Port Foward Belkin: A Step-By-Step Guide (With Pictures)

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Do you want to know how to port foward Belkin routers?

Look no further as you've just discovered the best post on this subject.

By the end of this guide, you'll understand exactly how to configure port fowarding on your Belkin router and additional settings to be aware of.

Let’s get the details!

How to port foward a Belkin router?

What is Belkin router port fowarding?

Port fowarding or mapping is known as a network address translation (NAT) application.

It redirects a communication request from an address and port number pair to another when the packets are transiting a network gateway, like a firewall or router.

It accomplishes this by establishing a link known as a map between a local area network (LAN) IP address for a device on that private network and a router's public, wide area network (WAN) Internet protocol (IP) address and a private.

This approach is typically used to make services on a secured or internal network host accessible to hosts on an external network by remapping the destination IP address and port number of the connection to an internal host.

Port fowarding

Requirements to port foward Belkin router

Before we begin, there is a list of necessary process requirements.

See the list below to discover more about what you'll need to configure port fowarding Belkin.

IP address

First, you need the IP address of the computer or device to which the port should be redirected.

Most people want to port foward their machines. 

Assuming you are concerned about port fowarding your PC, here is a simple guide on how to perform Belkin router port foward IP:

  • Launch your computer's browser

  • In the search field, type "What is my public IP?"

  • Copy the result and keep it for later use

Instruction on getting the router’s IP address

Remember that the method may vary with other devices. 

As a result, you'll have to look up the ports and IP addresses of any other devices you want to include in the port fowarding.

Port number

Second, the port numbers that will be utilized, as well as whether they are UDP or TCP ports.

Router connection

Most crucially, the router must be linked to your computer via an Ethernet cable for port fowarding to work.

It depends on the device you intend to port foward because you need to note the associated ports.


Get the router connected via an Ethernet cable

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How to port foward Belkin router?

Now that you understand the process's fundamental criteria, you can follow the steps in the order they are listed for Belkin router port fowarding.

4 steps to port foward Belkin

Enter your router’s options page

First, you must visit the router's settings.

In general, the IP address remains static unless altered, therefore you will be using the default percentage of ""

Remember that if you've modified your router's IP address, this link will no longer work, so make a note of the new one.

Here's how to access your router's settings:

  • Launch a web browser

  • In the search field, type "" or the IP address of your new router

  • Allow time for the page to load

Once on the login screen, proceed to the following step to log in to your router's settings.

Type ""


When you successfully load the page, you will see a login form where you must enter your username and password.

It's time to access the router's web interface.

In most cases, technicians will provide you the password and username, which you must enter into these areas.

If you were not given any credentials when the technician set up your network, you must use the default credentials of "admin" for username and "password" for password.

If that doesn't work, try typing "admin" in the password again.

If it doesn't work, contact your ISP to learn more about your login information.

Belkin’s login interface

Create the virtual server

The next step in the guideline of how to setup port fowarding on a Belkin router is to create a virtual server.

After logging in, you must establish virtual servers for the devices you wish to port foward.

Follow the steps below to configure your virtual servers and complete your router's port fowarding.

  • Select Firewall in the router’s settings

  • Choose virtual servers and choose Add 

  • Click Enable to ensure the virtual servers are activated

  • Choose the port fowarding protocol (UDP, TCP, or TCP/UDP)

  • Enter the required port information specific to each device of your PC 

  • Choose Next and enter your PC’s IP you’ve copied

  • Choose Save to save the changes you’ve made

Choose Virtual server

Most routers, like Belkin routers, will prompt you to enter your PC's IP address.

Because port fowarding is now finished, your Belkin router will only connect with the assigned IP address of your PC.

Test if your ports are open

Now that you've finished port range fowarding Belkin, so now you should check to see if it's working properly.

If port fowarding does not work, the following methods may be helpful:

  • Check the ports and IP address again

  • Disable Windows Firewall

  • Restart the router

  • Start the process from step 1

If you are using a Sky instead of Belkin router, it is not so difficult to port foward Sky. You can follow our blog to get the details!

Some common issues with port fowarding Belkin router

Some users have reported port fowarding difficulties. 

The majority of reports come from Xbox 360 users.

Belkin router is connected to another router or modem

In most circumstances, customers fowarded the required ports on the Belkin router.

However, the ISP provided a modem (if in PPPoE mode), or another router in the network blocked the ports. In this scenario, you must also open ports on those devices.

A common Belkin issue

Power cycle the device

After configuring Belkin router port foward, you may need to power cycle the router. 

Simply turn it off and wait one minute and reconnect the power after one minute.

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By now, you have gone through our guide on how to port foward a router. We hope you will find the information provided on port foward Belkin helpful. If you like this post or have any questions, comment below to let us know.

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