Good Internet Upload Speed For Gaming. 5 Things Every Gamer Need Know

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Unspoken truth, lag is the worst part of playing online games.

So, what is a good internet upload speed for gaming?

Thus, it’s important to choose a good internet plan that is able to provide the best download and upload speeds in your region, as well as the lowest latency.

Let’s find out “what is a good download and upload internet speed?” as well as 5 things every gamer needs to know before choosing an internet plan.

What is a good upload internet speed for gaming?

What type of connection is best for gaming?

While almost all people seek the fastest speed offered by the broadband supplier in exchange for their internet packages, there are still some factors that needed to be considered if you want the most perfect entertaining online gaming. That’s the type of connection.

When looking for an internet connection for your gaming requirements, you should look at the way your service provider uses it to deliver the internet connection to your location. A wired connection is usually preferable to a wireless connection since wireless connections use the airways to reach you.

what is a good download and upload internet speed

Gamers should use wired connections

The issue here is that a wireless connection increases latency during the signal transferring way. As a result, opting for a wired connection for your gaming needs always brings in good internet upload speed for gaming.

While a wired connection is usually preferable, the type of media employed is also important. This is especially significant for consumers who choose a DSL connection that is based on a phone line. If you are concerned about Ping issues in online gaming, you should always consider using Fiber Optics as your internet medium.

Fiber connection is the best for gamers

When it comes to the greatest online connection for your games, gamers should always choose Fiber as your best upload speed internet provider, and if it is not accessible, you should investigate alternative possibilities.

5 things gamers should know to choose an internet plan

A good internet plan can be a potential condition contributing to your gaming winning. Consider this your walkthrough guide to picking up the best plan for your gaming habits. 5 things gamers should know to choose an internet plan are:

  • Decent Download speed

  • Decent Upload speed

  • Low ping ms

  • Sufficient data

  • Optimized setup

#1. Decent download speed

Maybe you don’t need gigabit speed to play online games. However, you still need to have fast download speed enough to enjoy bandwidth-heavy games while other devices in your house are connected to the same network. 

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the minimum download speed for gaming is about 3 - 4 Mbps. But in fact, you will need faster speeds than that.

Faster download speed is always better

The reason is that you will likely need the extra speed to watch the guide videos while playing. More than likely, other members in your house watch HD content or download a large file at the same time. 

As a result, the faster the download speed you get, the better the gaming experience is.

#2. Decent Upload speed

What is the normal upload speed for internet? Take an internet speed test to measure your current normal internet upload speed. If you just simply play online games, you don’t need to worry about upload speed. Generally speaking, the average internet upload speed can satisfy the required gaming speed.

However, if you are playing the Overwatch game and streaming it on Twitch at the same time, faster upload speeds are necessary. If you want to be the next Twitch star, you'll need some upload speed to keep your viewers happy. 

Twitch recommends upload rates of 3–6 Mbps for live streaming, however, like with download speeds, faster is typically preferable.

Best internet upload speed for streaming Twitch

There is no unique standard of good upload speed for internet because the best upload speed internet for each gamer is different. Depending on several factors such as the number of connected devices, internet plans, geographical area, the required speed changes. 

To sum up, what's a good upload speed for internet? It recommends that gamers should aim for 10 Mbps of upload speed or faster. 

#3. Low ping ms

Another important spec in online games is ping or latency. This determines how long your computer delivers and receives a request from your game server. It means that you may get some lag between the moment you execute your skill shot and when it really launches at an opponent player if you have high latency.

Low ping ms is better for gamers

Thus, the lower the ping ms, the better. Here is the average latency by internet connection type

  • Satellite: 594–612 ms

  • DSL: 24–42 ms

  • Cable: 15–27 ms

  • Fiber: 10–15 ms

Latency isn't something you can actually control, but you can get a sense of how much latency, or lag, an ISP will have based on its connection type and prior performance.

#4. Sufficient data

Sufficient data is essential, unlimited data is also important as well. For most of us, the standard 1 TB of monthly bandwidth provided by most ISPs should be enough. 

However, while looking for a new ISP, you should always double-check data limitations, since some providers may only provide you a few megabytes each month.

No data caps

However, keep in mind that the more gamers you have, the more data you'll need to keep track of everyone's downloads. So, wherever possible, go for unlimited data.

#5. Optimized setup

Fast internet speed and sufficient data are not enough, you will need an optimized setup. Here are some tips to get a better gaming house in order:

  • Use an ethernet cable. Wifi is convenient but a Wired connection gives you the fastest internet speed with low latency

  • In the case, you use a Wireless connection, place the router as close to the gaming station as possible

  •  Update the modem, router’s firmware regularly. This will boost your speed with advanced features, fix errors

Update router’s firmware

  • Use your router's Quality of Service (QoS) and network prioritization features. Thanks to that, You are able to configure them to prioritize internet traffic for your console or PC over other individuals and devices in your home.

The bottom line

What's a good internet upload speed for gaming? 5 essential things every gamer needs to know. Hope you get all the interesting information in this article. Follow MySpeed’s blog to get more relating posts. 

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