 

Besides, you also enable the power light on your equipment until it switches to white.   

The white power light comes on as the arrows begin to flash orange or red.

You should plug your device directly into the main socket instead of an extension lead, surge protector, or power strip. 

Connect to Your Hub

After you’ve plugged in the booster, the next step is connecting to your main hub. 

This process of setting up Virgin Media WiFi Booster is quite simple. you only take about 20 minutes to complete it. 

Plug a Larger WiFi Booster

Turn on the larger Virgin Media Internet booster by connecting it to a power socket in the same place.

You can know your device is operating properly when you find the connection light blinking red within 2 minutes.  

Plug the larger WiFi booster

This light will go off, while the white power light can remain illuminated. You can wait for your device to turn on for at least 10 minutes. 

This step is useful to let your software update and boost your device’s performance with a better-quality install and download. 

Press the WPS Button on The Booster

Find the WPS button on your device and press and hold it. Wait for 10 minutes extra for software upgrades. 

Your Boosters can not work correctly if you do not install these updates.

Press the WPS Button On the Hub

Keep holding the WPS button on Virgin Media Hub till the lights start flashing.

The Booster will start copying data from your Hub.

Once the Wireless LED on the Booster halts flashing and turns off, the copying is complete. 

The power light remains turned on.

Press the WPS button

Read also: Bridge mode vs Access point

Unplug the Larger WiFi Booster

Here we come to the last step as to how to set up WiFi booster Virgin.

Disconnect the larger Booster and move it by unplugging it. 

Put it in a convenient place in your house.  

Once you activate the Booster back in the chosen place, the light process will be replicated.

You can use these simple tips to maintain your device’s performance: 

  • Keep it in a dry place with good ventilation

  • Put your device away from the equipment that can cause signal interference and obstructions

  • Place it in the central location of your house 

How to Set up an Additional Booster?

In addition to how to setup Virgin WiFi booster, do you want to know how to set up an additional booster? 

Below are the specific steps you can do: 

  • Step 1. Adding an Extra Booster

Attach the extra Booster to a power outlet in the same place as the Booster linked to the Hub. 

Turn it on.

The Power light illuminates, and the connection network light will start to flash amber. 

When the device begins to pair, the system light can flash red.

Add the additional booster

  • Step 2. Combine the extra booster

Keep the Sync side button of the current Booster attached to the Hub for three seconds. 

The Connection light begins to flash rapidly. Keep the Sync icon on the extra Booster for three seconds in 2 minutes. 

When paired, the connection light on both Boosters will also turn off. 

  • Step 3. Put the booster in a convenient place

You may now unplug the extra device and relocate it to a more suitable area in your house.

Select internal walls without obstructions, including cabinets and shelves, but with full ventilation.

How Do I Know If My Virgin Booster Is Working?

Virgin booster is working

When the device is operational, it displays a power light.

"If the connection network light is lighting up red and the power light is decent white, your device is faulty to pair," according to Virgin Media.

Follow the simple steps below for the WiFi Boosters' manual pairing process.

  • Step 1. Push the 'Sync' icon on the device's side for 3 seconds. 

  • Step2. Push the 'Sync' icon on the device's side for 3 seconds. 

  • Step 3. Push the 'Sync' icon on the 2nd booster, and the linkage lights will flash. 

When this process stops, the boosters have been successfully paired.

Virgin Wifi Booster Not Working: Causes & Fixes

There are many reasons why is my Virgin booster not working. Here are popular warning signs:

  • Utilize power outlets on walls rather than extension wires

  • Place something directly in front of the device, including shelves or cabinets

  • Put the booster near devices causing interference, such as adaptors

  • Ventilation doesn't work, so Boosters are hot for use

Causes why WiFi booster not working and solutions

If your WiFi Booster is not working, but only slowly, you also check your network speed through an WiFi speed test or take the following steps:

  • Switch Wireless internet on and off: To discover a stronger signal, try switching the WiFi trying to set it on and off on the device.

  • Keep the booster away from the devices causing interferences, such as washing machines and motors: Before using the device, try transferring to a new room or nearer to the booster.

  • Move the booster: Keep moving the booster to a different socket. 

Indeed, boosting the WiFi is necessary. That’s why things like Straight Talk signal booster apps invented to help you.

If the Internet speed is still low, you need to find tips on how to make WiFi faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How to reset Virgin WiFi booster?

If it isn't working properly, reboot it. Pressing and holding the restart button for 5 seconds to accomplish this. 

It will clarify the existing setup and permit you to begin again.

Why is my Virgin WiFi booster showing green arrows?

When it shows green arrows, it can accomplish a software upgrade.

If your internet network connection appears to be down, try restarting the hub. You may also check your area's status online. 

Besides, call Virgin Customer Service to ask for their help if there's a problem with the line.

How to login to Virgin WiFi booster?

You may let go of the larger Booster after pressing and holding the WPS button for about 10 seconds.

The wireless networking and power systems lights will start to flash.

Retain the hub's WPS/Virgin Media button until the indicator lights flash.

The Boosters begin to imitate the Hub's specifics.


We’ve covered everything you need to know about the Virgin WiFi booster setup. It is a useful device that supports you in solving common network problems such as congestion, interruption, slow speed, and poor connection. 

Hopefully, with the detailed guide in this article, you can know more about Virgin WiFi booster set up easily and quickly. 

Rating:4.7 - 53Votes
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