How to Speed Test 64 bit?

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Curious about your actual internet connection? Try running a speed test, you know whether the network connection you are using is at the correct speed as promised by the ISP. Here we provide you with a complete guide on how to speed test 64 bit.

speed test 64 bit

Easy ways to speed test 64 bit

Why should I check my internet speed regularly?

There is a case after registering the internet packages for the first time, the speed of the Internet is very fast, but later on, the internet has a sign of slowness with unknown reasons. Accessing normal websites will not help you determine whether it is due to a transmission error or not without having to have a specific and detailed test method.

After running a speed test 64 bit, if you find that the actual speed is correct with the speed recorded on the network contract, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if the actual speed is much slower, you need to contact your network provider to ensure your benefits.

The network speed measurement not only helps you know whether the quality of the network connection corresponds to the amount you spend each month but also gives you references when you need to find a supplier; helps you check coverage for the entire house as well as know the hours of peak and low hours in a day. By which, you can use the internet more effectively.

speed test 64 bit

Is speed test 64 bit accurate?

How to Speed Test 64 bit is a website that helps internet users check the network speed on the device they are using quickly, giving accurate results on the upload speed, download speed, and ping parameters. From there, users can know whether the actual network speed in use matches the commitment of the network provider or not to have a timely solution in each situation.

Things to consider before running a speed test:

  • Connect your laptop/computer directly to the router using an ethernet cable to test internet speed on laptop. Do not use a wireless connection like wifi because wifi is often affected by many other factors, so the wireless internet connection will only reach a maximum of about 80% to 90% of the speed.

  • Make sure to turn off any apps while running speed test 64 bit.

Step 1: You access the address After the main interface of the website appears, you click the Go button to start the process of testing the network speed.


Speed test 64 bit with

Step 2: Once the connection is done, you will see the device's IP address information displayed on the left side, and a speedometer will appear.

Gospeedcheck will first test the download speed (the speed at which the web downloads to your computer) and the results are displayed in blue lines. Next is to test the upload speed (i.e. the speed at which data is uploaded from your computer to the website) and the results are shown in purple.

*Note: During the process of running speed test 64 bit, you need to make sure that there are no programs on the computer that are downloading or that there is a computer on the local network using the internet connection. New measurement results are displayed most accurately.

speed test 64 bit

How to speed test 64 bit?

Compare internet speed test results

Based on the results you’ve got from the speed test, compare them with the speeds of the package you subscribe to the network. In the event that the download speed has just been checked on Gospeedcheck, there is a difference, do not worry too much, please check again as follows:

  • Time to speed test 64 bit: You should test it from 10 pm onwards because the number of users at this time will be less so it will give more accurate results.

  • Distance from computer to server: If the longer distance, the speed will be reduced compared to the maximum speed of the package you subscribe to.

Normally, no ISPs guarantee 100% speed will always achieve the same. Therefore, the speed of return via is not too different from the registered package.

If you test internet speed on laptop many times and the returned parameters such as Ping, Download, Upload are much lower than the package registered with the network operator, your internet connection is having a slow, fluttering problem. . It is possible that the internet connection from your service provider to your home is having problems, but there are many other reasons as well. Stay tuned to the article for the answers you need!

speed test 64 bit

Speed test 64 bit for free

Is speed test 64 bit accurate?

This is a common question when it comes to conducting a speed test. Sure, we all want to get the most accurate results of how well the internet connection performs. However, it’s hard to have a solid conclusion if you just count on one test. There are several factors that cause inaccuracy in your speed test results. Thus, to get the answer to the question of “Is speed test accurate?”, we need to find out what triggers the test result.

Factors that can make the speed test wrong

Many factors are responsible for the accuracy of your speed test results, from your devices, the router placement, to the way you run it, etc.

More specifically, these factors often make the Internet speed lower compared to the actual speed. Below are specific factors that affect the accuracy of your speed test:

  • Test Devices:  Wi-Fi capabilities are not equal between devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets). Thus, it makes sense that you get different results when running a speed test 64 bit on different devices. Moreover, older devices may not fully measure the speed of your internet connection.

  • Server location: Your speed test results are also affected by the distance between your devices and the testing servers. The closer you are to a testing server, the faster your speeds are.

speed test 64 bit

Running speed test 64 bit is simple

  • Testing websites: There are a bunch of free test tools out there, but they are not created equally. Each has its own servers that can lead to different performances. Hence, it’s advisable to run a speed test in many different websites and see the difference.

  • Others: Above those apart, factors like the number of users, the number of devices using your network, and more also have an impact on test results.


With the recent growth of work at home, Internet slowdowns are expected. However, you can learn how to speed test 64 bit to figure out the reasons and potentially take measures to improve it.

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