Want to get an accurate speed check for Internet? Avoid these mistakes

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The Internet connections can be slow for no apparent reason, which makes you feel that you're not enjoying the speed that you're paying for. A simple way to confirm if something is wrong is to perform a speed check for the Internet. There are tons of online speed test Wifi services that help you to complete the task, but it’s never easy for you to run it accurately. Here we’ve compiled some common mistakes that you make during the test that can hurt the results. Let’s check out!

Mistakes made while running a speed test

1. Count on only one test

The speed of the internet, especially the wireless network, is often not stable. Don’t jump to the conclusion that your connections are slow or not after just one test. Instead, running speed checks for the internet multiple times and average the results, so you will have a more accurate view of the actual internet speed used.

speed check for Internet

Want to get an accurate speed check for the Internet? Avoid these mistakes

2. Run speed test during peak hours

The number of users simultaneously connected to an internet connection is one of the important factors that directly affect the results of the network access test. Therefore, during peak hours, your connection will be slower than usual.

Therefore, if you want to check the speed of your internet connection, you should not measure it during peak hours. Instead, run the testing tool in both peak and low hours. Score and then compare the difference between the two results.

3. Wrong test location selected

The results obtained will be different in the different test positions, so if you choose the wrong position, you will get inaccurate results. So which location is considered suitable for you to measure internet speed? The answer depends on your testing needs.

If you just want to measure the speed of your wifi, do the test in a well-ventilated and closest place to the router. This means that you go to the room where the wifi router is located and choose the location with the most ventilation possible and then do speed check for internet 

If you want to choose the best location in your home to locate your router, test the speeds in every room, and compare the results. This will help you see which positions have the worst signals.

speed check for Internet

Test location can affect speed check for Internet results

4. Run the test when another device is using the Internet

There is often more than one device connected to a wireless network at the same time or at different times, so the bandwidth will be divided to meet the needs of these devices. The rule of thumb is that the more devices, the slower the network speed will be.

Speed check for internet can only measure the speed on the device you are using. So, if you are checking the internet and want to get the most accurate results, remember to disconnect all irrelevant connections. Also, you need to make sure that there aren't any devices that are downloading or uploading large amounts of data.

5. Do not restart the computer

You can test the wifi speed on different devices, however, no matter what device you use, you should restart your computer before testing. Why? If the devices are not restarted for a long time, it is more likely that there will be applications running in the background, causing the network access speed to decrease.

You just need to restart the device and absolutely do not launch any application before measuring the internet speed. You can even pause your anti-virus software running until the results show up.

6. Choose the wrong internet speed test tool

Currently, there are many applications and websites to help you run speed check for internet. However, the problem raised here is which tools should be used to obtain the most accurate results? 

If you want to check if your Wi-Fi is fast enough to stream on TV, check out gospeedcheck.com. It's not too complicated and gives relatively fast and accurate results with all the necessary parameters for you to evaluate.

For other options, choose an HTML5 service over an older Flash version. While every modern web browser supports native HTML5, Flash consumes a different amount of system resources, which can affect your Wi-Fi speed.

speed check for Internet

Run Speed check for Internet to know how fast your Internet connection is

7. Measure the network speed while using a VPN

This is something that many people do not pay much attention to when running speed check for Internet speed. Measuring the network speed while using a VPN can lead to the wrong test results. So you need to make sure you are not using a VPN app or anything else between your computer and the internet connection.

However, if you are trying out a VPN service and want to see how fast it is, you can still measure the speed while still connected to the VPN.

What to do with speed test results?

Speed check for internet is useful for a variety of reasons. The result will help in the following cases: 

  • Ensuring you are getting the internet speed that you paid for

  • Considering choosing a new supplier

  • Setting up a new router and check coverage for the whole house

  • Checking the current speed is enough to meet your needs

  • Checking if your Apple TV, Fire Stick or game console is running well

  • Finding out peak hours and off-peak hours

  • When you are finished, you may find that your Internet speed is not as fast as expected. And if your results aren't up to the bar, it's time to find out what is causing your Wi-Fi slow and how you can fix it.

Guide to test the network speed using gospeedcheck.com

gospeedcheck.com is a website that helps internet users run speed check for internet on their devices. 

It gives accurate results about the three key metrics (upload speed, download speed, and ping), enabling users to know if their actual speed matches the network provider's commitment or not. 

One of the most interesting features of this service is that it can record all the test results, so you can keep track of how your speed changes over a specific period of time. Also, you can share your speed test with others on social media. 

Here is how to run a speed test internet connection on gospeedcheck.com

Step 1: Access the website gospeedcheck.com


Step 2: Click on the “Go” button to start testing. Wait for a few seconds to get the test done. You’ll then see the results displayed like this: 


We also recommend using different testing tools and different devices for the most accurate results. After running several tests, you can compare the average results with what the ISP claimed to offer.

After You Get the Results

If your results of speed check for internet do not live up to your expectations, you can take a few steps you before calling your ISP, upgrading your router, or adding a range extender.

  1. Re-set and re-test the router.

  2. Change your router’s position to an open area in the middle of your home and keep it away from other electronic devices, cordless devices, and concrete.

  3. If you have a dual-band router, change a 2.4GHz frequency to a 5GHz frequency for less Wi-Fi congestion.

  4. Lastly, make sure your modem isn’t out of date!

The last solution is you can plug your PC or laptop directly into your modem with an Ethernet cable, which will determine if your slow internet speed is due to your Internet service provider or your Wi-Fi devices. 

If your router is the cause, you may need to consider upgrading to one that supports the latest Wi-Fi standard. But if you have lots of devices using the Internet in your home, ensure that your new Wi-Fi router supports multiple devices.

If all ways leave the slow Internet unsolved, then it’s time for you to contact your ISP to make sure you have a broadband plan that is performing as promised, or consider upgrading to a plan that matches your needs.

How to know if you’re throttled by your ISP?

Experiencing a slow internet connection regularly makes you wonder whether your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling your internet connection. 

The best way is to run a speed check for Internet and then use a virtual private network (VPN) to run the speed test again.


Speed check for internet

Get an accurate speed check for Internet

If your Internet speed is significantly faster with the VPN, you are likely to be throttled by your ISP.

How can we know this?  ISPs sometimes throttle your speeds when they notice certain types of traffic. However,  a VPN encrypts your data, making it impossible to see what kind of traffic is coming and going. 

It’s worth noting that using a VPN isn’t helpful in every situation as there are also other reasons you could experience slower speeds.


Have you made these mistakes when running speed check for Internet? If yes, make sure not to make them again in the next test. Now, after getting your speed results, compare them with those committed by your ISP to see if your investment is worth it. Cheers!

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