Speed check Wifi online: Advice for home Wifi during CORONA pandemic

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Conducting the speed check wifi online has become popular with internet users especially during the CORONA pandemic when everyone needs to access the Internet. Public health guidelines related to COVID-19, social - distance was promulgated which makes tens of millions of Americans must stay at home with kids getting home from school, parents working remotely full time. Therefore, the demand for Internet users increases sharply and it's important to maximize network performance at home.

Speed check wifi online

Speed check wifi online: Advice for home Wifi during CORONA pandemic

To help optimize your home Wifi, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave some advice below. Let’s get it!

Check Your Package

First of all, you should check your Internet package. You need to ask yourself some questions: What is the service speed you subscribe to? Will this package be enough to accommodate any new need? From that, you can adjust properly. 

If you do not know how much Mbps is suitable for your family‘s online demand, you can read the article “Is your network connection fast enough for” to find the best Internet plan.

Speed check wifi online

Another way is to call the customer care number of your ISP (Internet service provider) to get the details of your plan

To check your Internet package, you can see information on the Internet bill which you’ve paid monthly or on the contract. Another way is to call the customer care number of your ISP (Internet service provider) to get the details of your plan. 

Speed check Wifi online

Besides, you should conduct speed check Wifi online. You can download the Speed test to your device both PC and phone or use it online free. The test checks download and upload speeds on your network connection which are measured in Mbps (megabits per second) along with ping speed. We wrote the easy ways to test your internet speed, you can refer to it. 

If the test shows your network speed is slower than expected, then you should contact your ISP to require the solutions, upgrade the Internet plan or compensate. Is there overload or discontinuity in your area which influences your internet transferring? Sometimes simply restarting the router ( turn it off and on) can solve the problem. Call customer service, you can get some useful advice. 

Speed check wifi online

Besides, you should conduct a speed check Wifi online

If these tips don't work, then you might be having problems with the equipment, such as an outdated router, placing it in the wrong position, etc. Look for the model number on your router to see if it's capable of delivering the speeds you've subscribed to. The machine may need to be updated to take advantage of the higher speed. If the update is used for more than 3 years, you may need to purchase a new router or rent an updated one again from your service provider.

Indoor Connection

Almost all households use the Internet through Wifi (wireless) on their home router. When multiple wireless devices share the same Wifi network, it can impact performance and cause network lag, or slow network response. This is also the reason for the low ping of your speed check Wifi online result. 

Modern radio routers typically work at 2 frequency: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Each band has its pros and cons. 

Speed check wifi

Each 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band has its pros and cons

Router 2.4 GHz connections typically offer broader coverage, but they don't process data as fast as a 5 GHz connection. Moreover, 2.4 GHz is also the frequency on which many home appliances such as Microwave ovens, Baby monitors, or Cordless Phone, and most Wi-Fi routers operate. This is shown clearly when you use the Internet near the area of a Microwave oven running or if you see a list of other available Wi-Fi networks in the Wi-Fi settings of your router, your network speed will often lag or congest. 

In contrast, routers using a 5 GHz connection are faster, but their signal coverage is shorter than that of the 2.4 GHz band. In addition to being faster, the 5 GHz band can be less disrupted by nearby Wi-Fi networks, and typically provides a more stable connection.

Speed check wifi

You can consider installing the 5 GHz network for your better speed to work and study remotely

You can consider installing the 5 GHz network for your better speed to work and study remotely. Also, change the password or manage devices that access your Wifi network to keep unnecessary devices from connecting. To maximize Wifi coverage in your home, try setting your router in a central location, and hang a higher position. A Wifi extender, repeaters can also improve the strength of the Wifi wave spreading throughout your home. Try these tips, you can see some noticeable change in your Speed check Wifi online result. 

Furthermore, a direct Ethernet cable connection between your router and a device will definitely give the highest speed and reduce Wi-Fi congestion issues. If your laptop (or another Internet device, such as a streaming TV or a console system) doesn't have an Ethernet port, using an Ethernet over USB adapter is a good choice.

Creating A Timetable For The Internet

Even the latest Wifi routers with fast service speeds can be slowed down when multiple devices connecting to the Internet try to do multiple tasks at the same time, such as streaming videos, playing online heavy -graphic games, use virtual private networks (VPNs) for work, and video conferencing. Therefore, it is important to create a using Internet timetable. For example, in the morning you have a conference which needs stable speed, you can turn off all unnecessary devices as well as limit streaming video for kids. Kids can watch it later. This will avoid Internet performance problems and prioritize usage.

Speed check wifi online

Speed check Wifi online will help you avoid Internet performance problems and prioritize usage

If your work hours are comfortable, you can avoid rush hour to work effectively. Running the speed check Wifi online many times in a day, you know the rush hour of your network connection. 

Explore Your Options

If you have a good mobile signal at home, to reduce congestion on your home Wi-Fi network, you can disconnect Wifi from your device. You may also be able to use your cellular device as a mobile hotspot, through which you can connect non-cellular devices like a laptop to your cellular service. However, before switching any of your devices to cellular-only service, let’s check your cellular data plan to make sure you do not waste money on an Internet plan. You can also explore more options for fixed wireless service or install alternative better ISP in your area. 

Speed check wifi online

If you have a good mobile signal at home, to reduce congestion on your home Wi-Fi network, you can disconnect Wifi from your device

Many ISPs (internet service providers) have committed to providing free Wifi hotspots during the global coronavirus pandemic. Some are offering discounts or temporary upgrades at low or no cost during the crisis or eliminating caps on data plans.


Due to the serious Covid -19 pandemic, stay-at-home as a must-do to protect yourself, therefore, to both protect and work remotely effectively, we need to learn to accept and learn how to overcome this situation. Based on the speed check wifi online tool as well as the advice of FCC, it is hopeful that you have a good online experience at home.