How to access Arris modem in bridge mode in 5 simple steps

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When setting up your router, you might find a special setting known as the bridge mode. 

Most modems provide this feature, but it is automatically disabled. 

With a few simple steps in this guide on how to access Arris modem in Bridge Mode, you could activate it. 

The bridge mode is the central hub for your network at the office or home. 

It could be a great solution to improve the connection or a risk. 

But first, you need to understand how it works.   

Follow step by step guide on access Arris modem in Bridge mode

What is Bridge Mode?

Bridge Mode is simply a term used in the network communication industry. 

It also provides a networking feature and connects two routers to exist at the same time. 

When the bridge mode is set up on a router, another router can make a mesh network. 

This feature enables you to connect to the network virtually. 

Nonetheless, it does not refer to the NAT (Network Access Translation) process. 

The router also cannot work well without having an IP Address conflict. 

In most situations, your ISP modem can connect to another router to enlarge Wi-Fi coverage in your house or office. 

Nevertheless, each gadget has its private IP address. 

Thus, it spends much time communicating among them – modems and routers. 

This situation is called Double NAT. 

You should think of the Bridge Mode if you need to use different devices in your network coverage

You would like to print an image through your wireless cell phone, for instance. 

Your device might connect to the extended router if that router is an extender. 

Your printer will be connected to the ISP-provided modem simultaneously. 

These two networks are private, so your cell phone cannot communicate with your printer for printing the image. 

Bridge Mode is a tremendous solution as it helps several modems do well via one Wi-Fi connection only.

Why should we connect to the Arris modem in bridge mode?

Some routers are called NAT. 

When accessing a modem (with NAT) to a modem (with built-in NAT powers), we probably get into trouble without connecting bridge mode. 

Moreover, the bridge mode can accelerate your Wireless network and permit multiple devices to communicate simultaneously 

Also, activating the bridge mode can get rid of the conflicts between IP addresses and connecting culprits.

Take a look at its advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Increase Wi-Fi coverage: when using the bridge mode, it enables you to extend the Wireless coverage. If you are operating a big office or a large commercial area, one router or a modem does not suffice. You might need to increase your coverage (near the routers). In giant spaces like rural areas, coverage will become infrequent or tenuous. The bridge mode is an easy way to create a network picture that is adequate and rigid.

  • Activate bus topology: using the bridge mode is the bus topology. In other words, it enables you to send a piece of database to all PCs in the available network. It simply sends one unit. Thus, it supports you to make a variety of traffic. 

  • Cut down bandwidth loss: most people believe that the bridge mode can solve the unpleasant bandwidth loss. This is because the bridge mode possibly controls the traffic flow. At the same time, it diminishes excessive data flow between segments.

  • Decrease collision: the bridge mode possibly brings down collision. A separate collision domain is made on a side of the bridge for the collision to decrease during its process. 

  • Subdivide the network into smaller segments: the bridge mode makes LAN into two segments. When sending a database, it might convey straight to the bridge. Then, the bridge monitors one or two segments and would guarantee no overcrowding. 

Bridge Mode inherits a lot of benefits 


  • Features limitation: the certain downside of using bridge mode is that you cannot use all of the features on a modem. Bridge mode does not allow you to use helpful features in your modem like MAC address filtering and parental handle. Your network is not secure. You could replace your primary ISP-provided modem(s). Nevertheless, some ISP-provided modems do not have an additional selection. You need to bring the bridge mode on your second router and endeavor to access all of your current devices.

  • Interference in all devices: this is another root of using the wireless bridge mode. All of your devices will get stuck in the network speed. It is not easy to repair your network if there is something wrong with the modems or routers. To troubleshoot it, take a VPN (Virtual Private Network) as it could encrypt Internet traffic (from other devices and ISP). A single VPN subscription may offer 10 devices and protect your digital assets at home or the office.

When should you use Bridge Mode?

Bridge Mode is a great idea to boost your network speed, but you should take into account the period of using it. 

You should permit the bridge mode to operate when: 

  • You are going to connect more than a router to a Wi-Fi network.

  • You would like to create a mesh Wireless system in your network coverage.

  • You need to prevent NAT issues. 

The three situations listed above are a good time to use Bridge Mode.


Consider the time to apply the Bridge Mode in your situation

How to access an Arris Modem in Bridge Mode?

When you adjust the SSID in your modem or access WPA2 encryption for extra security, you are setting the bridge mode up. 

Most modems have a configuration setting but it is disabled. 

Fortunately, you ought to turn on the bridge mode by connecting the dashboard to the router. Here is how to jump right in.

Step #1: Find a good spot for your modem

Although this step is not necessary and uncommon, doing this might improve your modem performance better. 

Finding a magnificent spot to place modems does not mean you have to look for a fancy room or something like that. 

You do not have to relocate your space at home or your office. 

A suitable spot for modems or routers is fewer magnetic electronic devices in your network coverage. 

Find a good location for your modem

Electronic appliances also reduce the performance of your network gateways. 

Thus, remove barriers to ensure that the modem has a way to do its job.

Step #2: Use power cycle or restart the modem

Sometimes, you need to restart your modems. 

By doing this, you are given a chance to check your gateways and gadgets at the same time. 

When the space is quite clear, you can restart your modems or use a power cycle. 

First of all, you need to remove the power source. 

Remove all the AC cords from the electricity. 

Please bear in mind that pressing the power button is not enough. 

Secondly, wait for a couple of seconds to assure that the power is totally disconnected. 

Then, you plug the cords in the back. 

Wait for a few seconds again because the system needs to reinitialize.


Finding a suitable spot to create the Bridge Mode is unpopular but it is vital

Step #3: Configure static IP of your laptop or computer

Establish the Ethernet card to your computer or another device as a static IP. 

You would do these things:

  • Open “Settings or Control Panel (some computers provide “System Preferences”) in your laptop or computer 

  • Access “Network and Internet”

  • Find and choose the current network that your device is on

Choose the current network

  • Come across “IP Settings” and look up a button to hit “Edit” or “Configure”

  • Discover the IPv4 toggle and alter 

Completing the third step does not mean your router can start an IP, so you would do the next step. 

Step #4: Connect an Ethernet cable to LAN ports

Combine and connect the modems precisely to your PC or laptop with an Ethernet cable. 

You need to connect Ethernet cable to LAN ports in the computer after switching the IPv4 option or the static IP part. 

This is because it will support steady connection in the gateways. 

Do not forget to insert Ethernet cables to LAN ports

Step #5: Access the GUI on a browser

This is the final step. 

Add the admin configuration panel address to the browser’s address bar. 

From the admin page, you need to type your username and password. 

Where could I find these? 

They are usually located on the label side of the Arris router. 

Username and password are on the label side of the Arris router

On the other hand, the wireless security key on the sticker of the gateway plays an important role. 

This is because you should fill in the information on the admin page. 

Remember to enter the Arris modem’s GUI on a browser because it ensures that your modems are ready for the bridge mode.

How to set up Bridge Mode on a NETGEAR router?

It is said that accessing Bridge Mode on the NETGEAR router is complex. 

However, it is quite easy if you know how to do it. 

Before starting the process, please pay attention to the Wireless settings of the main modem as it will connect first. 

Additionally, you should prepare other things:

  • The SSID

  • WiFi security mode

  • Wireless password

  • Operating frequency (either frequency 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) 


You do not need to contact the network provider to disable the bridge mode on the NETGEAR router 

Firstly, you access a web browser in the device connected to your wireless with the router. 

Please note that the device and router have already run the bridge mode. 

Secondly, you type this link and hit Enter. 

Thirdly, you type the username and password of the modem on the login screen. 

Find “Settings”, choose it and go to “Advanced Settings, Advanced Setup, and Wireless Bridge”. 

Tap the “Enable Bridge Mode” checkbox. 

Look for the button “Setup Bridge Mode Wireless Settings” and click that button. 

Then, you enter the settings information of other routers such as SSID, Wi-Fi security mode, Wireless password, and wireless frequency. 

After that, find the “Apply” button and hit it. Done!

Now, all of your settings are saved and safe. 

Modems will restart and connect to the bridge mode. 

If you want to optimize online privacy and security, you should link your network router with Wi-Fi security. 

This is because the connection of a device will be encrypted to ensure that your online activities are private. 

Bottom Line

Bridge mode is one of the most convenient ways to connect the Wireless network among devices. It can decrease the workload in your connection and accelerate the network speed a lot. Now, you have already recognized how to access Arris modem in Bridge Mode. The article absolutely has covered everything about the Bridge Mode that you could catch.

Rating:4.6 - 51Votes


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