PS4 how to increase download speed? Check up on these steps

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This article is released for PS4 users who are confused about what makes download speed so slow on ps4 and desperately want to find some quick tips on PS4 how to increase download speed.

Why is my download speed so slow on ps4?

Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 4 is a home console that has been released in many countries around the world since November 15th ,2013. It allows you to play games on your television. For frequent updates of the console's system software and the games you want to play on it, you'll need a good internet connection. 


The most common causes of slow download speed  would be: 

  • Low bandwidth

  • Poor connection 

  • Multiple downloads installed at once 

  • Downloading to an external drive vs internal

A home console 

So how to increase download speed on PS4, there are several things you can do to make PlayStation 4 games download faster. 

PS4 how to increase download speed?

Here is a list of solutions that have helped many customers increase download speeds on PS4. Note that not every solution will work for you. I highly recommend each method in order until you discover one that genuinely works.

Updating to the most recent firmware version

You can't hold Sony responsible for not attempting to resolve the download speed issue. I've seen at least four dashboard fixes in the last two years that promised to address the problem. Even if it doesn't result in a greater increase in speed, this could make a difference.

Opening the notification bar

Connecting your PS4 console to the internet and opening the notification bar is a quick way to see if it's running the updated firmware. Scroll down until you reach an entry with System Software if you aren't prompted to upgrade immediately.

Using an ethernet connection which is wired

The PS4 Pro offers a more powerful Wi-Fi receiver than the phat and thin versions.  However, even on the PS4 Pro, Wi-Fi download speed will be considerably slower than ethernet connections.

Use a cable to connect your PS4


If you want a faster download speed, you'll need to use a cable to connect your PS4 to the internet. It doesn't matter which side of the Ethernet wire you plug into the router because the ends are interchangeable.

Ensuring that your modem has sufficient bandwidth.

The bandwidth of your modem (router) may potentially limit your PS4's download speed. This is especially likely if you're using an outdated or low-cost modem or router.

Checking your bandwidth

Even though your ISP guarantees a certain number of megabytes per second, your modem may not be capable of handling them all. Make sure your modem is powerful enough to support the download speeds offered by your Internet Service Provider before proceeding with the remedies below. This may be done by checking your bandwidth and ensuring that you are getting enough bandwidth according to your plan.

Another factor to consider is whether or not your network is overcrowded. You know that if you have additional devices connected to the same Internet network as your PS4, the download speed of your PS4 will be severely limited.

Using a Proxy to Speed Up Downloads

Using a Proxy to speed up download

Using a proxy to boost download speed might seem strange, but there's a good reason for that as well. The PS4 sometimes doesn't, by default, fetch a large amount of data at once. However, if we tunnel the data through a proxy, the console will be forced to retrieve little quantities of data more quickly.

Now, before you continue, you'll need to have a computer on hand. In addition, your PC and PS4 must both be linked to the same network.

Here's what you need to do:

  • CCProxy is a proxy server that you can download and install on your computer. It's completely unrestricted. If you’re on mac, download and install Squidman.

  • Open up the proxy software and hit Start to create your proxy server.

Open up the Proxy software

  • Once you've done so, go to the Options menu and write down your proxy's IP address and port number on a piece of paper.

  • Go to Settings on your PS4 and select Set Up a New Internet Connection.

Select Setup Internet connection 

  • You have the option of using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi. For the greatest results, I recommend using a LAN connection.

Choose Lan Cable

  • Select the Custom option.

Choose Custom

  • Select Automatic from the IP Address Settings menu.

Select Automatic

  • Select Do Not Specify under DHCP Hostname now.

Choose Do not Specify

  • The DNS settings should be set to Automatic.

  • MTU Settings should be set to Automatic.

  • Select Use under Proxy Server.

Select Use

  • Put the Adress and Port Number that you just wrote down in this box. If CCProxy's default port (8080) does not work, try 808.


You’ve learned simple but powerful tips on PS4 how to increase download speed. Give them a try to have an enjoyable relaxing moment. Wish you have a good time with your entertainment device!