Why is my download speed so slow on ps4? Tips to increase downloads

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Slow download speed has been a popular problem with many PS4 users. So what are the main factors leading to this trouble, why is my download speed so slow on ps4? Have a look at this article, you may pick up some simple steps to improve your situation.

What is PS4?

Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 4 is a home console. It allows you to play games on your television. In order to play games, you must first enter the appropriate game disk into the console. For frequent updates of the console's system software and the games you want to play on it, you'll need a good internet connection. 

A home console PS4


Why is my download speed so slow on ps4?

Download speed so slow

The most common question we’ve received recently is “why is my ps4 download speed so slow?”

Causes of slow download speed could be various: From low bandwidth, poor connection, multiple downloads installed at once, to your older router/device.

Low bandwidth

Low bandwidth could be caused by your current broadband's Mbps rate, or can be slowed down by too many users connected to the network, and in certain situations, to your device.

Poor connection

Poor network quality can be caused by a variety of factors, including: Congestion on the network. Too much traffic is overloading routers and other network infrastructure. This might happen on your personal network, your ISP's network, or your company's local area network (LAN).

Multiple downloads installed at once

When you only download a single file, your internet connection will utilize 4mbps. If you start downloading many files at once, your download speed will be divided among the other files. Both your game and the download will be slowed.

Downloading to an external drive vs internal

Your hard drive has no influence on your download speed, but how you manage it while downloading does. Multitasking when downloading, such as transferring files or running other programs at the same time, might cause your hard drive to slow down as it tries to accomplish too many tasks at once.

How to fix slow download on ps4?

How to increase download speed on ps4? We highly recommend some quick tips as below:

Run a download speed test.

If your PS4 is experiencing lags, delays, or sluggish downloads, the first thing you should do is run an upload and to determine whether the problem is with your network connection or with your Playstation.

Follow the steps below:

  • To begin, go to your Playstation 4's Settings page.

  • Then navigate to the Network tab.

  • Finally, choose Test Internet Connection from the drop-down menu.

Choose test internet connection

Restart your Playstation 

Restarting your Playstation's software is the simplest tip on ps4 how to increase download speed. This will allow your console to reload its resources, which may have become corrupted due to a momentary problem or glitch.

To restart your PS4, follow the steps below:

  • To go to the Quick Menu, press and hold the PS button on your controller.

  • Go to the Power tab and select Restart PS4 from the drop-down menu.

  • To finish, hit the O or X button on your controller.

Select Restart PS4 

Restart your network 

Restarting your network router or modem is an additional option. This will force your device to reconnect to your internet service provider's servers, resolving your PS4's slow download or upload speed.

 Follow the steps below:

  • Locate your modem or router's power cord and disconnect it from the wall socket for 5 to 10 seconds to restart it.

  • Wait for your modem to activate after reconnecting the power cable.

  • Return to your PS4 and perform another test to verify whether you are now receiving the speeds specified on your monthly plan.

  • If you continue to have network troubles on additional devices, we recommend contacting your ISP and requesting that they fix their service.

Restarting your network router

Pause and resume a single download

The following solution is only a temporary solution. However, because it has served me well so many times, I chose to highlight it. This is the same as restarting your PS4, except it's a lot faster.

Follow the procedures below:

  • Navigate to the Downloads tab on the PS4 interface.

  • Tap the X button to exit the game you're now downloading.

  • Select Pause and wait for 5 to 10 minutes 

  • Select Resume to see your download speed increase.

Select Resume

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You’ve got the detailed answer to “why is my download speed so slow on ps4”. We try to pick a variety of useful ways that help you improve your issues. Now you can enjoy your game without worrying about its speed.