Download speed calculator Mbps: Top 3 Free & Simple Websites [UPDATED]

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You need to ensure the Internet speeds you get are as your ISP promised. 

There is no interference as well. 

That’s where download speed calculator Mbps and a speed test come in handy.

Check this article instantly to find out 3 reliable websites you should not miss out on.

Let’s go!

Download speed calculator Mbps

Download speed calculator Mbps

Why should you test your speed?

There are numerous reasons to test your download speed and understand what is a good download speed

The following are some of the most common ones:

  • First, you want to ensure that your ISP is providing you with exactly what you paid for and that you are not being throttled in any way.

  • Second, it’s to see if your home network is in need of an upgrade. 

In 2009, the average download speed in an American home was 5 megabits per second (Mbps). 

That number increased to 119.03 Mbps in 2022 (according to, and it is anticipated to continue to rise. 

Every family will have to adjust their plans at some point.

So, it's only a matter of when.

Why should you test your speed?

Why should you test your speed?

  • Another reason is that you're unsure if a device or receiver is working properly, or if you'll require a repair or a peripheral.

  • Next, you're concerned that the amount of devices on the network is putting too much strain on it right now.

  • Last but not least, for work or gaming needs, you'll want to check an additional metric like upload speed or ping rate.

This can prevent you from wasting money on devices that you won't use.

Below you'll find instructions on how to test your Internet speed as well as our recommendations for which site to use.

Download speed calculator Mbps 

Here are our top picks. 

Please study each option carefully to ensure that you select the best test for your needs and obtain the best results.


Ookla's is our top pick, as it is one of the oldest and most popular speed tests available.

It contains almost everything you might want in a speed test.

It includes all of the fundamental information and a large network of servers around the country that ensures an accurate reading no matter where you are.

Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla

Additionally, if you create an account, you will be able to keep track of your prior tests. 

This is especially useful if you want to track improvements after changing plans or altering your setup.

You can also use it if you want to measure changes, keep different devices in mind, or maintain track of changes. 

It enables you to optimize with minimal effort on your part.

However, the fact that advertisements show is the site's biggest flaw. 

The ads may interfere with the measurements.

2. MySpeed

If you are looking for a good measure of your connection's consistency, then MySpeed is a test you should try. 

They display not only the end findings but also the consistency of your connection during the test.

Indeed, it is important if you're testing for video calls or online gaming.

MySpeed test

MySpeed test

It’s easy to use, as well.

You can find results for upload speed, download speed, and ping speed with only one click and a little wait. 

This website will provide you with a clear image of your network connection as a whole.

In addition, the exam differs between mobile and desktop. 

As the mobile version is more accessible (and does not require the installation of an app), My speed can be an excellent alternative for mobile users of all types.

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3. Xfinity Speed Test

The Xfinity Speed Test is straightforward to use, that is exactly what some people want.

What sets Xfinity apart is that it gives you context regarding your Internet speed.

Hence, it is a useful tool for individuals who are unsure what all the numbers mean. 



For example, a 1 Mbps download speed test will include some bullet points on what you can achieve with your current download speed.

Besides, it shows some recommendations on how to ensure the test runs as precisely as possible. 

As a result, it is one of the most user-friendly examinations for folks who do not frequently utilize technology.

However, how to run these tools?

Fortunately, using them is easy and quite the same.

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the website

  • Step 2: Click on ‘‘GO’’ or ‘‘Start’’ on the screen to start the test

  • Step 3: Wait for the result

Is that clear?

If not, look at the example of MySpeed below:

Using MySpeed is easy

Using MySpeed is easy

Download speed calculator vs download time calculator

Well, many people mistake these two for each other.

If the main purpose of a download speed calculator is to test your download speed, the download time calculator’s function is different.

It will help you know the time needed to download a file at a given Internet speed.


Download time = File size/Internet download speed

This equation can be used to determine how long it will take to download the 400 MB video at a 5 Mbps internet download speed:

  • 400MB in bits = 400MB * (8 bits / 1 byte) * (1,000 bytes / 1 kilobyte) * (1,000 kilobytes / 1 megabyte)

  • 400MB in bits = 3,200,000,000 bits

  • 400MB in megabits = 3,200 megabits (Mb)

  • Download time = 3,200 Mb/5 Mbps

  • Download time = 640 seconds = 10 minutes and 40 seconds

As you can see, the download will depend on the size of your file and the download speed.

The quantity of data or information a computer file stores determines the size of the file. 

Computers utilize what are known as bits for storing data.

Regarding the download speed, the faster it is, the quicker you’ll get your file downloaded.

Therefore, getting a good download speed is necessary; and to check whether your Internet speed is sufficient, try the 3 aforementioned options.

What's the difference between bits and bytes?

Bits and bytes are both types of data units, but what exactly is the distinction between the two? 

Well, 1 byte equals 8 bits. 

The smallest unit used to measure data is known as a bit. 

Bits can either be 0 or 1. 

Computers read human intentions and process information based on how those "instructions" are represented as bits. 

Computers also transmit and receive data as bits, or as ones and zeros.

Bytes vs bits

Bytes vs bits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What affects my download speed?

There is no single reason.

Instead, many factors may impact your speed of downloading.

Here are some potential causes:

  • Connection to the website; browser you're using

  • The age of your computer

  • Viruses

  • Your ISP’s network

  • Wireless network

2. How can I boost my download speed?

Slow download speed is unwanted.

However, if it is your case, you can try the following tips:

  • Restart the system

  • Upgrade data plans

  • Disable background applications

  • Switch to another modem

  • Use a wired connection…

3. What is a good download speed?

The download speed of 100 Mbps is considered good.

You can stream Netflix or YouTube, join Zoom meetings, and play most online games on many devices at once when your Internet speed is 100 Mbps.

Some people can get by with less Internet speed, while others require more.


Finally, though we ranked these download speed calculator Mbps and believe that they are greater than others, each has different priorities. Write your favorite below to let us know.


Rating:4.8 - 56Votes


  1. Jack Young

    My internet speed (on a speed test) is 50 Mbps/s. Why do I get 400 KB/s?

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    1. MySpeed

      It's also possible that you share bandwidth with other customers of your ISP in your area. Throttling is also applied to bandwidth hogs of congested networks

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  2. Callum Hill

    Spectrum is charging me for 300 Mbps internet, yet when I run the network speed test that Windows 10 includes, it calculates download speeds in the 8 Mbps range. Should I complain?

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    1. MySpeed

      First make sure that the problem is on their side, and not yours. To do that, connect your computer directly to their modem using an ethernet cable. Then make sure nothing else downloads in the background, and run the speed test again.

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