Why is my ping so high in Valorant? Possible reasons for high ping

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A match with friends is the most entertaining and happiest thing but it’s also frustrating if there is a lag. Right now, if you ask “why is my ping so high in Valorant?”, do not ignore this article. We are going to dedicate 13 possible reasons for this frustrating situation and also suggest ways to fix high ping.

The 13 main causes can be listed:

  1. Quality of your Internet Service Provider 

  2. Type of internet connection

  3. Insufficient available bandwidth

  4. Firewall configurations

  5. Your server and geographic location 

  6. The distance between your system and the router

  7. App/ websites running in the background.

  8. The number of connected devices 

  9. Router Type

  10. The router has stopped working.

  11. Low internet plan

  12. Windows settings

  13. Overheating of the system

Why is my Valorant ping so high?

Why is my Valorant ping so high?

#1. Quality of your ISP

High ping while playing online games can be due to the quality of internet service providers. If you're a professional gamer, this might be the cause of your high pitch on and off.

How to reduce your ping? How to reduce high ping? When selecting a service provider, make certain that you have inquired about the latency and speed of your internet connection.

#2. Type of internet connection

Types of internet connections also contribute to whether high ping or not. Fiber and cable connections provide fast internet speed along with low ping.

However, if you are using dial-up, that’s Why is my Valorant ping so high?

#3. Insufficient available bandwidth

Not all online activities require a perfect bandwidth but when you are streaming and playing valorant or other online gaming, you will need sufficient available bandwidth. Inadequate bandwidth will result in delays in completing the full process of sending and receiving signals, raising your ping across the system.

Insufficient bandwidth causes high ping in Valorant

Insufficient bandwidth causes high ping in Valorant

#4. Firewall configurations

A firewall can consider online games as an intruder so that your internet speed is monitored and greater ping is certain.

How to improve internet ping? You are better to turn off your Firewall or make the game an exception to it. This ensures that your game is no longer preventing you from sending and receiving signals to and from the server.

#5. Your server and geographic location 

If your Valorant game server is in the United States and you are physically situated in Germany, you are more likely to have higher internet latency. That said, the more the distance between your geographic and game server is, the higher the ping is.

As a consequence, Valorant high ping fix is always to select the closest valorant servers. 

Select the closet Valorant game server

Select the closet Valorant game server

#6. The distance between your device and the Wifi router

Wifi signal transmitting can be influenced by many factors such as the wall, WIFI devices. Therefore, the distance between your devices and your router is farther and farther, Wifi signal is weaker and weaker. Of course, you will get a high ping in Valorant.

#7. App/ websites running in the background

When you’re playing games while some programs or software are running in the background, the ping for our games increases. Background applications such as Netflix and YouTube, take up a greater amount of bandwidth.

Therefore, the best fix high ping is to limit or even turn off them while playing online gaming. 

#8. The number of connected devices 

Besides, when there are too many devices, multiple users connecting to the same network while you’re in a Valorant match, the network traffic happens and causes a lag. How to improve ping? You should limit this number or avoid playing online gaming at peak hours.

There are too many devices connecting to the same network

There are too many devices connecting to the same network

#9. Router Type

There are two router types that might provide an answer to your question, "why is my ping so high?"

  • Wired connection Router: A wired router provides fast speed and a good network facility. This resolves your pings.

  • Wireless connection router: It provides a slower network connection and a weaker network capability. You may notice a greater ping when using this wireless router.

#10. The router has stopped working

Maybe your router is used for a long time so that it doesn’t work well as it used to. Therefore, you should clean it, restart or reset the router settings system to get better performance.

Moreover, low-grade routers can also be reasons for high ping, poor internet performance. Upgrade it or get a new one when its age is up to 3 to 5 years.

#11. Low internet plan

If you have a low internet plan with limited data, you may experience unpredictable speeds. When you're playing a game, such mistakes might cost you time and raise the ping of the game.

Especially, switch to the upper internet plan of your household network when your demand for bandwidth increases. 

#12. Windows network settings

If you've been using Windows 10, there could be some issues with your network or connection settings. Reset your network settings regularly to get better improvement. 

Reset your Windows network settings

Reset your Windows network settings

#13. Overheating of the system

Maybe it sounds strange but the excessive heat of your system, devices ( computer, modem, router) can reduce the connection performance. As a result, your internet speed slows down and high ping. 

That’s all the 13 possible reasons for high ping in Valorant. If you are aware of any other issue that is causing your ping to be excessive, please let us know.