What is a pocket wifi? What Are Benefits And Features Of Wifi Pocket?

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The wifi pocket is an advanced product making your Internet access easier. What is a pocket wifi? What are the benefits you can receive from it? How to use it properly? Let’s explore the specific information in the article below!

Features Of Pocket Wifi

What Is A Pocket Wifi? 

What is pocket wifi? It is a portable wireless modem or mobile hotspot connecting wifi-enabled devices (smartphones, laptops, and tablets) to the Internet with a mobile phone network. 

With small size and lightweight, this gadget fits in the palm of your hand or your pocket. 

What is pocket wifi?

What is pocket wifi?

How Does It Work?

It works as a wifi hotspot that lets portable clients connect to the Internet via your SIM card as a cellular network. 

It acts as a router to transmit the cellular connection into personal wifi. What is wifi? It is a wireless networking technology using frequency bands to connect enabled devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones to the Internet. 

It generates wifi signals in a 10-15 meter radius as a wifi access point at home. 

How does pocket wifi work?

How does pocket wifi work?

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Benefits Of Pocket Wifi 

High Internet Speed

Internet speed is an important feature for most pocket wifi plan users. Pocket wifi provides high-speed broadband connectivity for different devices to access the Internet simultaneously. This advantage is clear when running a wifi speed test on your mobile devices. 

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Reliable Internet Network

A reliable Internet network is essential if you are traveling for business anywhere. Pocket wifi modem simulates consistent access with the great data plan. Thus, you don’t waste your time reloading the browser when communicating with other staff.


This palm-sized device is simple to use with one SIM only. With the right data plans, the SIM card can produce the Internet connection to use at your fingertips. 

Since your pocket wifi gets a good battery life, you can freely use it to check emails, update status on Facebook, or surf the network regardless of where you are. 

Advantages of pocket wifi

Advantages of pocket wifi

How To Use Pocket Wifi

You can regularly use pocket wifi in homes and offices by choosing a data package and paying for the rental period. After paying the rent, activate and use your device from your Internet provider. You can also reset your default username and password to access the Internet. 

How to use pocket wifi properly

How to use pocket wifi properl


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If you have ever seen a small mobile gadget with a cellular network, you can answer “What is a pocket Wi-Fi?”. You can choose a good pocket wifi device based on your data usage and the number of devices you need to connect to. If you decide to buy a plan that lets you connect more than you need, this is necessary to get the best pocket wifi performance. 

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