Why is My Internet Upload Speed So Slow? Fix Slow Upload Speed

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Why is my internet upload speed so slow? Some people are just plain lucky when it comes to Internet service.

They get exactly what they pay for with download and upload speeds that meet or exceed their expectations.

But if you’re less than satisfied with the speed of your Internet connection, you are definitely not alone.

In this guide, we’ll discuss possible causes of your slow Internet upload speed and we’ll offer some tips on how to make your upload speed faster.

Slow internet upload speed

Slow internet upload speed

Why is my internet upload speed so slow?

Upload speed refers to how quickly you can send data from your computer to the internet. It matters when you upload files to social media, make video calls or play online games. For example, if your at&t internet upload speed falls short of your requirements or expectations, a variety of variables can play a role:

#1. Outdated software

You may have speed issues if your computer's operating system and drivers are out of date. This is due to the fact that today's web browsers are sophisticated and may not function properly on outdated operating systems and drivers.

#2. Weak wifi signals

Why is my internet upload speed so slow? It could be a weak wifi signal. Upload speeds for a wifi connection are normally half or less than your plan's maximum advertised speeds. If you are using Wi-Fi, range and obstructions can lead to slow Internet upload. The farther you travel away from your network, the slower your upload speeds will be. Besides, if there are doors and walls between your router and your device, chances are wifi signal will be blocked.

Why is internet upload speed so slow?

Why is internet upload speed so slow?

#3. Data cap 

Depending on your carrier, exceeding your data limit may lead to slowed speeds for the rest of your billing cycle. If you have a monthly data cap, it's advisable to keep track of your usage during the billing cycle to avoid exceeding it. Most service providers include an app and/or website that allows you to monitor your data use.

#4. Multiple upload tasks at once

There is only a limited amount of bandwidth available. When you have numerous video conferences running at the same time, they may all compete with one another, reducing everyone's available upload speeds. 

#5. Issues with your router

Another factor that could be the cause of slow upload speeds is your router. This is especially true if you have an older router, and routers will ultimately become obsolete. Older routers may have maximum speeds that they can use and may not be able to handle as many devices as modern routers. This is also the reason for internet download speed slower than upload.

Internet slow upload speed?

Internet slow upload speed?

You’ve known common reasons for slow upload speed. Now it’s time to move on how to fix internet upload speed.

How to increase the upload speed of internet?

After figuring out what results in your slow upload speeds, you can take the following steps on how to improve internet upload speed:

  • Upgrade your device or software

  • Place your router in a central location

  • Limit the number of connected devices

  • Try a wired connection

  • Upgrade your internet plan

How to improve internet upload speed?

How to improve internet upload speed?

How to know upload speed?

Although most ISPs claim high-speed internet, this is not the real speed you will receive. The actual upload speed is around half of what the ISP claims. You should perform an internet speed test to determine your true upload speeds. It will provide you with an estimate of your upload speeds. Of course, if you've been experiencing considerable lagging and freezing during video chats, you may not need to do a speed test to determine that your upload rates are inadequate for your needs.

Rating:4.8 - 50Votes



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