How to reduce ping on PS4: Easy solutions that you should know

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High ping latency can be a huge hindrance to smooth gaming experiences on PlayStation 4 or other gaming systems. For gamers, low ping is crucial, especially when it comes to FPS games or any others requiring fast reaction speed, right? 

Well, you are looking for ways How to reduce ping on PS4? If that’s the case, this post is for you. Keep reading to learn easy ways to lower the ping speed so that you can better enjoy your PS4 games.

But first, it’s necessary to spend a minute exploring some possible causes for high ping on PS4; let’s take a look. 

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 

What causes high ping?

Ping is measured in ms (milliseconds). And we all know that the lower pings are always better, right? 

To be honest, ping time latency or the time it takes for data packets to get to the game server and then back is impacted by different factors. 

Well, that means various things can be the reasons causing high ping and latency issues. Things like inadequate internet bandwidth, internet congestion during peak hours, slow internet speeds, background processes, playing on a far-away server, weak and unstable WiFi signals, ISP related issues, and so on can all result in high ping latency and poor gaming performance. 

High ping in gaming

High ping in gaming

For sure, it’s crucial to determine the real causes behind your high ping so that you will be able to find the best way to reduce it. In the next part of this writing, MySpeed is about to introduce some suggestions for lowering ping. They are all simple and easy tips; let’s check out!

How to improve ping PS4?

There are different ways to fix high ping, depending on, of course, what causes it. 

So, how to improve ping? Following are some simple tips that can help you.

Choosing the right server region

The further geographical distance between you and the game server, the more time it takes for signals to get to that server and back. That’s why you should always select the server closest to your location. 

Whenever possible, using a wired connection

Though the WiFi connection is great, it’s considered less consistent than the wired one. When you have an Ethernet cable going from the router to your PS4, the signal is straightforward and not interrupted by things like wireless interference and physical obstructions. 

Using a wired connection also means that your internet’s stability and speed are not affected by the distance between your gaming device and the router. 

So, if possible, use wired Ethernet internet instead of WiFi to reduce your ping latency.

Using Ethernet cable

Using Ethernet cable

Moving closer to WiFi router 

If you prefer using WiFi, it’s good to move as close as you can to the router. Since WiFi signals are transferred via the air, WiFi connection strength can be affected by different things, including physical obstructions (walls, floors, and more), wireless interference, and distance. 

The further away from the router, the weaker the WiFi internet connection is likely to be. Moving closer to the router will help you have faster and more consistent wireless internet.

Restarting the router 

Restarting the router helps you refresh the connection. If it’s been a while since the last time you restarted your router, let’s do it now and see if the ping gets reduced. 


Along with these solutions for reducing ping latency, there are still different helpful ways that can help you deal with lag and latency issues caused by high ping. Upgrading the router, avoiding gaming during peak hours, resetting your PS4, deleting files or games that you don’t need anymore, using a gaming monitor, calling the ISP and others can help. 

The lower ping, the better

The lower ping, the better

How to reduce ping on PS4: Wrapping up

Above are some common causes and simple solutions for fixing high ping latency on PS4 that MySpeed wants to share with you via this post. As you can see, all of the fixes mentioned recently are so easy to apply, right? Hope they are helpful to you!!! And that’s all for this post, check out the next articles on this blog to learn how to fix high ping on WiFi and how to reduce ping in tf2!