3 easy ways to use speed check network connection

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Speed check network connection helps you to detect one of the most great human inventions - internet. Nowadays, access to the internet is a daily job of many people in many aspects from studying, working and entertaining. Because the demand for humans is very large, so many ISP (internet service providers) offer many different internet packages.  After registering a package of a network provider, in the process of using it, users should run speed check online regularly. This is an important and necessary job because it helps you know whether the network connection you are using is at the correct speed with the commitment of the provider or not.

Why should we conduct speed check network connection?

Why should we conduct speed check network connection? Surely there are many people asking that question. There are many cases that after registering for the installation of the internet for the first time, the speed of Internet access is very fast, but later on, the internet is slow, the network flickers sometimes without knowing why. If users only access normal websites, users will not be able to determine whether it is due to a transmission error or not. You should have a specific and detailed speed check network connection test method.


Using the speed check network connection test method to check your internet speed

After checking, if you find that the actual usage speed is correct with the speed recorded on the network contract, you can use the service with complete peace of mind. However, if the actual speed is much slower, you need to contact your network provider to ensure your benefits.

Furthermore, you also know the network coverage for the whole house through the test result. Does the internet speed at different places in your house have a huge difference?  The speed check network connection test will tell you the answer. 

Everyone wants to watch movies smoothly, play online games like PlayStation, PUBG with fast speed. It will be a bad experience if your streaming movie is often interrupted, laggy or every action in games is always slower than that of other members. When you know the peak and low internet hours of the day, you can be able to use the internet effectively thanks to the speed check network connection test.

Ways to use speed check network connection

Currently a network connection is considered to be fast or slow depending on three parameters that are ping, download speed and upload speed. Below here are three ways to use the speed check network connection test. 

Method 1: Test the speed check of internet with Myspeed 

This is a popular website testing website that is quick and accurate about what upload speeds, download speeds and ping stats are. The way to check is as follows:

Visit https://gospeedcheck.com/

The main interface appears -> Click Go to start the test


Myspeed is a good speed check network connection test

During the test, after a few seconds, a table will appear containing information about your network speed:

  • Download speed : the speed of downloading data on the web to your device. Download speeds above 2Mbps are considered fine.

  • Upload speed: the speed of uploading data from your computer to the web. Unit: Mbps (Megabyte), usually the upload speed is about 1Mbps.

  • Ping: the round -trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer that are echoed back to the source. (unit: milliseconds (ms)).

speed check network connection

The speed check network connection test finishes after a few seconds

Note: During the implementation, to get the correct results, make sure there are no programs on the computer downloading or any computer on the local network using the internet connection.

Advantages of Myspeed:

  • It's free and can be accessed by anyone

  • Simple interface for users to easily test the network

  • Quick check and full display of parameters. The results are displayed friendly to the user.

  • Check the internet connection speed from different network providers.

Method 2: Test the network with the Ping command

The Ping command can be supported on all operating systems. These are your network speed, your computer (or phone), and your network service provider's server. We have the following test steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows + R combination to open the Run dialog box 

             Type the keyword CMD 

Enter to display the window cmd.exe

speed check network connection

Step 2: Type the Ping command of the ISP( internet service provider) you want to check on the CMD window  and Enter

speed check network connection

There are parameters you should keep in mind:

  • Bytes = 32: The default size of the packet when sending is 32 bytes.

  • Time: Timeout (the higher the time parameter, the slower the network is). Normally, the time parameter does not exceed 60ms

  • TTL (Time to Live): If the operating system is Windows, the largest TTL will be 128, and Linux, Unix operating system, the maximum TTL is 64. Each time passing through a router, the TTL will be subtracted 1, from the command ping, the user will know which operating system that host is running and through how many routers.

Method 3: Test Internet speed on Windows

Before testing be sure to connect the computer to the router via an Ethernet cable.

Step 1: Go to the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of the screen computer -> Settings -> Select Network & Internet


Step 2: Select Ethernet -> Change adapter options -> Double-click the Ethernet connection icon.

speed check network connection

Step 3: Check the network connection speed and the result is in the table as shown

speed check network connection

Although method 3 is also quick way, the result  just tells you your current internet speed, not including three parameters download speed, upload speed and ping. That’ s also a weak point of this way. Therefore, there are few people using this way when they want to speed check network connection. 


To sum up, 3 ways to speed check network connection are disclosed clearly and each method has its strong and weak points. While, using the speed check network connection test is more appreciated. It shows more useful information as well as suggests the next action for users to improve the internet speed. Also, you can find some tips to improve the speed through our article Internet speed test: useful tips to improve internet speed