Why is my download speed slower than speed test? Completely Solved

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Have you ever noticed your actual speed is slower than it is in the speed test results? If yes, you’re not alone. I check my download speed regularly and also encounter the same problem. So “why is my download speed slower than speed test”, the answer will be given in this post. 

How to test download speed?

To get a good sense of your internet connection, simply check download and upload speed and compare the real results to the promised speed by your Internet provider.

How to check upload and download speed?

How to check upload and download speed?

You can check your download speed by using a speed test tool. Select a nearby server, and the test will connect to it, attempting to download the file as quickly as possible. This offers you a decent sense of the speed provided by your Internet service provider. By using a nearby server, you can test a more direct connection with less interference from third-party routers. 

Their test results are significantly more thorough and more reflective of your actual speeds. They also provide an Automatic Speed Test, which will test your connection periodically over a period of time and log the findings. Your findings will be compared to others from the same host and in your city, and they will make recommendations to help you improve your internet speeds.

If you are looking for how to check download speed on mac, how to check download speed on mac, or how to check download speed on mobile, just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the website Gospeedcheck.com

  • Step 2: Click on “Go” to start the test. Wait for a few seconds and then the speed test result will appear on the screen.

Measure download speed with MySpeed

Measure download speed with MySpeed

It isn't much you can do if your connection speeds aren't as fast as advertised. To eliminate Wi-Fi interference, you may be able to update your router or alter the settings on your router.

Note: Measure download speeds at different times during the day, including peak and off-hours. They may change over time.

Why does the download speed in speed test not match the internet plan?

Data indicating that the majority of individuals are receiving slower internet speeds than advertised is readily available. It is common that people experience slower speeds than what was advertised by their internet service provider when signing up for an Internet plan. 

You usually pay for "up to" a specific speed and you don't always get the precise speed you pay for.  Many testing sites encourage ISPs to deploy a server on their network to maximize the likelihood that their consumers will receive the quickest test results.

Download speed not match internet plan

Download speed not match internet plan

The difficulty with this technique is that it does not resemble the real world unless you only utilize websites hosted by the firm that connects you to the internet or their peering networks.

Why does my download speed not match speed test?

I also test my download speed and the speed test shows how much speed I am getting, but when streaming movies on Netflix, the speed seems slower than it should be. I ask myself some questions like “Why is my download speed slower than speed test?” 

There are numerous factors that can influence your actual experience that have nothing to do with the connection provided by your ISP.

Here are some of the main factors that may have an impact on your internet performance:

•    Distance from the router: The greater the distance between you and the router, the weaker the connection will become. 

•    Router replacement: Where you place the router is also important. If you place it next to thick walls or behind metal surfaces, or far end of one side of the home, then the wifi signal may be poor. The greatest option is a central site.

Actual download speed vs. speed test

Actual download speed vs. speed test

• Number of connected devices: If many devices are using your internet simultaneously, your internet bandwidth is being shared, and your internet connection may be rather poor as a result.

• Time: Speeds may also be slower during peak hours when many people are in your connection or your neighborhood may be using the Internet connection.

• Type of connection: Wireless connections are susceptible to interference, while wired connections are simply faster and more stable.

• WiFi channel: The channel on which the WiFi broadcasts is also significant. Because channels become congested in densely populated locations - If you're on the same Wi-Fi channel as many of your neighbors, you'll face a lot of network interferences. Most current wireless routers will automatically hunt for the optimal channel, but if it is congested, your internet performance will suffer.

• Wireless frequency: The 2.4 GHz band offers greater coverage but sends data at a slower rate. The 5 GHz frequency has less coverage but faster data transmission speeds. Many gadgets choose the frequency at which they will operate, therefore their band selection may interfere with your internet speed test findings.

• Older router firmware: If your equipment is out of date, it might have an influence on the performance and speed of your internet connection. Check for new firmware upgrades for your router on a regular basis.

Take those factors above into account when running a download speed check to get the most accurate speed test.

In conclusion

We have introduced how to test download speed with a speed test and given a clear explanation for why download speed is slower than speed test. Hope this information will be helpful for you!