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Do you want to know Which country has the fastest internet connection speed in the world? Since being formed and developed, the Internet has become an essential part of our lives. Nowadays, it supports people in many aspects of life from education, business, or entertainment. The speed test is a perfect tool to check the internet speed and it will tell whether if you have the fastest internet connection speed or not. Let’s find out. 
A recent Allbestvpn statistics show that, surprisingly, Singapore and Denmark stand no 1 and no 2 respectively with the fastest internet. Which is the position of the US? Follow the infographic along with MySpeed to find the answer. The rankings are based on two main metrics: average download speed and the time it takes to download an HD movie.



Europe, Asia, and the Pacific have faster internet speeds than other areas. With some European countries, the internet speed is more than 35 Mbps and can download a movie in no less than 18 minutes. That is an amazing speed. Next, countries belonging to Asia and the Pacific also have good online experience at more more than 25 Mbps average. Especially, Singapore takes the 1st position of the list with a speed of 63.39 Mbps. In contrast, Africa experiences bad speed of network connection, with less than 10 Mbps even Ghana uses the Internet at 2.88 Mbps. 

Were you surprised at the result of countries having the fastest internet connection speed? Conducting the speed test and whether your test result gets speed as fast as the internet speed in your area or not. If not, you can read 5 factors that impact internet speed to find the reasons and apply tips to boost your speed of network connection immediately. 

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