Mint Mobile WiFi Calling NOT Working: 10+ Methods You Must Try

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Mint mobile WiFi calling not working is such a terrible issue. However, you don't have to rely exclusively on cellular networks to place calls. This page has the answer to your issue.

Checking to see if your device is WiFi calling and text competent can help you rule out any potential problems and ensure that Mint mobile WiFi calling functions as intended.

To learn how to solve the problem, keep reading!

How to fix Mint mobile WiFi calling not working?

How to fix Mint mobile WiFi calling not working?

What is Mint mobile WiFi calling?

As you may already be aware, the majority of mobile phone calls are placed across the network of your wireless provider. You connect to a tower using your SIM card, and so forth. 

However, the majority of modern phones also offer WiFi calling, or conversely, making phone calls online. 

You've made an online call if you've ever used an app to call someone, such as Instagram, Facetime, Skype, etc.

WiFi calling utilizes such innovation and connects it to your phone number. 

So you may phone (or text) them as you normally would, but over the internet, instead of depending on the person you want to chat to having the same app as you.

Mint Mobile WiFi Calling

Mint Mobile WiFi Calling

This is helpful if you want to save minutes or messages, but it's also useful if you end up in a place with a spotty network connection.

How does Mint mobile WiFi calling work?

Users who can use WiFi calling have access to a wider network. You can make phone calls and send texts using WiFi calling in locations where you are unable to access the Mint Mobile network. 

So, if you are in a location where your phone cannot connect to a 5G or 4G LTE network like Mint Mobile's, simply enable WiFi calling and you will be ready to go. 

If you'd rather, you can use WiFi calling even when a cellular network is accessible. 

Like calls made over cellular networks, calls made via WiFi will have HD quality and clarity. 

Of course, in order to speak to someone in HD, you must call someone who also has an HD-compatible device and network.

All iPhones will function with WiFi calling on Mint Mobile, and as long as your Android phone supports WiFi calling, it should function with Mint Mobile as well, even if it isn't on their dated list of supported devices.

How does Mint mobile WiFi calling work?

How does Mint mobile WiFi calling work?

Why does Mint mobile WiFi calling not working?

There are a few reasons why your WiFi calling not working Mint mobile. Some of the primary causes are as follows:

No Internet connection

Maybe there is a problem with your device's Internet connection. So, ensure that your phone is plugged into a WiFi network.

The network issue is also one of the main causes of Cox Panoramic WiFi not working.

No Internet connection

No Internet connection

Unsupported device

The unsupported device may be the next reason. Using an outdated gadget or an older cell model increases your chance of running into WiFi calling issues.

WiFi doesn’t support calling

The next reason is that the WiFi you are using does not support WiFi calling. One of the issues that most individuals encounter frequently is this one.

WiFi doesn’t support calling

WiFi doesn’t support calling

WiFi Calling Is Turned Off

WiFi calling is still sometimes disabled by default on some cell phones. Therefore, you can have this problem if WiFi calling is likewise turned off on your device.

Airplane mode is turned off

Some smartphones still have WiFi calling disabled by default. Therefore, you can have this problem if WiFi calling is likewise turned off on your device.

airplane mode

Airplane mode

Outdated device software

The last possible explanation for Mint mobile WiFi calling not working iPhone or Android is out-of-date software.

These, therefore, are the main causes of the Mint Mobile WiFi calling problem that you could experience.

How to fix Mint mobile WiFi calling not working?

Some of the more effective methods for troubleshooting and resolving this issue include the ones listed below:

Easy fixes to Mint mobile WiFi calling not working

Easy fixes to Mint mobile WiFi calling not working

Check whether your device support the feature or not

Check to verify if your gadgets are compatible with WiFi calling as your first step. Examining the device's settings will allow you to accomplish this. 

You should think about utilizing another device if yours doesn't support the feature.

Check whether your device supports the feature or not

Check whether your device supports the feature or not

Restart your phone

Restarting your smartphone is the second option you might think about. This will make it simple for you to resolve the Mint Mobile WiFi calling problem.

After restarting, you should run a WiFi speed test to make sure you don’t experience slow WiFi speeds.

Restart your phone

Restart your phone

Enable WiFi calling feature

The ability to make WiFi calls can occasionally be blocked by default on some devices. It is advised to enable this setting. To do this, simply carry out the following steps:

  • Enable Mint Mobile WiFi Calling Android

To enable this setting on your Android smartphone, you must first log into account management. There is WiFi Talk & Text enabled. 

After that, access your phone's settings. There, under the SIM Card and Wireless Connections option, turn on the WiFi calling feature.

  • Enable Mint Mobile WiFi Calling iPhone

On an iOS device, WiFi calling can be enabled by going to Settings > Phone > WiFi Calling. There, turn on WiFi calling so you can enjoy continuous streaming.

To fix the WiFi calling not working Mint mobile issue, utilize these settings on your Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Enable WiFi Calling Feature

Enable WiFi Calling Feature

Update your software

Maintaining software updates on your phone is a smart practice. One solution for some problems, such as wi-fi calling, is to just update your software.

To see if your phone has any software updates:

  • Access settings

  • Depending on your device, tap System or About phone.

  • Click System update.

  • In the lower right corner, select the Check for Updates tab.

Your phone will be updated with any available patches.

Note: You must modify WiFi privacy on Android phones running version 10 or higher in order to resolve connectivity problems.

How to modify WiFi privacy:

  • Access the WiFi settings.

  • Select privacy or MAC address type.

  • There are two choices available: Device MAC and Randomised MAC.

  • Change to the alternative that isn't being used right now.

  • Restart your phone.

Update your software

Update your software

Re-insert SIM card

Removing and re-inserting your SIM card should be your next course of action if restarting your phone does not solve the problem.

If you do this, your carrier might send configuration settings.

To activate the updated settings if the settings are transmitted to your phone, hit confirm. Before inserting the SIM card back into your phone, make sure to wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Re-insert SIM card

Re-insert SIM card

Reset your network settings

Resetting the mobile data, WiFi, and Bluetooth settings on your Mint device will do so while protecting your data. Depending on the model of your Android phone, follow these steps to reset your network:

  • Access Settings

  • Select System and Advanced.

  • Select the Reset button.

  • To confirm, tap Reset network settings and then agree.

You must rejoin your WiFi network after finishing this process in order to determine whether WiFi calling has begun to function.

Reset network settings

Reset network settings

Check if your carrier providers WiFi calling service

To find out if your carrier offers this service, you need to get in touch with them. If they don't and you absolutely need this service, you might want to consider using a different provider.

Reset your modem

Perhaps your WiFi connection is the problem. If your phone functions normally on another network, try wiping your modem cleanly and setting it up for WiFi calling.

Most modems can be factory reset using the procedure below:

  • Find the Reset button on the modem's rear. 

Near the power button, there is typically a pinhole to keep it secure.

  • Look for something that will fit through the pinhole. 

Ideally, use a paperclip or toothpick.

  • For 15 seconds, press and hold the reset button.

  • Ten minutes will pass as the modem resets itself.

Reset your modem

Reset your modem

Turn on flight mode

In places with a good network connection, some carriers advise against making Wi-fi calls while the cellular network is active. All cellular transmissions are disabled in airplane mode.

In order to activate flight mode on an Android device:

  • Visit Settings

  • Toggle between Network and Internet.

  • Activate Airplane mode.

To use WiFi when your mobile network is turned off, you must manually turn it on using the procedure described above.

Turn on flight mode

Turn on flight mode

Reset app preferences

Try resetting app preferences on your Android phone if you've already tried all the procedures mentioned above and your problem is still not fixed. How to reset app preferences:

  • Activate Settings

  • Select System

  • Select Reset

  • Click Reset App Preferences.

The data on your phone is unaffected by resetting app preferences.

Reset app preference

Reset app preference

Contact support

Contact Mint Mobile's customer service team if none of the above fixes work for you. You can trust that the support team at Mint Mobile will help you fix the WiFi calling issue.

These are the several methods that a user can take to solve the WiFi calling not working Mint mobile quickly.

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Contact support

Contact support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can I make Mint mobile international calling?
With Mint Mobile, you can phone anyone from everywhere for free. There are also affordable international calls available. You can check the pricing on the Mint Mobile website by entering the destination country. Log into your Mint Mobile account and top up your wallet with money to place an international call. Next, dial the exit code (011), the country code, the area code (if you're calling a landline), and finally the desired number.
How do I set up WiFi Calling on Mint Mobile?
Most iPhone and Android devices support WiFi Calling & Text. With the help of this feature, you can call and message using the nearest WiFi hotspot. To find out if your Android smartphone qualifies, check out our list of eligible Android devices. By changing your phone's settings, you can enable WiFi Calling & Text on iPhones.

Go to Settings > Phone to get to WiFi Calling. On Android, only a select few devices support WiFi calling.

First log into Account Management and turn on WiFi Talk & Text if the device is compatible. The device must then have it enabled. Typically, the setting is located under Settings Wireless & Networks.

What network does Mint Mobile use?
As a mobile virtual network operator, Mint Mobile operates (MVNO). It utilizes the T-Mobile cellular network but is not a part of the firm because it runs on that network.


Use the techniques described above to make calls and send texts even when there is a weak wireless signal. That will resolve the issue with Mint mobile WiFi calling not working. Hope the information above will be helpful!

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