How to increase download speed: 15 quick tips for excelling at work

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There are many different factors lowering your download speed and it is still difficult to solve this issue somehow. How to increase download speed as well as speed up your internet? Apart from some easy ways such as restarting your devices or using speedtest WIFI, you also need to do some more complicated manipulations to increase wifi signal strength. What are they? Let’s dive into this article.

how to increase download speed

How to increase download speed: Let’s try 15 quick tips immediately

MySpeed - a reliable speed check wifi to measure download speed

MySpeed is one the most reliable speed check WIFI nowadays and used by many internet users. Not only measuring download speed but it also checks the speed of ping, upload speed of your network connection.

how to increase download speed

Checks the speed ping test, upload speed of your network connection

Quick, convenient, and compact are things MySpeed brings to you. You will get the results of internet parameters after a couple of seconds. Due to the simple interface, it is easy to use this helpful tool.

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The download speed refers to the time, the speed you can take data from the server to your device. Most network connections offer that download much faster than they upload, because the majority of online activity, like loading web pages or streaming videos, consists of downloads. Therefore, this speed is crucial and people often find ways to improve it. Download speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). 

There are a lot of factors impacting your download speed and then lowering your internet connection. They can be named as viruses, outdated routers or even implicating background programs you do not notice, etc. 

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So, How to increase download speed? All we know the basic ways to speed up your internet such as restarting devices or measuring download speed. What about the other ways? Let’s move on to the next part. 

How to increase download speed: Let’s try 15 quick tips immediately

According to the Broadband Speed Guide from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), download speeds of at least 25 Mbps are considered good download speeds. 

how to increase download speed

25 Mbps download speed good

However, you also note that this download speed level can flexible because of the number of devices and internet users you have in your household. If your household usage is moderate to high, meaning there are more than 3 or 4 devices running at a time, this number will be higher than 25 Mbps. 

How about your download speed result after using MySpeed? Let’s dive into 15 quick tips immediately!

1. Restart your computer

As mentioned before, you should restart your computer or devices at first when your internet connection becomes slow as well as before you try other methods. This way is really quick and sometimes it brings you a surprising result.

For a long time of usage, there were many applications running on your computer that you did not know were still being used or you may open too many browsers at once. Therefore, simply restart your computer and begin the download with only one browser open.

2. Test your internet speed

A slow connection is not your device, the reason may be your internet. Let’s access to measure your current download speed and check if the cause is due to your internet or not. 

If your speed score is around 100-200 Mbps, it means that it is fast and your slow download speed is not relating to the internet. Otherwise, if your speed score is below 100 Mbps, the internet may be the problem. Keep in mind that your test result can not be correct due to some reasons, try to get the most correct result. 

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3. Upgrade internet speed

Each internet service provider offers specific promotive packages and the internet plan you choose may not handle large downloads. When the internet demand in your household is bigger than the ability the old internet plan can provide, you should upgrade to a plan with higher speeds. Explore different available options ISP offer and see if which package is suitable for your case. 

how to increase download speed

Upgrade internet speed optimum

4. Disable other devices connected to your router

The number of devices connecting to your internet connection has a close relationship with the connection speed. More people use the same network, of course, the internet speed will be slower and slower. 

Therefore, to answer the question “How to increase download speed?”, you are able to disconnect any other unnecessary devices, like smart TVs, iPads, and phones for the time being. This may speed up your internet as well as download speed significantly.

5. Disable apps that are not being used

Similar to the 4th tip, you also should disable any applications on your device when downloading. Any applications running on your computer consume a good chunk of your bandwidth (bandwidth-hogging), which can lead to slower speeds. For example, playing video games or video streaming platforms like Netflix will consume a ton of bandwidth. You will see how useful stopping unnecessary apps result in. 6. Download one file at a time

The reason for your slow download speed can be downloading many files at once. When multiple files are downloaded at once, bandwidth is taken up a lot and of course, it is not uncommon for your download to fail. 

Your device is not too upgraded and compatible with downloading large files. Therefore, let’s download a file at a time. You will see a better chance.

how to increase download speed

Disable apps to help improve performance

7. Test or replace your modem or router

A router allows you to connect multiple devices and also plays a role as an antenna to increase Wifi signal strength covering throughout your home. If your modem has a problem, sometimes the fix can be as simple as restarting your modem. If there is nothing to change, it is time for a new modem. 

Placing your device near your modem, if your speed increases when you are directly next to the modem, your router may be the issue. As mentioned, the router allows you to extend your connectivity range. When your device stays far from the router, your download speed must have been bad somehow.

8. Change the location of your router

You should do not disparage the location of your router because it can impact your download speed as well. Keep in mind, placing a router in the center of your house and in a higher location as well in order to spread a wide Wifi signal. You can consider installing a Wifi extender if your house is too large. 

There are some positions you need to avoid placing a router such as near a mirror, microwave, or Bluetooth devices.

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9. Use an ethernet cable

Despite the convenience, Wifi sometimes has problems in transferring signals because there are many factors that can influence signal transmission. If possible, it is better for you to connect to an Ethernet cable that can quickly increase your download speed. Connecting the Ethernet directly from your modem to your device, and then you will get the fastest internet connection speed.

how to increase download speed

Using an ethernet cable to extend wifi

10. Upgrade your cable

In the case of using an Ethernet cable, you still do not see any positive changes in download speed as well as your connection network, you may need to check the cable. The cable is too long or outdated, it also can bring bad performance. The solution here is to try upgrading to a higher-quality, shorter cable. 

11. Scan for viruses

Viruses are harmful and of course, if they are on your device, a multitude of issues can be made. Through many different ways, these viruses can run in the background and take up your bandwidth which results in slow download speed. To speed up your internet, you should install antivirus software to protect yourself from viruses, malware, and other online threats.

12. Limit bandwidth usage

Apart from virus scanners, you may also need to limit bandwidth usage. All of the applications, downloads, and updates that happen on our network need bandwidth to be active, that is why download speed suddenly slows down. To get a better download speed, let’s manually disable automatic updates by going to your device’s system preferences. Moreover, you can also manually limit bandwidth usage by updating your device settings.

how to increase download speed

Limit bandwidth per device

13. Clear your cache

A cache is what stores your internet data to help website browsers and apps load faster. After a long time of usage, your browser cache will become full and then you will see a slower online experience. 

If you do not want to clear all of your caches, you can select unnecessary cache to delete. Also, you should clear your browsing history, computer cookies, and Cached images and files.

14. Update firmware

To speed up your internet, your router’s firmware should be updated often in order to balance the performance and speed of your devices. Over time, the software performance can decline gradually, thus, it is important to update regularly. 

how to increase download speed

Update firmware on router

To update firmware, you can do so by accessing your router’s settings through the brand’s web page. After you are logged in, let’s update the current settings and then you can fix any issues associated with download speeds.

15. Discover your router’s best settings

When logging into your internet service provider’s account to update the firmware, you can also check out some different settings. The default settings on your router can not be the best at all. You can visit your provider’s website to learn more about tips, convenient settings for your router, and download speeds.


Slow download speeds are frustrating, especially since there’s not one simple fix. How to increase download speed? How to speed up your internet? How to get the fastest internet connection speed? The 15 quick tips above can be helpful for you to improve internet performance. Do you want to recommend other tips, tell us at the comment below!