High internet speed 'Starlink' now available in parts of the area

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High internet speed 'Starlink' now available in parts of the area

People in the Twin Tiers who have wrestled to access reliable high-speed internet get a good new of other internet choices. Starlink, a high-speed internet service provided by Elon Musk's SpaceX, is now available in some spots in the Twin Tiers.

This service may create a big challenge for other ISP especially during this time when many are working from home and kids attending school remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shelly Rozel a local resident claimed that the internet is too slow and he had a lot of things he would like to do online but can not do at the house. His neighbors have also the same problems because kids need to study online right now and they don't have the greatest service to be able to do that so it kind of sucks. 

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The service is currently in beta testing, and you will need to pay $99 a month after an upfront $499 hardware fee. Once the hardware is set up, Starlink states that customers are able to get internet access between 50Mbps to 150Mbps, and latency between 20ms and 40ms in most locations. Also, Starlink adds they are improving the system including bandwidth, latency, and uptime. As of 2020, Starlink has launched 950+ satellites.

Especially, compared to other service providers the cost is pricey, but Starlink enables it to work anywhere and does not require a nearby feed from a telecom company.

"Yes, I would consider getting it. I would have the ability if I wanted to take online courses for my job, I could do that at home and I could do work for organizations volunteer wise and I could actually do that work at home and not have to go someplace that has wifi to do that. It would just open up opportunities for us and the neighbors," said Rozel.

In the past, residents who live in rural areas across the Twin Tiers often tackle with slow and limited internet access. For some, they need to pay large upfront expenses to get telecom companies to expand infrastructure to their home.

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However, you need to note that this service is in the beta stage, and it is available on a limited basis and only available in specific areas. To check if the service enables you to work in your neighborhood, and to sign-up for updates, go to starlink.com.

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