Internet speeds for gaming: What is a good Steam download speed?

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Though new platforms get launched from time to time, Steam always remains the platform of choice for the majority of video gamers. However, many users sometimes claim slow Steam download speed while gaming. Of course, slow internet speeds do affect our gaming experiences. So, what is a good Steam download speed? Read this post to learn the answer to this question and get some quick tips to improve Steam download speeds.

What is a good download speed for Steam?

Internet requirements: What is a good download speed for Steam?

How fast should my download speed be on Steam?

This must be a matter of concern to lots of players. Each game platform requires different minimum internet speeds. For instance, Nintendo Switch requires players a min download speed of 3 Mbps and min upload speed of 1 Mbps. For PlayStation, players just need at least 2 Mbps for both download and uploads. The Steam platform just recommends min internet speed ( download and upload) of 1 Mbps

You can play games online as long as your internet connection meet these requirements. However, if you want smooth online experiences, we recommend getting a somewhat Steam fastest download speed

It’s not easy to determine “what is considered fast download speed on Steam”.

Because the speed requirements are so low, games and gaming systems frequently do not provide explicit recommendations. Instead, you can consider gaining “a good broadband internet connection”, according to the FCC. 

FCC requirements for broadband internet

In detail, a broadband connection needs to have a download speed of 25 Mbps and an upload speed of 3 Mbps, which seem more than enough for you to have multiple consoles online at the same time.

Fast internet speed is not enough

It's necessary to consider the ping rate, too. Ping latency refers to the time it takes for a data packet to travel to and from a remote server. The lower the ping rate is, the better your network connection is. For a good gaming experience, your ping should remain 50-100ms.

That’s our suggestion of fast internet speed gamers should achieve to climb the top rank. If you’re not sure you have a good connection or not, let’s take a download speed test. Move to the next part to learn how to check the download speed.  

How to check the download speed? 

There are various methods to measure the download speed of your internet connection, such as using a command on Windows 10, a free online download speed test, checking Network & Internet, etc.

Among them, using online speed test tools seems to be the most convenient. They are fast, free, easy to use, and give users detailed measurements.

For instance, follow these steps below to check your internet speed with MySpeed:

  • Visit the website

  • Click the “Go” button.

  • Wait for seconds to see the 03 main metrics (ping time, download speed, and upload speed) shown on your screen.

MySpeed - a good download speed test

After a couple of seconds, you can get a complete whole picture of your network connection. Through the results, you will know what should you do next. 

How to speed up Steam downloads?

If your download speed on Steam is too slow, some tips below may help you get the fastest Steam download speed

  • Clear the download cache.

  • Change the download region: keep in mind that the closer the region is, the faster your gaming speed is.

  • Turn off VPN or Proxy.

Turn off VPN

  • Delete unnecessary processes: Open “task Manager” and select “end process tree” with unnecessary processes.

  • Prioritize Steam downloads on Task manager.

  • Disable antivirus and firewall.

After trying recommended tips, if you don’t see any positive changes, it’s time to call your ISP for technical support. Slow download speed may be due to your ISP. 


What is a good download speed on Steam? Is 15 Mbps download speed good for downloading games on Steam? With all the information above, hope you can answer these questions easily. Follow MySpeed to get more helpful articles.