How to change my WIFI password BT? ( Different BT hub devices)

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How to change my Wifi password BT?

This question is common to many people especially those who just had installed BT Wifi in their homes.

Changing your Wifi password can be a good way to prevent internet invaders from your neighborhood and improve your online performance.

It’s not too difficult to do that.

Learn about step-by-step guides on different types of BT hubs in this post below.

Let’s jump right in!

Change your WIFI password

Why change BT Wifi password? 

Before jumping into steps to change BT Wifi passwords, you need to know the reasons why we should do that. 

A password means BT broadband Hub’s Wifi security to restrict unauthorized access to your internet.

If you don’t know the admin access key, you can find the answer in the BT Hub’s settings card.

Why do you need a wifi password security


In fact, internet service providers do not recommend you to change their password because defaulted passwords are already strong enough.

However, for a peaceful mind, you’d better change your security key regularly.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which step to do first.

Keep reading and find out the answer.

Recover Lost Password

But first, learn how to recover a lost password. Follow the steps below:

  • Open a browser and note your accounts

  •  Recover the password

Open any browser & take note of accounts

Using your computer that is connected to your current internet network.

Opening a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox) and entering to access the Admin tool.

Take note that your admin tool's username and password are distinct from your WiFi username and password.

HUB manager 


If this is your first visit to Hub Manager, you will need to renew the admin password for your BT hub—this is not the WIFI password.

Don’t worry.

If you don’t know, an onscreen procedure will appear to guide you through the process.

Recover the Password

If you have forgotten the admin tool security lock, don't worry; all you need to do is the following:

Step 1: Make sure your computer is connected to your BT WIFI

Step 2: Open a browser and enter ( in the address bar.

Step 3: The Hub Manager window is opened.

Step 4: Go to Override =>Choose your Hub router

Step 5: A Wireless WPS label on your router is shown then press and hold the button corresponding to it for about 20 seconds. 

After that, the power light will be blinking blue.

Press the Wireless WPS button


Step 6: Obtain the Hub’s wireless key. You can get this by looking for the default key, which is located on the back of your Hub, or a label, which is located under the base of your Hub.

Step 7: You can also get your serial number, which is also printed on a label beneath the base.

Step 8: You may already enter your security code after successfully entering the key.

Set your security code

Step 9: Enter the new credential again. It is best to provide credentials to a passing hint for future use. Make sure this hint is strong and easy to remember.

Press the Use Override. 

Now that we've resolved this issue, we can move on to the next topic, which is changing the BT WiFi password.

How to change my wifi password BT?

To change your WIFI password BT, there are 3 ways:

  • Using the Admin tool

  • BT App

  • BT Account

Change BT WiFi Password using Admin Tool

Step 1: Using your computer that is connected to your BT Wireless network

Step 2: Open a web browser and enter on the addressing bar to open the Hub manager.

Step 3: Click Advanced settings => Wireless => Wireless key (WPA & WPA2) to change the password and then click Apply.

Set security password including at least 8 characters, number


Step 4: Set your passphrase which should have at least 8 characters, both uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers. 

Step 5: Click Save.


BT Hub Password Change using My BT App

Whenever you need to BT hub password change on your BT hub, you will need a password.

Instead of accessing through the admin tool, you can use the BT app.

# Download the application on your mobile device

  • Go to the AppStore (iOS phones) or Google PlayStore (Android devices)

  • Search for the My BT App and then press install to download it to your device.

Download My BT Hub app on your phone

# Altering BT Wi-Fi Passcode Using My BT App

  • After the download is finished, open the My BT App

  • Select Home network => Settings => Network Settings => Change WIFI Password

  • You enter the current password and then type a new one you want to change

  • Retype the new password 

  • Press Save.

Chang Wifi password on My BT Hub app


Change BT WiFi Password using My BT Account

Using My BT account is also simple and quick like 2 other ways. 

The following steps are the way you go:

  • Open your browser and visit the BT website

  • On the left corner of the website, click My BT

  • Enter your current BT ID

Choose MY BT menu tab


  • Click Settings => Your BT ID details => Edit password.

  • Enter the current security code and type a new one

  • After that, a confirmation prompt is shown on the screen.

How to change wifi password on different BT hub?

BT internet has offered its service for millions of customers across the UK.

There are several versions of BT hub such as BT home hub 5, BT home hub 3, BT ultrafast smart hub, and BT smart hub, etc.

Each hub will have a few differences. 

Let’s learn the ways to change wifi passwords on different BT hubs below.

BT home hub 5

The BT Hub 5 is one of the most recent routers available to BT customers in the UK. 

The BT Hub 5's WiFi password can be changed as follows:

  • Using your computer that is connected to your BT Wireless network.

  • Next, launch a browser and enter into the address bar. 

  • The Hub Manager window is opened. If this is your first time using Hub Manager, you will need to change your Hub Manager password. This does not represent the WiFi password. To change the Admin password for your BT Hub, simply follow the onscreen instructions. After that, you can proceed with changing the WiFi password for your BT Hub 5.

  • Go to Hub Manager and select Advanced Settings.

  • Then, select Continue to Advanced Settings => Wireless => Wireless key (WPA & WPA2)  

  • Enter your preferred password and then click Apply.

Change WIfi homehub


It is important to note that if you use both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands in your home, you will essentially have two WiFi networks. 

So, pick one of these bands and proceed to select Wireless => Wireless key (WPA & WPA2)  

You'll be able to change the WiFi password on each of your networks this way.

The steps for changing the WiFi password on the BT Smart Hub 4 and BT Home Hub 3 are similar to the steps for changing the password on the Smart Hub 5. 

Visit the BT Hub manager 

=> Settings 

=> Wireless 

=> Wireless key (WPA & WPA2) 

=> Apply

BT home hub 2

The My BT app can be used to change your BT WiFi password on a Smart Hub 2. 

To accomplish this, you must take the following steps:

  • Launch the My BT app.

  • Then, choose Home Network.

  • Go to Settings from there.

  • You must then select Network settings.

  • Then, select Change WIFI password.

  • You must now enter your current password.

  • Next, enter your Smart Hub 2's new WiFi password.

  • Following that, you must confirm your new password by typing it again in the provided section.

  • When finished, click Save password.

  • Reconnect your devices to the internet using your new WiFi password.

Change Wifi on BT home hub 2

BT ultrafast smart hub and smart hub

To change the WiFi password on a BT Ultrafast Smart Hub or a BT Smart Hub, follow these steps:

  • Using your computer that is connected to your BT Wireless network.

  • Next, launch a browser and enter into the address bar. 

  • You will now be transferred to Hub Manager.

  • To begin, go to Hub Manager and select Advanced Settings.

  • Next, navigate to Wireless.

  • You must now enter your hub's admin password. Turn your Hub around to find the admin password printed on the settings card.

  • After signing in, go to Security password to change your BT WiFi password. Fill in the blanks with the new password.

  • To save your changes, click the Save button.

  • After that, reconnect your devices to your BT WIFI using a new password.

Steps to change wifi on BT ultrafast smart hub

Some helpful notes

That’s the end of this topic today. Is it easy to change wifi password? Hope you get all things about “How to change my wifi password BT?” and do it fluently. 

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