Is 18 ms ping good for playing games? Here is the answer!

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Is 18 ms ping good low or high ping rate? Why ping latency matters to your gaming experiences? Whats a good ping rate for gaming? …

Well, right below here, MySpeed is going to let you know the answers to all of these questions. Reading on to find out now!

First of all, let’s see what a good ping ms is!

Ping latency

Ping latency

What is a good ping ms? 

A good ping is, of course, a fast ping. 

Ping speed or ping time is measured in ms (milliseconds). It lets you know how long it takes for a data packet to travel from your device to a server on the internet and return.

A lower ping is always better than a high ping. Well, lower ping means less lag and smoother connection. 

Lower pings also mean your connection is more responsive. In short, the lower the ping latency, the better. 

So, what is a low ping? What is a high ping? According to, ping values of 100 ms and less are average pings for most broadband internet connections.

It’s worth noting that low ping is very crucial for real-time application use such as video calls, and, especially, online gaming.

Next, we will learn what is a good ping speed for playing online games.

High ping vs. low ping

High ping vs. low ping

Is 18 ms a good ping for gaming?

For gaming, not download and upload speeds, ping latency is the most important factor determining how smooth your gameplay is. 

Ping and gaming

Yep, high pings can ruin your games. If you play online games with high pings, you will likely experience delays or lags that can severely impact the outcome of the game. Notably, for players having too high ping, the servers of many FPS (First-person shooter) games will disconnect them automatically. 

In contrast, low ping rates can be a competitive advantage for gamers. Fast ping speeds in FPS games, real-time strategy games, and others mean better speeds for transferring data and receiving responses from the game server, resulting in more seamless gameplay.

The lower the ping, the better

The lower the ping, the better

Low pings for gaming

“What’s a good ping rate for gaming” depends on the types of games and the types of gaming consoles you play. Some require low pings, while some others don't.

For a reference, here are 03 ranges of ping values for gaming that you should know.

In online gaming, any ping values equal to or less than 20 ms are considered low ping or even exceptional ping. 

About ping amounts in the range of 50 ms and 100 ms, they are classified as very good to average ping. You can still play games with that ping speed. 

However, for ping values of more than 150 ms (high ping), problems in online gaming will likely occur. 

What is a good ping speed?

What is a good ping speed?

Is 18 ms ping good?

As stated recently, any ping values ≤ 20 ms are considered low ping or even exceptional ping. That means the 18ms is too good for not only gaming but almost any other online activity. 

Well, if you run a ping speed test and receive the ping result of 18 ms and even lower than that, congrats! This greatly low ping will help you enjoy the games so smoothly. 

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Wrapping up

Good pings really matter for online gaming. Well, though it’s true that not every game requires low pings to play smoothly, good pings are what you should look for to have perfect gaming experiences. The lower the ping latency, the better the connection. And that’s all for this post, hope you liked it.