Can your parents see your search history on Wifi? Best tips to hide

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Finding a satisfactory answer to the question “can your parents see your search history on Wifi? 

Congrats, you’ve come to the right place.

This post will cover everything about what exactly parents can and can’t see when it comes to your personal search history. 

At the end of this post, you will be happy to get the best tips on how to completely hide your internet activities.

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Can parents see my internet browsing history

Can your parents see your search history on wifi?

Your parents won't typically be able to view your personal search history. 

The goal of the private search is to completely conceal the search results while erasing all evidence of your web usage. 

Your internet actions are private when using the incognito mode. The information you used when browsing the internet is deleted. 

Your internet history will be stored by your ISP for 90 days before being deleted.

You may believe that deleting your internet surfing history removes all traces of it. 

Contrary to popular belief, this merely removes a record of the websites and pages you visited.

How can your parents see your search history?

There are 3 ways parents can use to see internet history on wifi as follows:

Access your devices

Your device is one of the quickest and simplest ways for parents to track your online activities.

For instance, they can use your tablet or smartphone to access the browser you're using and the history of the websites you've visited.

Can parents see Internet history on Wifi?

By opening and looking through the gadget you used for it, they can really see what you have been accessing.

Request it from the Wifi provider

Although Wi-Fi providers frequently promise confidentiality, it’s possible for parents to see your search history, especially if they are the owner or holder of the account.

They are able to inquire about the websites visited by contacting your service provider. 

They would still be able to get this information, even though it would be challenging to be precise.

Ask ISP for internet history

Use software/program that monitors Internet access history

Last but not least, some programs enable the tracking and monitoring of the browser history of devices that are connected to a certain network.

Contrary to accessing it through the WiFi gateway or hub, this method is typically a little simpler. 

For laptops, PCs, and even mobile devices, there are applications and programs.

So can Wifi owner see what sites I visit on phone? Find out the answer in our upcoming post!

How to completely hide your Internet search history?

Use the ToR browser

Downloading, installing, and browsing the ToR is the first and best course of action. 

Use ToR browser to protect your privacy

This browser automatically anonymizes online traffic and is end-to-end encrypted.

But to access this brower. you will need a fast Internet speed. So run a Wifi speed test to make sure your WiFi allow you to access ToR browser.

Use HTTPS everywhere

Make sure that the websites you visit use HTTPS rather than HTTP.

While you can always do this by hand, you can also download and install HTTPS Everywhere, a program that instantly converts all websites, even HTTP ones, to HTTPS.

You can use the HTTPS Everywhere extension with practically every browser.

Use HTTPS everywhere to secure your Internet history

Use a VPN service

One of the best and simplest ways to avoid your parents' inquisitive eyes is by using a VPN. 

You may conceal your location and IP address and reroute your internet traffic over an encrypted tunnel when connected to a VPN server.

Always use a privacy-conscious search engine

The foundation of the entire Google business model is the collection of data for advertising. 

After gathering the information, they create items they believe you might find beneficial.

Use a search engine that respects your privacy instead, like DuckDuckGo. This search engine doesn’t keep or monitor your data.

Choose the best private search engine

Your parents will never be able to access your search history because it cannot be connected to you.

Change your DNS settings

DNS settings are called the phonebook of the internet.

When you search a website or URL, your computer consults the DNS settings to determine where to go. 

Your browser can access the precise link you're seeking thanks to DNS, which links domain names to IP addresses.

Changing DNS settings can help hide your search history

DNS hardly ever protects your privacy. 

Every time you send an email, click on a link, or enter information into your browser, the system is activated.

Anyone can now track your network and use this data to figure out exactly what you are doing.

These are the most efficient ways of concealing all your activities online from your parents, your ISP, or those who could be curious about your online activity.

How to clear the history on a router?

Follow these simple steps below to delete your internet history on a router:

  1. Open your favorite internet browser

  2. Type your router’s IP address ( is the default gateway) and then hit Enter. 

3. Type your router’s username and password. 

4. Click Advanced in the navigation menu

5. Click System Log (This may also be called Administration, History, or Logs depending on your route)

6. Click Clear Log

Keep in mind that only the network administrator may clear the logs. If that's not you, you'll need a different solution.

Can your parents see your history on your phone?

Yes, they can if you conduct internet searches on your smartphone. 

Not only browsing history, but they can also view the apps you used, the source and destination of your IP address, and all HTTP data from websites that are not encrypted.

Can parents see your search history?

Besides, your parents will also have access to your private information, including call and text history, voicemails, text messages, and photos.

Of course, this is the ideal recipe for ruining your personal life and privacy. 

You will never be able to have complete confidence in the security of your personal information and search history until you secure yourself with VPN encryption.

Can routers keep logs of Internet history?

The answer is YES and NO. Let's delve into the details of why this is the case.

  • YES: As high-grade and military-grade routers contain features that allow them to save and maintain a record of network searches.

These routers are frequently used in commercial or business settings. 

They can also be used by individuals who want complete oversight or control over the websites visited while connected to a network.

  • NO: Most routers made for consumers or those found in typical homes lack the hardware required to keep history and logs.

Does the WiFi router store private browsing history

What you should know when accessing stored Internet logs

It's pretty difficult to toggle or enable this kind of feature on your router.

To use it effectively, you need to have a high level of technical knowledge as well as an extensive network understanding.

What to do when you access internet history

This action typically calls for:

  • Looking up each IP address of the websites visited in the router's IP records by MAC address; 

  • Determining the list of all the websites' IP addresses you visited

  • Enabling or setting tracking/tracing in the router.

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Hope this article helps you answer the question “can your parents see your search history on Wifi? You can make use of any tips above to protect your privacy and security. Remember, your safety is your parents' top priority, so use the internet responsibly.

Rating:5.0 - 53Votes


  1. Isla James

    How do I prevent my parents from accessing my computer history through the Wifi router? My father said he could if he wanted to, but I feel like he might just be trying to scare me. Is he lying or can he really do so?

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    1. MySpeed

      It depends on the router, but there are plenty of routers that do in fact have traffic analysis features and will keep track of how much data is being used, sites visited from internal clients, etc

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  2. Julie Kelly

    I am sharing a Wifi spot with a flatmate, he mentioned that he can view my internet history and searches. If I use the incognito mode, will he still be able to see my future internet history? Thanks

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    1. MySpeed

      Incognito mode won't help. There are two cases here: One, that he hasn’t accessed your computer or phone, and so can only see what is happening on the network, or two, that he got hands-on with your computer or phone and subverted them

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  3. Amy Hill

    Awesome content as always. Thanks for this!

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    1. MySpeed

      You're welcome

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