How to Increase Internet Speed TP-Link? 10 Simple & Effective Strategies

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Figuring out how to increase your WiFi speed is more important than ever. In general, there are several reasons for Slow Speed. 

How to increase internet speed TP-Link is a popular question. 

Therefore, in this post, we highly recommend the following 10 ways to increase internet speed faster if you want your goods to work smoothly with less interference.

How to increase TP-link internet speed?

How to increase TP-link internet speed?

1. Put your router in the perfect position

How to increase internet speed tp-link router? 

Putting your router in the perfect position matters a great deal. 

Walls, doors, bottoms, ceilings, and other obstacles affect your WiFi speed in numerous ways. 

The ideal position of your router is as near to the center of your home as possible and in an open area without too numerous electronic biases around. 

Routers spread their WiFi signals over. 

To maximize signal content, it’s a good idea to put your router in an advanced place rather than placing it on the bottom.

Place Your Router in the Perfect Spot

 Place Your Router in the Perfect Spot

2. Avoid interference from other electronic devices

Wireless network (WIFI) operates at 2.4 GHz mainly and there are plenty electronic devices, and communication devices also work in this band.

Keep in mind that less noise leads to better WiFi connection performance. 

Thus, how to increase att internet speed?

Whether increasing AT&T or TP-link internet, staying away from sources of noise and wireless noise is a good thing you should do.

You should avoid including 

  • Microwaves ovens

  • Bluetooth devices 

  • Baby screens

  • Christmas lights

  • Radio

3. Choose a better frequency range

Today, most routers are dual-band routers, supporting both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. 

Typically, 2.4 GHz achieves longer distances while 5 GHz provides a stronger signal. 

Most electronic devices typically use 2.4 GHz, so airwaves in this frequency range can be larger than 5 GHz. 

To speed up the internet speed,  just switch the band to 5 GHz and don't forget to get closer to your router.

 5 GHz gives a faster speed compared to 2.4 GHz

5 GHz gives a faster speed compared to 2.4 GHz

4. Switch to some better channels

A router can broadcast multiple channels. 

Try to avoid the most-used channel in your area and use fewer overlapping channels if possible. 

In the 2.4 GHz spectrum, channels 1, 6, and 11 are the only 3 channels that do not overlap and are least susceptible to interference.

If you're using the 5 GHz spectrum, you'll have an entire number of channels (24 channels) to choose from, making the selection much easier.

If you are still wondering how to increase frontier internet speed, switching to less busy channels is a good tip.

5.  Wireless Security Setup

Setting up a password for your WiFi is essential. 

On the one hand, it keeps you safe from hackers. 

On the other hand, it protects you from your neighbors, as your open network may be used by them to download large files or stream videos. 

To set a password for your WiFi in Security Settings, just choose WPA2 as the encryption method and select your passphrase.

Moreover, make sure you set a complex password that is not easy to guess.

Set a complex Wifi password to protect your network

Set a complex Wifi password to protect your network

6. Use Powerline Networks/Range Extenders

Even if you set your router ideally in the middle of your home, you may still get poor WiFi signals, especially if you live in a big multi-story home. 

To extend your WiFi network, you'll need range extenders. 

These devices increase your home's current WiFi by receiving and repeating wireless signals from your router, expanding your coverage even further. 

Alternatively, Powerline kits can be used to carry data over existing electrical wiring, obviating the requirement for expensive Ethernet cable configuration. 

7. Update Your Router to the Most Up-to-Date WiFi Technology

Maintaining current WiFi technology is always beneficial to your internet connection. 

Consider purchasing a new router as well as other WiFi 6 compatible electrical equipment (PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) to improve your wifi experience. 

Aside from that, invest in a router that supports MU-MIMO technology. 

MU-MIMO increases the capacity and efficiency of your home network by allowing WiFi to connect with numerous devices at the same time. 

Consider acquiring a Mesh WiFi system to take your home network to the next level (if you have the budget for it, of course). 

Mesh networks minimize dead zones and give constant WiFi coverage throughout your house. 

To experience smooth WiFi connections, try out TP-Link OneMeshTM routers and other devices.

 MIMO technology for efficient transmissions

MIMO technology for efficient transmissions

8. Restart your router and modem regularly

After a lengthy period of use, your router and modem require a rest. 

That might be the simplest approach to address internet connection issues including slow WiFi, pages that won't load, videos/movies that freeze in the middle, and music that won't play. 

A simple reboot clears the router's memory and enables for the installation of updates. 

According to Consumer Reports, if your router does not take a rest, your WiFi connection will become sluggish.

Final Thoughts

How to increase internet speed TP-Link? They’re not too difficult to speed up the internet? Are they? Let us know which of these methods helped you to increase internet speed. Please feel free to share your suggestions with the rest of us.

Rating:4.7 - 50Votes
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