Why is my internet slow but good website test speed results?

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Website test speed is more and more popular to internet users. There are many test tools to help you test the internet speed you are using. IT corporations develop both Speed test website for free or applications for customers convenient to use. In this article, MySpeed will guide you in detail how to quickly check the internet performance. At the same time, the reasons for the contradictory between the real internet speed and the test result also are disclosed in the article.


Internet is slow but the website test speed presents good performance

How to use the website test speed?

It can be said that the website test speed is the fastest and most effective way to check the internet speed. With just a few simple steps, you can know the current situation of your network connection as well as many other useful information. To conduct the test, you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1: 

Search “website speed test”  on the Google search bar and Google will return a lot of results for you to choose. 

However, you need to be careful when opening a strange website test online because it can be a fake and toxic website. You may be stolen private information or simply, you can not check your internet connection. Some credible websites you can select are Speedtest by Ookla, FAST, Myspeed or GTMetrix. With MySpeed website, you can type https://gospeedcheck.com to access. Although MySpeed is a new factor in this speed test market, it still 

Step 2: 

Open the website speed test homepage

Click “Go” button to start the test


Step 3: Get the result

To check the internet speed, MySpeed will conduct 3 small tests: ping, download and upload speed test. First of all, your computer will attempt to download a file from the test server. As the download completes, your download speed will be measured. Once the download process completes, your computer will attempt to upload a file to the test server, thus calculating the upload speed. At the same time, MySpeed will do some activities to measure ping speed. The process is supposed to take from some seconds to one minute. 

website test speed

Website speed test conducts 3 mini tests to measure the internet performance

Why is my internet slow but website test speed results say it fast?

When finishing the website test online, you get a good result but you feel your network connection is still slow. Why is it? These below things may be the reasons. 

“Up to” speeds

Your ISP (internet service provider) can not control your overall online experience because your speed is only going to be as fast as the slowest segment between you and the site you’re trying to visit.

Think of your promised internet speed by ISP, it is the same way you think of a speed limit sign. Although the freeway sign says you can go 75 mph, you’ve got no shot of going fats at that speed during rush hour because of the congestion on the freeway.


ISPs offer “up to” speed which represents the best-case scenario

ISPs offer you the internet speed with perfect “up to” speed as an incentive trick for customers to choose them as well as that speed represents the best-case scenario with one devices connecting the internet.  This is one of the reasons for the question “ Why is my internet slow but having good website test speed results?”

ISP hosted tests

Many of the most popular website test online encourage ISPs to host a server on their network to help increase the chances that their users will get the fastest test results. This is a good thing, however, the problem with this approach is that unless you only use websites hosted by the company that connects you to the internet or their peering networks, it does not represent the real world. 

Therefore, to get the real test result as well as not have the contrary as mentioned above, you should be suspicious of any speed-testing website or app your ISP suggests you use.

Understanding the variables

There are so many variables that can impact your actual online experience that have nothing to do with the connection that your ISP is providing you. Affecting variables can be the time of day, the website you’re trying to connect to, whether you’re using WiFi or have a wired connection, the age of your modem, an old cable or how many people on your on network are currently using the same connection just to name a few. All are mentioned in the previous article “ Internet speed test: 5 factors impact internet speed”

There are so many variables that can impact your actual online experience making incorrect website test speed results 

Further, the other thing to remember is that when you run any of these website speed test, you’re taking a snapshot of that moment in time, which can be extremely misleading. Therefore, it is necessary that you really need to run a series of tests at different times of the day over several days to truly determine your average speeds. That time, the test result is more objective and may delete the situation when the test is good but the internet is so slow and lag.

Independent testing site

The reason you are going to find can be independent and credible testing site. One test site that has no affiliation to any of the ISPs, independent and safe for users is MySpeed or you can access gospeedcheck.com 


MySpeed is a credible website testing speed

Their test results are more reflective of your actual speeds and far more detailed. The results are returned quicker after a few seconds. Especially, it also keeps history tracks of your internet after testing time. From that, you can compare the speed at many different times a day or a week. It is so convenient and useful. 

Using the credible website test speed provides you more accurate results as well as useful information to help you raise the internet performance quality. 


It is advanced that you should choose a credible, independent website test speed to limit the situation that the internet speed is slow but the test result presents good. Besides, there are some reasons like “up to’ speed and ISP hosted tests. Hope with the above information, you will get something useful as well as knowing to use the speed test.