How to reset Arris routers within minutes [An Ultimate Guide ]

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How to reset Arris router?

If your local Internet connection sometimes is slow or it does not work, it’s time to reset your modem/ router. 

This is a great solution to solve these temporary errors for everyone. 

When you have Arris modems or other routers; try to do the Arris surfboard factory reset setting. 

Keep reading to learn how to reset my Arris router quickly and easily.

Reset the Arris router: How to do it?

Reset the Arris router: How to do it?

Why should we reset the Arris router?

Arris router reset is necessary because it probably solves some connectivity problems and browsing issues. 

Sometimes, the loading speed is a certain reason and causes lots of fidget. 

Fortunately, you could repair these concerns by implementing a full reset in the Arris router. 

If you see something wrong in your modem, you need to reset it. 

The easiest way to reset the router is using a power cycle reset or the Arris modem. 

It might work out some simple errors.    

A full setting in the router requires the doing time. 

It will make your modem look new but your network information is still restored in the modem.  

You can reset the router by yourself

You can reset the router by yourself

How to reset an Arris router in your office or home

Resetting a router likely means you are erasing pencil points on the paper surface. 

You see postal and telecommunication services use “master reset”, “factory reset”, and “restore” in their description services – they mean that they can offer you the resetting router. 

When you reset a digital gadget like the Arris modem, you turn it back to the purchased status. 

Your local Internet network might get jitter and you reset the router, for instance. 

If you do not remember the router’s password, you should know how to reset Arris router password and network name again. 

Take a couple minutes to test the router condition

Take a couple minutes to test the router condition

Keep in mind that the information will be removed and reinstalled when resetting the router. 

The current software should be wiped and returned to its original configuration. 

Understanding how to reset a Arris router is helpful, but it is not the best way to fix the connectivity malfunctions.  

When you erase the network information in the modem, the setting process could diminish customizations and features. 

Before doing it, you should find out your problem and solutions to ensure that your router does not come with other fixes.

How to reset router Arris?

If your Internet network is not fast enough, it will be the time to do factory reset Arris router. 

This might make a great difference in your network performance. 

With the Arris modem, it is so easy to do Arris modem reset in two separate ways. 

How to reset Arris router to factory settings? You can use the router web interface or find the Arris reset button in the equipment.

Use the reset button in the Arris router

Most of the time, the reset button is located at the back or on the side of the network device.  

If you cannot find the button, it could be time to read the user manual. Most manufacturers inherit the modem and the manual.

A user manual often has a diagram that guides us on how to reset and describes all components in the modem. 

Of course, they would like to help users find solutions to reset the router whenever they need to.

Since you get the reset button, you must press and keep it for 20 seconds (at least). 

Because the button is so tiny, you could use a paper clip or a sharp-pointed object to hold the button.

Reset buttons is often located at the back of the device

Reset buttons is often located at the back of the device

Most of the Arris routers come with a small button because the manufacturers cut off unforeseen accidental resets. 

After pressing and keeping the button, do not rush. 

You should wait a few minutes to let the network router wake up again. 

If the network cannot wake up, you must try another method.

Use the router web interface

The procedure of doing the router web interface is quite hard as to how to factory reset Arris router because it requires you to implement three steps. 

It also means that you have to spend time during these steps. 

In general, it is more difficult than the reset button only.

  • Firstly, you need to log your Arris router in. 

  • Secondly, you find a section with a security or utility label. 

  • Thirdly, you select the option to do the factory setting until the network defaults to the new one for the device.

A web interface of a router

A web interface of a router 

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How to configure Arris router?

Do not forget to configure your Arris router after doing the factory setting, which is because your network device will not work if you do not configure it. 

Accessing the administration interface is the first thing you should do to change the default settings. 

You might find out that the interface has lost the network connectivity. 

Do not worry about it as you could take action through our method. 

Note down the default settings before changing the process in the router settings.

Why should you do that? 

This way will assist you to do the entire setting in the modem if something goes wrong or the connectivity crashes. 

Here are the Internet settings suggested for your modem.

  • Enable Wireless: Checked

  • SSID: Choose a preferred username of your choice.

  • Broadcast Network Name: Ticked

  • Channel: Auto

  • Language: Native language/ English

  • Tx Power Level: High

  • WPS Enable: Checked/ Ticked

  • Security: WPA/WPA2-PSK*/WEP

  • Encryption Mode: TKIPAES

  • Pre-Shared Key: Complex rememberable password key

  • Encryption Mode: PBC

Take note the default settings before changing

Take note the default settings before changing 

Another solution to do the Arris router settings

Using the reset button (traditional way) and the router web interface are two basic methods if you wonder “how to reset password on Arris router”. 

If your modem still does not work well, there will be another option. 

Get a power cycle reset and try to do it. 

This unit probably reboots your modem when the Internet in the modem goes down. 

This solution is also a tremendous way to solve a temporary malfunction. 

You need to do a power recycle reset.

  • Step 1: Turn off the power source of the Arris router.
  • Step 2: Remove the Ethernet cable from your computer and the router.
  • Step 3: Wait for a couple minutes to make sure that the router will not have the power.
  • Step 4: Plug the power cord to the modem.
  • Step 5: Attach the Ethernet cable to the router by finding the Ethernet port and putting the cable into the port.

Attach the Ethernet cable to the router

Attach the Ethernet cable to the router

  • Step 6: The reboot process is working on the router in a few minutes.
  • Step 7: Pay attention to the router light. If it starts again, the Internet connection is working on the router.
  • Step 8: Check the network in your computer to assure that you get the right connectivity.

If the power cycle reset does not work and your modem still has lost the Internet connection, there could be something wrong with the hardware. 

Perhaps, the power cords or the Ethernet cables are spoiled. 

To resolve these issues, you should check the cords and the cable's status. 

Are they damaged? 

Or did you plug them in mistakenly?

Power sources and cables also play important roles in the router connection

Power sources and cables also play important roles in the router connection

Please bear in mind that all power cords and cables can plug into the safe power source because it will not interrupt the power supply. 

In other words, you should also check the power supply when finding out the condition of the cables and cords. 

If some of them are undamaged or good, go on with the power cycle reset process. 

If not, replace them with new ones.

In case those cords and cables are still fine, there is a hardware failure in your modem. 

You need to check the guarantee policies in the package and contact the manufacturer to do the warranty conditions. 

If your router does not have any policy, buy a new reliable one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How to test your Arris modem?
When you reset the Arris router and configure settings, you need to open the web browser.

Then, type your router’s IP address.

When accessing the default page, you will see the Internet connection status. 

This page shows you all the vital statistics about your connectivity conditions, downstream and upstream channel ID, and so on. 

You can also run a Wifi speed test to check your Internet connectivity.

Why is my Arris modem offline?
Some of the most popular reasons are hardware troubleshoots, wrong wiring, low memory in the modem, and improper network head device.

If your Arris router is offline, you should check your local Internet connection from your ISP.

Additionally, make sure that all power sources, power cords, and cables are still good.

If not, remove them and add new ones.

When the network connection and the cables have a great working condition, reset your DNS and turn off VPN.

What happens if I reset my Arris router?
It will do a full factory setting in your modem.

After running, you should establish the network again or you need to set up a new network for your Arris router. 

It might get rid of the current connectivity settings because of a fresh start.

Final Words

At this time, you may feel that it is simple to reset the Arris router. Fortunately, most Arris routers offer a straightforward login process to support you to do the reset in a few minutes. Those three solutions will help the modem increase the network connection and expand the Internet range. Aside from learning “How to reset Arris router quickly”, you can get further interesting and helpful information on MySpeed’blog, follow it regularly.

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