This Simple Guide on How to Check Your Ping in Lol Will Help You

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This post provides you with an ultimate guide on how to check your ping in lol and amazing ways to reduce your high ping in League of Legends so that the game can work flawlessly.

What’s a ping?

Ping refers to how long it will take to send a packet of information from your computer to a server over the internet and then back to you. It is measured in milliseconds (ms).

The lower ping means a better gaming experience with no lag. 

What is a ping

What is a ping

How to Show Ping in League of Legends

The game contains a simple keybinding that displays your current ping on the top-right of your screen by default. All you need to see ping is to press “Ctrl + F”.  If that doesn't work, try the following steps on how to check ping:

  1. Press ESC to open menu.

  2. Navigate to the Hotkeys menu and then to the Display settings. After you've discovered the display settings, Choose “+”.  The option “Toggle FPS Display” will appear.

  3. Enter a shortcut key to either view or hide the ping from the display. After that, shut the settings tab and press the shortcut key you created.

Check ping in League of Legends

Check ping in League of Legends

Use a lol ping checker tool

Using a tool to check your ping is one of the most effective methods. There are numerous free tools available for this purpose. The League of Legends Ping Checker estimates your in-game ping to an order of magnitude. The findings will be slightly wrong because the pings are transmitted via HTTP rather than typical command terminal techniques. It's more useful for determining whether you'll be lagging in-game than for determining your exact ping.

Check your lol ping before entering the game

To ensure your gaming experience won’t be interrupted by lag or delay, we recommend checking ping before you begin the game.

There’s an easy way to check your ping before you play League of Legends: Using cmd

  • Just open the run menu by hitting the Windows + R key.

  • Type “Cmd” into the box popping up and click Enter.  A black box will be displayed on your screen. 

  • Type “ping” followed by a space, then type the ip address that you want to ping. If you’re living on the North American server, type: Ping -t

Check your lol ping

Check your lol ping

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How Can I Reduce My Ping in League of Legends?

If you observe a sudden rise in your ping, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem and try to get it under control:

• Close other programs while playing

Programs that are downloading files or streaming content can cause problems with gameplay as they hog up bandwidth. Thus, closing them may lead to lower ping.

• Connect to a wired connection 

A Wi-Fi signal can be blocked by walls or distance. A cabled connection, on the other hand, is more stable and faster. If you can't use a cable, move closer to the modem.

• Reset your connection

It will cause an interruption in your game until you reconnect, but it can be a realistic solution for removing unexpected snags in connectivity and resetting your routing pattern to a more efficient one.

Improve ping in Lol

Improve ping in Lol

• Change to a closer server 

This is a great way to get a lasting decrease in ping. Because you can't undo anything without paying again, this is only a last resort.

• Change your internet provider

Consider switching to another Internet plan or internet provider for faster and more reliable connections that are relatively resistant to poor weather and do not require as much downtime.

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