6 Amazing Tips on How to Test Internet Speed Accurately?

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You are probably curious about how to test Internet speed accurately, right?

Sure, internet speed test tools help test your upload and download bandwidth and provide detailed information on the quality of your connection to the internet.

On being affected by an internet slowdown, businesses try a little DIY troubleshooting and take the advantages of speed testing tools to see how smoothly their network is working. This, of course, is a great idea, but people don’t always run a speed check in a way that will generate the most accurate results. 

Here are 6 tips you can do to help ensure the test results are as accurate as possible. 

how to test Internet speed accurately

 6 Amazing Tips on How to Test Internet Speed Accurately?

How to test the internet connection speed?

1. Restart your modem and router 

Restarting seems to be the first step for almost all tech problems out there for accurate internet speed test, but it's also a great way when it comes to testing network connections and Internet speed.

The modem and router are just like a tiny computer, doing several really big jobs, like properly navigating all sorts of traffic around your connected home. And over time, a lot of things can cause them to operate slowly.

Because you’ll perform an Internet speed test to judge your network speed, restarting your modem and router can help return them to full working status. That makes a lot of sense.

2. Stop using the internet for anything else

The most important way to test Internet speed accurately that should not be overlooked when doing a speed test internet is to turn off the internet while you're testing it. Well, that means you need to not only close all the windows open on your computer but also check on other things that can run in the background like streaming music services, Netflix streaming on a TV in another room, etc. Have you got the answer to " How to test Internet speed accurately?"

Remember to get most mobile devices off from the Internet during the test as well. The reason is that they are auto connected to a wireless signal and the chances are others link to the Internet to save their data is high even if your network is password protected. This way will definitely contribute to a more accurate result.

3. Always restart your device before testing: 

It's not exaggerated to say restarting is one of the most effective solutions to every problem. It also holds true when it comes to testing the Internet connection. Many people find it relatively strange to restart your device when what you're testing, but parts of the test rely on your device's hardware to work properly.

Restarting the device that you're testing your internet from is very easy, but has a real impact on the accuracy of your internet test. Give this way a try and see if it contributes to a more accurate Internet speed test.

4. Clear your browser's cache: 

Another tip on how to test Internet speed accurately is to clear your browser's cache. It’s common that a speed test works by downloading and uploading one or more files of specific sizes and then using the time those files take to do that to calculate your internet speed.

If you're performing tests several times in a row, test results can be wrong because they are affected by the fact that those files already exist on your computer. 

You can skip this step if you're using an app to test internet speed or are using some other non-browser methods.

5. Choose an HTML5 internet speed test instead:

Last but not least, we highly recommend you use an HTML5 based test to test your bandwidth rather than Java or Flash.

how to test Internet speed accurately

How to test Internet speed accurately? Explained

6. Whenever available, use a wired connection 

Using a wired connection can contribute to a more accurate speed test. Why? Your slower speed website can be caused by your Wi-Fi connection, not on your ISP connection itself.

Moreover, there are also other factors that cause slight variations in your speed, including congestion during peak times and your distance from the relay hardware. One of the most effective ways on how to test Internet speed accurately is to get your Wi-Fi radios switched off during the wired tests.

Tools for a More Accurate Internet Speed Test

How accurate an internet speed test is also depends much on the tools that you use. With a bunch of free tools out there, you should have no trouble picking the best one. Here we recommend two of the most commonly used tools for a more accurate Internet speed test.


Speedtest.net, developed by Ookla,  is perhaps one of the most popular broadband speed testing tools. It can measure the ping, download speed, and upload speeds over TCP with an HTTP fallback by picking up five nearby servers out of more than 1,000. As soon as you land on the site, it can determine your IP address.

An amazing feature is that after your speed test finishes, you can then input details about your ISP and the amount of money paid for your connection. The data will then be used to build a profile of all ISPs. This tool should not cause any trouble while diagnosing performance issues as it is reportedly easy to use. All you need is just one click, and results will appear seconds later.

So how to test Internet speed accurately with this tool? Well, read some common mistakes to avoid when running a speed test to get the most accurate resultshow to test internet speed accurately

How to test Internet speed accurately with tools?


When it comes to an accurate Internet speed test tool, we can not delete MySpeed from the list. Developed with many advanced features, MySpeed helps in testing internet connection speed anytime, anywhere with any devices connected to the internet. With MySpeed, you also get information on internet connection performance metrics like ping, download speed, and upload speed within a few seconds

The results are present in the form of graphs and easy-to-read design, making it possible for users to know how their websites are performing and what are problems should be addressed.

What’s more? No matter where you are at home or on the bus, you can test your internet speed with ease. MySpeed allows testing internet connection on both Mobile and Desktop versions.


While how accurate the test is also depends on various factors, these 6 amazing tips on how to test internet speed accurately, we believe, will help you have an in-depth insight into your Internet performance. Do you know any other rule that helps?

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