Speed check wifi: Wi-Fi Slow due to Router or ISP?

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When you feel your Wifi connection has the sign of a slowdown, you should run a speed check wifi. This totally makes sense, just like when you’re not good, you go to see the doctor. Whether you are at home streaming box office hits in 4K or playing games, your Wi-Fi is an absolutely crucial household utility. So if you feel like your connection is slowing down, it takes only a few quick, free tests to identify the problem. 

Understanding speed vs bandwidth

Before determining what leads to your speed issues, let’s have a close look at bandwidth versus speed. Bandwidth is slightly different from speed, but they are mistakenly interchanged. 

Bandwidth is how much data can be transferred from and to your computer while speed refers to how fast data can be transferred. So, upgrading to a more bandwidth plan may have nothing to with speeding up your internet, but you may experience slow internet if you’re downloading multiple things at the one time.

Speed check wifi

Does speed check wifi: Wi-Fi Slow due to Router or ISP?

Make sure you’re getting the speeds you paid for

If your connection has the sign of a slowdown, it’s time to speed check wifi to determine the baseline internet speeds your home is getting. Keep in mind that most internet companies promise to provide the maximum speed, but it acceptable if your actual performance is a bit lower than this number (not too much). 

There are a ton of testing tools that help to check your wifi connection. We highly recommend MySpeed, one of the most reliable speed test tool, gives you an in-depth insight into the performance of your speed. It is easy to use and just takes you seconds to finish the task. To run the speed test, you will need a laptop or computer with a network port, and a network cable directly connected to your router. 

Now, access the https://gospeedcheck.com and click on “Go” to start testing

After getting the results, you need to compare them to your internet plan’s advertised speeds. 

If your speed is drastically faster than your initial test, the issue may come from your router. 

But if your speeds are much slower than you should be getting, your internet service provider (ISP) may be the cause.  

In another case, your speed match that of your ISP, the slow connection is probably attributed to network overload. The solution? You may need to upgrade to a faster internet plan to keep up with your household’s internet use.


Speed check wifi on Gospeedcheck.com

Pro tip:

If you are unsure how much speed you need to keep your internet connection from slowing down, you should get internet speed recommendations to ensure your internet connection can keep up with your online activities.

Your internet is slow due to your ISP. How to solve it?

Before calling your provider, you need to double-check that all cables and wires are connected securely and check your equipment for signs of damage.

Next, turn your modem off, and turn it back on after a minute. Sometimes your device just needs a quick reset. Run the speed check wifi again and see the results. If you’re actually getting slower speeds than you pay for, you should contact your ISP’s customer service and report the problem. It’s better if you have a record of data that shows a trend of slower-than-promised speeds.

The customer service agent may give you some advice on how to fix the problem.

give all your provider’s tips a try and still aren’t getting the right speeds, it may be time to update your plan. 

There are a lot of ISPs for you to choose from, so you should not have any problem picking the most suitable one. However, apart from the ISP, the slow Internet could also be due to your modem itself. If you rent your equipment from your ISP, we recommend requesting a new gateway for better results (and may have updated specs, depending on when you got your rental device). Speed check wifi

Speed check wifi: Wi-Fi Slow due to the router

Your internet is slow because of your router. The solution?

After confirming you’re getting the correct speed test results from your modem, turn your router back on, connect your testing device to the router with an Ethernet cable, and run another speed test. Keep in mind that if you have a modem and router, you should switch bridge mode off.

You may need to upgrade your router

If you don’t get the speed check wifi results as expected at this step, there could be a few things wrong with your router.

  • It may need an update.

  • Its ports may be damaged.

  • It may be outdated.

Log in to your router’s online interface to check for software or firmware updates and see if that helps. We also suggest trying different LAN ports with your Ethernet cable in case one isn’t working correctly, and factory resetting your router to see if either of that help. If nothing’s working, get yourself a new router.

Pro tip:

Upgrade your router with a model that can support the fastest speeds. Choose the routers with the best gigabit to make sure your equipment doesn’t cause your Internet connections to slow.

Troubleshoot your network

If your speed check wifi results keep resistant when connected to your router via Ethernet, your speed slowdown is probably caused by something in your Wi-Fi network. There is a lot of factors contributing to slow Wi-Fi, including physical obstructions like outdated devices or walls. For an in-depth network troubleshooting walkthrough, check out reasons for slow internet and how to fix them.

Speed check wifi

Running Speed check wifi to know your actual speed

Check for other factors

It’s also important for you to check whether you have other devices downloading during your test for more accurate outcomes. Log into your router and make sure no user is stealing your bandwidth and that you change your password regularly for security.

Also, you can speed check wifi at different times within a day to figure out slow-down periods. If it slows down during the evening, for example, chances are your ISP is striving to keep up with peak demand. 


We’ve shown you how to know if your slow connection is due to your router or your ISP after you get speed check wifi results. If these above solutions don’t help improve your broadband speed, then consider upgrading your internet package.

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