How Fast Is Xfinity Gigabit Internet Upload Speed? Is It Worth It?

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With fast Xfinity gigabit internet upload speed, waiting for files to upload files to social media and movies to buffer could be a thing of the past. 

What Is Gigabit Internet?

Gigabit Internet service, as also known as Gig-speed, delivers data at a rate of up to 1 Gbps (equal to 1,000 Mbps). With that kind of speed, you can download a whole HD movie in a matter of minutes, upgrade the operating system on your smartphone in a matter of seconds, and participate in video chats with ultra-video, etc.

Gigabit internet upload speed

This high-speed Internet connection is expected to deliver rates up to 40 times quicker than just a conventional home connection, according to the FCC's definition of broadband. Thus, consumers will be able to maximize the speed and usage of their home network across all devices.

Equipped with advanced technology, Xfinity Gigabit Internet service using the DOCSIS 3.1 standard can offer a download speed of up to 1200 Mbps and Xfinity gigabit internet upload speed of up to 35 Mbps. With these speeds, you should not be worried about having lag or jitter when uploading files or making video calls.

The speeds are delivered using our Hybrid Fiber-Coax (HFC) infrastructure, which makes use of the existing communication lines in the majority of residences.

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How does Gig-speed Internet work?

Gigabit Internet service can be provided to your home using fiber-optic cable or the coaxial cable that now carries your television, Internet, and phone service.

Due to the ordinary consumer's needs, the majority of residential Internet services provide faster download speeds than upload speeds.

Xfinity: Average internet upload speed

For instance, the data transfer speeds required to download an HD movie are far higher than those required to load a link in a web browser. Gigabit service over a fiber-optic network, on the other hand, can give the same upload and download speeds, or the same "upload" and "download" speeds.

Gigabit service can also be transmitted over traditional cable wiring, which does not require a fiber-optic line (or "fiber internet") running to your house.

How to improve internet upload speed and download speed

You’ve run an Internet speed test to find your internet download speed slower than upload? It’s time to improve it. Here is how to increase the upload speed of internet and get the most out of your Xfinity Gigabit Internet service, please take the following steps:

  • Keep your equipment up-to-date.

 Newer PCs equipped with a dual-core CPU running at 2.5 or 5 gigahertz, 8 gigabytes of RAM, and a solid-state hard drive are capable of delivering Gigabit Internet speeds. Windows 8 or higher is required for PCs, and 10.8 or higher is required for Apple devices.

How to increase internet upload speed?

  • A wired connection makes a difference. 

For a wired connection, use a Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable. As is the case with any connection, speeds will vary depending on a variety of factors, including network congestion. Due to Ethernet technical limitations, actual download rates may be restricted to 940 Mbps.

  • Make sure to update your browser. 

No matter what browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox, etc), make sure that you're running the latest version of it.

  • Place your Wireless gateway at an ideal place

We recommend that you locate your Wireless Gateway in the center of your home. The closer you are to your Gateway, the higher the quality of your WiFi. Arrange the Gateway such that it is elevated and upright. We recommend avoiding use on dense surfaces such as concrete floors and walls, as well as congested spaces such as within or behind heavy furniture.

Normal internet upload speed

Xfinity Internet Plans

  • Prepared: 50 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed

  • Performance starter: Up to 50 Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed

  • Performance: This plan offers up to 100 Mbps download speed and Xfinity performance internet upload speed of 5 Mbps.

  • Performance Pro: Offers up to 200 Mbps download speed and upload speed of 5 Mbps - 10 Mbps

  • Blast: Up to 40 Mbps download speed and Xfinity blast internet upload speed of 10 Mbps

  • Extreme Pro: Up to 800 Mbps download speed and 15 Mbps - 20 Mbps of Xfinity extreme pro internet upload speed

  • Gig: Up to 1200 Mbps and 35 Mbps

  • Gig Pro: Up to 2000 Mbps download speed and 2000 Mbps upload speed

Xfinity vs. AT&T 

The upload speed is the primary difference between Xfinity's cable and AT&T's fiber-optic service. As is the case with other cable systems, Xfinity offers upload speeds that are a fraction of those available for download, while AT&T internet upload speed is equal to AT&T download speeds. This makes AT&T a more tempting choice for individuals who work from home and collaborate on huge files. How about Cox internet upload speed? Is it the same as Cox download speed?

Rating:4.9 - 50Votes



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