How to Fix PS4 Internet Connection Failed WiFi Error? Sure-Fired Methods

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PS4 would be one of the best consoles now, even if PS5 had already been released. PS4 is a real workhorse, but it can sometimes have network problems. On some occasions, it may be the console's fault. But most of the time, when the PS4 internet connection failed WiFi is the real problem.

Games are supposed to be fun. But if your PS4 keeps losing internet connection 2018 times per day, it is torture. Do you want to fix it? Just those simple steps.

Start using an ethernet connection

Like I have mentioned above, most of the time, the cause of ps4 losing internet connection is your WiFi. Yes, WiFi is very convenient, but it is also unstable.

LAN Port on PS4

LAN Port on PS4

You don't need a Gigabit internet to play online games smoothly. You need a stable connection to do it. For that reason, an Ethernet connection is the best choice.

Ethernet connection is much more reliable than a wireless one. By changing to Lan port, you will never have to ask: "Why does my PS4 keep losing internet connection?"

Of course, Ethernet is not a perfect technology. It can be altered by the damaged cable or jacks. Is your PS4 wired internet connection slow? You should check your LAN jack plugged in your PS4. If it is too old, remove it and get another one.

Ethernet is also a must if you want to make video calls in-game or other applications like zoom. If you face the "zoom internet connection unstable" problem while making an online conference via WiFi, try to install a new wired network.

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Optimize your wireless connection

No WiFI on PS4

No WiFI on PS4

If your PS4 keeps losing internet connection 2020 times per day, you have to do something to fix it.

Are you not able to switch to an Ethernet connection? Then you need to optimize your wireless network. You can follow these steps for a faster and more stable internet speed. Some methods are free, some require you to invest a little bit of money.

Reset Network setting on your PS4

It is the first thing to do if your ps4 keeps losing internet connection. If the cause of your internet problem is a random network bug, resetting your PS4 network is a good fix. 

How to reset network settings on your PS4? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go back to your PS4 Home screen.

  2. Choose Settings by the end of the main menu.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom, then select Initialization.

  4. Choose Restore Default Settings.

  5. Hit the Restore button.

  6. Choose Yes.

Note: After the reset, you will have to connect to the WiFi network again.

Put your router on the wall

Put your router on the wall

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Find a new place for your router

If you still can not connect to the internet after resetting.

Your router should be in a high and open place to have the best performance. Also, you should not place any big object or electrical device between your router and your PS4. They will interfere with the WiFi signal and make your internet unstable.

Buy a better router

If you are still using the free router from your ISP, consider buying a new one. The free router only works well when you place your PS4 next to it. In other cases, WiFi signals will be unstable. Depending on the distance between your network device and your console, you should choose the most suitable router for you.

As we mentioned above, you should not place any big object between your router and your PS4. Of course, walls are big objects, interfering with WiFi signals. To measure how much the distance affects your internet signal, run an internet connection speed check next to the router. Then, run another one in the furthest room from your router and compare the results.

Buy a better router to increase gaming experience

Buy a better router to increase gaming experience


Most of the time, when your PS4 internet connection failed WiFi, the problem does not lie on your console but the WiFi network. If your PS4 keeps losing internet connection 2021, you should investigate your network and find the real problem. If you find this topic interesting, you can also check out this article "Dropbox can't establish secure internet connection?".

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