How to Quick Test Internet Speed

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Running a speed check for the internet after registering service packages from the network operator is essential. This will reveal if the speed of your internet network is correct as of the service pack commitment or not. So why check internet speed? How to test internet speed and stability effectively? Read the article below to find out how to test the internet speed!

To answer these questions, please read the article below to find out How to Quick Test Internet Speed.

Quick Test Internet Speed

Run a quick test internet speed to know how good your connection is

What is Internet Speed?

Internet speed (aka Bandwidth) is the maximum speed to send any amount of data to you. It is measured in Mbps. 

For example, if it shows 10 Mbps then you can receive up to 10 megabits of data per second.

Why need to quick test internet speed?

Running speed check for internet brings about many benefits such as:

  • Help protect the interests of yourself and your family.

  • Detect whether the transmission line has an error or not.

  • Ensure the quality of the internet as the amount you spend to register.

  • Detect the causes of unusual network speed

  • Help increase your company’s profit and customer satisfaction. Many studies show that slow page load time causes visitors to leave your website, thus reducing sales. A speed test can help businesses know how fast the Internet is enough for their operations and overall success.

Check the internet speed on the laptop

It’s easy to run a quick test internet speed on a computer is very easy. Just follow these easy steps. After 2 minutes, you will know how good your Internet is.

Step 1: Visit the website


Quick test internet speed with MySpeed

Step 2: Click GO on the main interface of the website and wait for the results to appear. After just a few seconds, you’ll know your download speed, upload speed and ping.

It’s also simple to test internet speed on your phone by following those steps above 

What to look at when running a speed test

The following are notes when you run a speed check for internet

  • Plug the Lan cord directly to the modem for the most accurate measurement results when operating on a computer.

  • Receiving Wifi frequency band 5.0Ghz (if there are 2 bands)

  • Stand close to the modem for the most accurate results while running a  quick test internet speed.

  • If you are too far away from your home wifi modem, this may cause a slower transmission speed. So make sure to stand near the modem while you test internet speed and stability for the most accurate results.

Tips to improve Internet speed

The Internet has become more and more important in the lives of people all over the world. But not everyone can experience high-speed internet transmission. Each of us probably experienced moments of network loss or fluttering internet connection, which affects both recreational activities and job performance. After running a quick test internet speed, you find that your connection is not as good as expected. It’s time to increase the internet speed to meet your need of doing something different online. But how to speed up internet speed effectively and quickly?

Quick Test Internet Speed

How to Quick Test Internet Speed

Deploy these simple but powerful methods and you might be shocked at how much extra speed you could get through tweaking a few things around your house. 

Enable Limit Reservable Bandwidth

Do you know? Windows operating systems will not provide the maximum connection speed for the user, but always retain 20% of the bandwidth for other purposes. That's why even if you run out of bandwidth, the reality is that you're only using about 80%. However, you can remove this mode by activating the Limit Reservable Bandwidth to use all the bandwidth to increase the internet connection speed. After finishing, run a quick test internet speed to see if there is an improvement.

Turn off Windows Update

For many computer users, the automatic Windows Update can slow down the system, causing incompatible errors. Every time you want to shut down the computer, you have to wait for Windows to finish updating. Besides, this also causes the user's network access speed to be greatly affected. 

Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Cookies are a package of data stored on your computer by the website browser while you browse the web. Every time you go back to the same website, the browser retrieves and sends this file to the website's server.

Quick Test Internet Speed

Turn off Windows update and run a quick test internet speed

Meanwhile, the cache stores data including images, sounds, and downloads while you browse the web, speeding up website loading when you visit it the next time you visit. However, if you use the cache for a long time, it will cause negative effects such as reducing hard drive capacity, reducing browser performance, loading web pages longer, etc.

Therefore, one reason negatively affecting your internet access speed is due to too many cookies and corrupted cache. Therefore, it is best to clear all cookies and cache after you run each quick test internet speed. This should be done periodically to ensure that there is not too much junk on the computer.

Change DNS Server address

DNS is the domain name system, which allows establishing a relationship between IP address and domain name. Thanks to DNS, network devices are located and addressed by attaching an independent IP address, so it is very convenient for management.

And DNS Server is the server that operates the domain name system. When users access a certain domain name, DNS Server will look up the domain name to see which IP address corresponds to then redirect you to the device that owns this IP address. By default, Windows will automatically choose the DNS server address, but you can also specify a specific DNS server. This will help speed up the device's Internet connection. 

Quick Test Internet Speed

Tip on running a quick test internet speed: Change DNS server address

Change Wifi password

An Internet package that only limits a certain number of users at a time can ensure the access speed and stability of the transmission line. A quick test internet speed can reveal your connection performance. Too many people joining your wifi can lead to slow connection or internet outages. Therefore, you should check if there is someone on your wifi and then change your password immediately for security and better internet performance.  

Passwords should be difficult to guess, absolutely do not take names and birth dates as passwords because they are easy to be discovered. Therefore, to limit other people knowing your wifi pass, in addition to avoiding disclosure, you must also know to create a secure password.


Running a test on internet speed and stability is a great way to find out if your internet is having problems and ensure the speed we get is the same as the package we have registered. There are actually quite a few ways we can test the speed of the network, but the easiest and easiest way to do it is using the online free SpeedTest tools. Hope that this article on “How to Quick Test Internet Speed” will be helpful for you.

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