Cannot connect to the wifi network within the time limit? [Quick tips]

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“Cannot connect to the Wifi network within the time limit” is a frustrating issue faced by a lot of  PS4 and PS5 users.

This post will point out some of its rooted reasons and walk you through simple steps to resolve it in seconds. 


PS4 and PS5 cannot connect to wifi networks within the time limit

What does the ‘cannot connect to the wifi network within the time limit’ error mean?

Normally, we use wifi to download games or play online games instead of connecting our devices to the wired or Ethernet network. 

Due to this, the phone may get overloaded and send an error message to your screen ‘cannot connect to wifi network within the time limit’.

Especially for PlayStation users, PS4 and PS5 limit the connecting time of your phone to the WIFI. 

The ‘cannot connect to wifi network within the time limit’ screen


During that time allowed, if it fails to get the signal from the router, you may get this problem.

There are many PS4 and PS5 users who have faced this problem before and they are stuck in downloading or playing the games too. 

In order to troubleshoot this error, we have done our research and found out the reasons.

What are some related problems to cannot connect to the wifi network within the time limit? 

The problems related to this error include:

  • Playstation 4 cannot connect to the wifi network within the time limit: you can find all tips and tricks to troubleshoot it later in this post. 

  • Only PS4 can’t connect to wifi: in this case, restart the modem and router. If it doesn't work, you should test the internet connection or upgrade the router.

  • PS4 Cannot connect to a server within time limit NW-31456-9: reset PS4 console and router immediately. After that, you recheck the PS4. You might need to switch to an ethernet connection if the trouble doesn't go away.

  • Could not connect to PlayStation Network Within the time limit vita: it’s the same as the first error we mention, you can find the solution in the next part.

  • PS4 Cannot Connect To The Server Within The Time Limit WV-33907-2: you can go to Settings -> Network to check the internet connection. 

  • Cannot Connect To The Wi-Fi Network Within The Time Limit PS5: you should restart PS5 and then double check the internet signal. 

PS5 cannot connect to wifi

Reasons why PS4 and PS5 cannot connect to the wifi network within the time limit

Here are several reasons causing this error: 

  • Your WiFi network is down: you might experience unstable wifi while using PS4, and PS5. As PS4 and PS5 run only if the wifi is good, if you can’t connect to it, then your router or ISP is having trouble. 

  • No connection to the Proxy server: this happens when the server takes too long to respond to the request to use data from PS4, and PS5. 

  • IP configuration failure: the router assigns an IP address to any devices that connect to it. If it fails to do so, your device will not access wifi network.

  • DNS Settings: DNS stands for domain name service and if you have incorrect DNS, the connection of PS 4 or PS5 to the internet may get interrupted. 

  • Wrong Authentication Information: you usually need the correct information to connect to Wifi. If the internet has an error, double-check it to make sure it works fine.

  • PSN Down: Playstation is the online gaming service, if PSN is down, you can’t play games with friends

  • The router cannot connect to the device.

Maybe your router have something wrong


  • Proximity to Router: as you know the wifi signal is weaker and weaker if you move away from where the console is set up. By that logic, try to sit close to the router while using PS4.

  • Wi-Fi Channel is Overloaded: each type of wifi will have a limitation on the number of users at the same time. If too many devices are connecting to your wifi at once, it will cause poor network performance. 

  • Outdated Router Firmware: like other technology, firmware usually has a new update for their products, make sure you get their latest version. 

How to fix the cannot connect to the wifi network within the time limit?

If there is nothing wrong, then you can try the following simple steps to tackle your signal issue:

  • Check Internet connection

  • Use an Ethernet connection

  • Check the PlayStation network status

  • Test Internet connection

  • Set a DNS server manually

  • Reboot PS4/PS5 and the router

  • Update router’s firmware

  • Connect to another channel

  • Set up port forwarding on your router

  • Change the router's DNS server

  • Contact ISP

Check Internet connection

The first thing you should do if PS4 and PS5 cannot connect to the wifi network within the time limit is to do a wifi speed test,

This makes sure your internet is functioning improperly. You can test it by using an online speed test.

Check your connection


Turn on the wifi and then perform online tasks such as web browsing. 

If you can’t connect to the internet after several minutes, you may need help from your internet service provider.

Use an Ethernet connection

According to numerous studies, an Ethernet connection is far better and advised over a Wi-Fi or wireless network.

Use an Ethernet connection


Thus, you are more likely to get signal issues while using a wifi connection than using an Ethernet one. 

To avoid this, you can use the wired network for PS4 or PS5.

Here’s a tip: choose the shortest Ethernet cable with a length of under 25 feet and you will get the strong and stable signal you want.

Check the PlayStation network status

There’s a possibility that the error that cannot connect to the wifi network within the time limit comes from the app itself. 


Check Playstation Network

Check the app’s update to know more about it.

Test Internet connection

You can check the signal in PS4 by going to Settings ->Network ->Test Internet Connection.

Check Internet Speed

Set a DNS server manually

If initially, you allow the console to assign a DNS server, you may use a particular server by setting it up manually.

Set your DNS Server manually

Reboot PS4/PS5 and the router

If the internet doesn’t work fine in some methods above, you should restart PS4 by unplugging it and the router and wait for 2 minutes. 

Restart PS4/PS5

Turn them on again and check if wifi is working or not.

Update the router’s firmware

Don’t ignore the update router’s notification from the firmware! It will help bring a better experience with your wifi.

Don’t forget to update the router

A new router has new technology that provides a stable wifi signal, thus, your PS4 or PS5 will work fine.

Connect to another channel

Changing the Wi-Fi channel number on a dual-band router can help prevent interference. 

If your PS4 typically uses the 5 GHz channel, for instance, connect to the 2.4 GHz channel instead.

Set up port forwarding on your router

Double-check if the PS4 connects to the right port or if the router isn’t blocking the ports PS4 uses to connect with the PSN servers. 

Change the router's DNS server

If you use a specific DNS server, you can change it by going to settings -> choose network -> set up internet connection -> tab custom.

Chang your router’s DNS

Contact ISP

After jumping through hoops but your problem persists, you may need to contact your ISP. They will tell you the root causes and provide solutions to it.


On the whole, if you unluckily encounter the error  “cannot connect to the wifi network within the time limit” while using PS4, or PS5, you should try our verified steps above. If none of them resolve the problem, contact your internet provider for support.

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