How to Improve Comcast Internet Speed: 5 Simple & Effective Hacks

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Is your Comcast (Xfinity) internet speed slow? Don’t worry, we’re here to save the day. Let us show you how to improve Comcast internet speed.

The thing is, you can not solve the problem until you find the reason why. Is it Comcast’s fault or yours? Our pros have dropped a list of common reasons why your Comcast internet is sluggish and how you can fix them.

Check your Internet speed

The first reason is that your Internet is not what you signed up for. Maybe Comcast makes some mistakes and gives you the lower speed option. If you want to check if it's true or not, you have to take an Internet speed test.

The speed test gives you the exact number of your download, upload speed and what you get over your Internet connection. We had an article on how to measure internet speed, it’s very simple and only takes less than one minute.

Check your Internet speed with gospeedcheck

Check your Internet speed with gospeedcheck

Does the result of the speed test fit your Comcast Internet option? If not, contact them and ask for technical help. If the test fits in and you still feel slow, you can try other methods below.

Regularly restart your modem and router

You should restart your router at least once a week

You should restart your router at least once a week

Another reason why your Comcast Internet is slow is overloaded devices. To avoid that, you need to restart your modem and router frequently.

It is the most simple yet effective method. Restart your modem and router will boost your WiFi performance. It is also good for the devices’ health, allowing them to update the firmware and optimize your connection.

You should restart your device at least once a week. Simply turn off the power and wait for a few seconds, then turn it back on.

Use Ethernet whenever possible

WiFi is convenient, but it is not as reliable as Ethernet. Whenever you can, you should plug your devices directly into your router using an Ethernet cable. This method will give you the most stable connectivity. Here is something that should be connected to the Ethernet.

Gaming consoles

Gaming consoles use a lot of bandwidth, especially graphic-riched online gaming. Besides that, you will not take the consoles around the house (unless it is a Nintendo Switch). Just use your Ethernet cables and you can see a significant boost in your Internet speed.

Switch to Ethernet cable for more stable connection

Switch to Ethernet cable for more stable connection

We mentioned this method in our articles on how to improve internet speed for gaming. You can also check out the link to improve your gaming experience.

Desktop computer

There are so many people using WiFi on their desktop computers. It’s convenient and neat, we know that. The thing is, WiFi will not bring the most stable connection to your computer. 

If you can, start to connect your computer to the Internet via the LAN port. You will need to rearrange the cable for a better view, but it will make your Internet speed much faster.

Find the most optimal place for your WiFi Router

You should place your router in an open area

You should place your router in an open area

If you put your router in the closet, it can not transmit WiFi signals effectively. Here is something you should consider when finding a place for your router:

  • Don’t place it on the floor, find a higher place.

  • Avoid mirrors or fish tanks because they will make the radio signal weaker.

  • Avoid other electronic items because they will compete with your broadband connection.

  • Adjust the antenna

    • If you put the router on the 1st floor, turn the antenna upward.

    • If you put the router on the 2nd or 3rd floor, turn the antenna sideways.

  • Place your router in the open area.

Consider upgrading your Internet Service Package

If you did all of the above and are still feeling clunky? Maybe your current Internet service package does not fit your demand anymore. You should contact Comcast and upgrade your package with higher bandwidth and better speed.


We’ve introduced a complete guide on how to improve Comcast internet speed. You can apply those methods to other ISPs as well. We also showed how to test my internet speed suddenlink in another article, you can check out the link above.

Rating:4.7 - 50Votes
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