Speed test: How to fix slow internet?

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Have you ever suspected that your internet speed is not as promised by ISP? If yes, take your time to run a speed test with our 2020 selection of the best Internet speed test apps, you’ll be able to verify your suspicion and get to the bottom of your internet woes. Sounds interesting right? Let’s get started!

Reasons for slow Internet speed

Slow networks are not a strange case when surfing the Internet. It disrupts all online activities of users and network users and makes the user feel very uncomfortable. There are many reasons for slow networks and we will discuss some typical ones to know where your home network is using the problem.


Speed test: How to fix slow Internet internet?

1. Your Hardware

High-speed internet is not supported by older devices. Thus, if you feel your internet is slower than usual, run a speed test this could be attributed to your device life. You don’t necessarily go out and buy the new one, but updating your device is definitely one possible way to fix slow internet speeds. The reason is that new devices not only have the latest antennas and sensors supporting fast broadband but also reach wi-fi at larger ranges. 

2. Your device is infected with viruses

A virus-infected device is the subjective cause of the slow network. To address this problem, you are advised to install the most reliable antivirus software (Bkav, Kaspersky) to get rid of all malicious things in your device. Also, setting up and installing a firewall system is a great way to protect your device from the attack of viruses from outside the internet.

3. Modem device error

Your network modem devices failing is the common case encountered when using the internet. This error happens when the connection to the modem is fluttering, and is being slower than usual. If you touch the modem, it will be very hot, if not repaired, the device will freeze, reduce network access performance, and will lead to no longer providing internet.


Speed test: Factors affecting internet speed

To fix this, you should regularly restart the Modem every 2 days for it to work better. It will be less likely to overload the modem, causing constant network drops. But if you turn it off and on without improving the situation, quickly contact the supplier to fix it right away!

4. Overloaded channel

This is also one of the causes of a slow network, when the number of hits at a time is too much, causing the device to supply the network to overload, leading to the weak and slow network. Although connected to wifi, but still cannot access it. Because depending on the package you use, there will be a limit for how many devices can access at the same time.

To fix this error, you can install a wifi router, choose a new wifi router that supports larger users, change the wifi password, or block users. 

5. Your WiFi is in a bad spot

If you normally keep your router in a cabinet, try to take it out into the open area. This allows open space for its signal to have a remarkable improvement on your WiFi speed. The distance from your device to your router could also be responsible for slow Internet speed. So, you’re recommended to test your speed when you’re closest to your router and when you’re farther away from it. If any difference is noticed, it’s time for you to invest in some WiFi extenders. 


Running Internet speed test

Test what speeds you’re currently getting

If it constantly takes your computer a long time to boot up? Guess what? Yes, that can be a sign of a slow internet connection and you probably need a speed test to know how fast your internet speed is. A speed test is highly recommended as it helps identify problems causing that slowness and diagnoses what steps you should take to improve it.

We recommend using our speed test tool, MySpeed, to check what you’re currently getting. With this free tool, you can check your download and upload speeds anytime, anywhere within a few seconds. You then can compare the test results with the plan on your monthly bill. If the speed you’re getting is a fraction of what you’re paying for, you know what to do next? Yes, contact your provider and report the problem. 

Ways to fix slow Internet

If your Internet speed is not as fast as you want, don’t get to ghost the ISP and leave them. Instead, you can try some methods first to improve your performance without shelling out more on your monthly bill.


Speed test: How to fix slow Internet

1. Update your network security

Running a speed test is important to know if your network is out of date. Just like updating your Wi-Fi password, improving your internet speed is rather simple. One of the most common ways is to update your network security periodically. Each device connected to your internet takes up bandwidth, this means internet leeches could lead to your slow speeds. Thus, we recommend you to ensure the router’s settings adhere to password best practices as guided for the best security.

2. Optimize your router’s settings

If you’re not getting the speeds as promised, try playing around with your router’s settings. Some routers allow you to prioritize things like gaming at the expense of speeds for multiple users. 

Simply resetting the router to factory conditions could make a huge difference. If this does not work, you should try other options like changing the router’s fragmentation and RTS threshold settings to a lower setting. Performing a speed test and seeing the difference.

3. Change your Wi-Fi channel

Using a 5 GHz channel router instead of the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channel is great to improve your slow internet speed. While 5 GHz offers less range than 2.4 GHz, it comes at the expense of faster speeds. If your router has a maximum bandwidth of 2.4 GHz, consider changing it to either channel 1, 6, or 11. Why? As they are likely to get the least amount of overlap from other things like microwaves.


My internet speed is slow

4. Reset your router

Another possible way to fix slow internet speed is to reset your router. This helps in eliminating any dormant problems and improving your speed.

5. Replace your router

Sometimes, your slow internet can be attributed to the router. It’s possibly too old or too hot. The best solution is to change the new one to a speed test to see if your internet connection gets faster after the change.


Slow internet connection is one of the most common issues that web surfers have experienced. However, it’s not difficult to figure out the culprits behind it and ways to fix it. If you’re unlucky to get slow internet, don't panic. First, run an Internet speed test to know exactly how much speed you’re getting, and then try those fixes above to see if there is any difference. Do you have any useful tips? Please share it with us in the comment below. Cheer!

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