PS4 upload speed Kbps: How fast your internet should be for PS4?

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For online gaming, including playing your PS4, ping always matters the most to smooth gaming experiences. But that doesn’t mean download and upload speeds are not important. 

Without adequate internet speeds, you will not have perfect gameplay. So, what upload and download speeds do you need for PlayStation 4? Is 2 mbps upload speed good for PS4? Check out this post to find out now!

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Download and upload speeds for gaming

First of all, let’s spend a minute learning some basics about internet download and upload speeds. 

Download speed

Download speed is one of the primary aspects of an internet connection. It refers to the rate at which your PC (or other gaming devices) can receive data transmitted from the internet. 

Faster download speeds mean the data, which can be in the form of video, text, audio, image, or others, move to your devices quicker. 

Upload speed and why it matters to online gaming

Upload speeds refer to the rate at which your PC (or other devices) can send data to the internet. As you can see, downloading is the opposite of uploading.

Both upload and download speeds are measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Note that 1 Mbps is equal to 1000 Kbps. 

In online gaming, gamers are continually sending information from PC or gaming devices to the game server as they play. So, it’s necessary for players to have an internet upload speed fast enough to support this amount of outgoing data. So, is 6 mbps upload speed good for the game? Or should you have up to 10 mbps upload speed??? Let’s find out below!

Fast internet speeds for gaming

Fast internet speeds for gaming

Good internet speeds for PS4

The good news is that you don’t need too fast internet speeds to play your PS4. So, how much internet speed should you have for PlayStation 4?

According to, the minimum internet requirements for PS4 are 3 Mbps for download speed and 1 Mbps (~1000 Kbps) for upload speed. However, these are just the minimum numbers, gamers would be needing a faster connection to ensure consistent gaming experiences. 

The recommended download and upload speeds for PS4, as per, are 16 Mbps and 4 Mbps, respectively. That means upload speed 6 mbps is more than enough for gaming PS4, right? 

You can run a download and upload speed test to know if your connection speeds are good enough for the game.

Online gaming

Online gaming

Once again, ping still matters the most

For PS4 and other gaming systems, good upload and download speeds allow you to better engage in the game. Still, it’s worth emphasizing that ping is the factor affecting your gameplay the most. 

Ping latency refers to the delay between a player’s input and the game server’s response to that input. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms). The lower the ms ping value, the faster the reaction speed and the smoother the gaming experiences. 

Low ping is especially crucial for FPS games and other game genres that require fast reaction. 

For PS4, what’s considered a good ping can vary, depending on what game you're playing. 

For smooth gameplay, always aim for the lowest possible ping latency. 

Low ping for gaming

Low ping for gaming

Wrapping up

Recently, we’ve explored some basic aspects concerning connection requirements for gaming PlayStation 4. As you can see, though it’s not necessary to be fast, upload speed matters to your gaming experiences on not only PS4 but also other gaming systems. And that’s all for this post “PS4 upload speed Kbps: What is a good upload speed for PS4?”; hope you found it interesting.


Rating:4.7 - 50Votes



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