Trump 2020 App Get Suspended from Google Play Store. Why?

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Google has suspended the Trump 2020 campaign app from the Play Store as it does not meet a minimum level of functionality. 

Previously, a report from Android Police noted that the app was removed as it didn’t work. In particular, it was “unable to load content, reporting a network error or simply spinning a loading ‘T’ circle endlessly”, not to mention connectivity issues.  

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Google suspended Trump official app for its non-functionality

Recent reviews on the Play Store said things like “will not open,” “the app doesn’t even work,” “absolutely terrible doesn’t even work,” “wouldn’t open keep saying check connections,” and more. 

One user even reached out to the developer in a bid to get them to resolve multiple complaints, another blamed Google for the issues. 

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Both the Android version of the app and its iOS counterpart have been online since the November 2020 elections, but hadn’t received recent updates — which might lead to the app’s stability issues.

The issues were found on the Android version of the Trump 2020 app. It hasn’t seen any installs since February 7, 2021, and has installs of 660,000 compared to nearly 1.5 million on iOS.

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Trump 2020 App Get Suspended from Google Play Store. Why?  

Although the iOS version was still able to load up on the first launch and to send confirmation codes to a phone number at sign-up, it now displays an error message when you visited the app’s main screen. However, this error has nothing to do with your ability to browse through the past content on iOS, however.

Actually, the Trump 2020 Android app has been experiencing problems before Google’s action.

According to Google, the app has been only suspended for its non-functionality, not been banned from the Play Store. It can be reinstated if the issues are resolved. 

The company is in an attempt to reach out to the app’s developer before removing the app but is yet to receive a response.

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Rating:4.9 - 50Votes



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