Internet speed test: difference between Mbps and MBps

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Running the internet speed test is the best way to ensure network performance. This is extremely popular to internet users today. It can not be denied that the internet plays an important role in our life. However, not many people really know the internet clearly. Users should choose how many Mbps packages so that the download speed of electronic devices such as computers, phones ... can be both fast and stable. Let's find out with MySpeed!


What is Mbps, MBps in the internet speed test? 

In fact, there are many people who feel confused with two terms : Mbps and MBps. Sometimes, reading the internet speed test result, people think these are the same thing, the difference is due to the writing way but it is not true.  They just consider that these are speeds of the internet network but they do not know which internet plan they should choose to have a fast internet connection. Academically, Mbps and MBps are units of speed of different objects. 

  • Mbps (megabits / second): Mbps is a unit used to measure data capacity and speed of transfer data. This unit usually regulates the network speed of the internet service providers and internet speed testing tools. Each megabit is equivalent to 1 million bits.

  • MBps (megabytes / second): Byte is a unit to measure size of a file or amount of data transferred. MBps is the download and upload speed transfer amount of data per second. 

Bit and byte are not the same dimension, so that they can not be interchangeable. A byte is nearly equal to 8 bit. For example: Your IDM program is downloading at a speed of 1 MBps, which means the network speed you are using at that time is equivalent to 8 Mbps. Some simple conversion formulas are:

— 1 megabyte (MB) = 8 megabit (Mb)

—1 Mbps = 0.125 MB/s

—1 gigabyte (GB) = 1.000 megabyte (MB)

Now, when you receive the download speed of 34.738 Mbps from the internet speed test, you can be confident to tell that the speed your internet network sends data to other devices is at 34.738 or 4.34 byte is transferred per second. 

Internet speed test: difference between Mbps and MBps

The internet speed test uses unit Mbps to measure data capacity and speed of transfer data

How much Mbps do you need? 

Using the internet speed test ( to check internet performance, the download speed result is 9.507 Mbps. Do you know your internet is fast or not? How much Mbps do you need to have a good internet experience ? Which internet package should be chosen? Let’s check it out with the numbers below. 

Internet speed test: difference between Mbps and MBps

Based on the internet speed test result, you can choose the most suitable internet package yourself

The fast transmission speed will help you download/ upload data faster. You can take multiple tasks without interruption. For example, while watching movies, you still can download files, without affecting movie quality. So let's use the internet speed test to see how fast the speed is, which speed is suitable for the different needs of the family or individual.

Speed ​​1 - 6 Mbps

This network speed is the lowest internet speed and perfectly suitable for only one user at a given time, using basic applications like facebook, instagram is completely comfortable, surfing quickly. But with 2 or more people or using heavy applications like playing online games Audition, PUBG, the connection will be susceptible to interference, weak network, long load or even you can not open the game. 

Speed ​​6 - 15 Mbps

At this speed, you can send mail, stream content very smoothly or share small and medium files ... But with online game applications, the connection will be affected a lot. The speed in the game will be slow. This speed is suitable for households of 2-3 people, however, 1 or 2 users are the best for this speed from 6 to 15 Mbps.

Speed ​​of 15 - 30 Mbps

These Wifi speed markers are very popular in fiber optic lines and are used the most by many people. With this wifi speed milestone, users will have a more enjoyable experience on the internet when they can surf the web smoothly and are often used by families with 2 to 5 members. Even online games are connected quickly, the download speed is smooth and uninterrupted, but this speed is okay but not fast enough.

Speed ​​30 - 50 Mbps

This is quite a fast speed so users can do multiple tasks at the same time on the network connection without having to worry about lag and congestion. Families with a large number of members, who do online businesses, livestream for sale should choose packages within this range to use. You can comfortably surf the web, download high speed, watch online movies as much as you want, or call everyone's facetime quickly. This is the fast network speed, very worth using today.


Internet speed test: difference between Mbps and MBps

It will be perfect if the internet speed test check your network from 30-50 Mbps

Higher than 50 Mbps

With the Wifi speed from 50 Mbps or more, most individuals and households will not need to use this high speed, but it is more suitable for businesses, organizations, companies, game shops. 50 Mbps means that you can transfer files, documents in a shorter time with 6.25 MB/s or more. It will save a lot of time for you to work from sending documents, online conferences without waiting for loading. That’s why big enterprises prefer to choose this internet plan. 


Running the internet speed test to know what the current internet speed is. Based on the above internet intervals, compare it to your internet speed, it is hoped that you choose the right internet plan suitable for your use demand. Besides, the article provided you some useful information to help you understand more clearly about Mbps as well as the difference between Mbps and MBps.  To sum up, the article somehow solves the age - old misunderstanding and gives fully answers for the question “How much Mbps do you need?” to have a good experience.