5G will change the Internet for everyone

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5G Speed vs 4G Speed

5G will change the Internet for everyone

According to Alon Berman, general manager of Ericsson Israel, 5G technologies were launched in Israel in September and predicted to widespread here within two to four years. They will accelerate the digital transformations that are shaping the global economy.

Berman said that there were now some 200 million 5G users in 50 countries. in the United States, China, and South Korea, they are the most advanced. Some 300 mobile devices, most notably the iPhone 12, are currently capable of connecting to a 5G network, he said.

5G is really much better than 4G in both speed and performance.

For 5G, latency is improved and allows online gaming, flying drones, or operating machinery to occur far more responsive and smoother because data will transfer in half the time compared with current norms. Better speed checks Wifi result, online consumers will have a better experience. 

Industries will also benefit from enhanced connectivity, as 5G will provide the backbone for full interactivity between different machines. In hospitals, with the help of 5G, patient data can be shared throughout devices without the security concerns of Wi-Fi networks. 

5G Speed vs 4G Speed

THE COMMUNICATIONS MINISTRY officially launched 5G in Israel in September, with the three major networks – Pelephone, Partner, and Hot. Each deploys about 250 5G antennae around the country, besides the 2,000-2,500 4G antennae each company deploys. Berman noted that 4G networks have also been upgraded in the past year, and this has resulted in many smartphone users enjoying improved speeds on their devices.

“5G is just in its initial phases in Israel,” Berman said. “The Communications Ministry has launched a five-year plan for full deployment, and it will probably be used widely for two to four years.

That can not complete soon because Israel’s Internet speeds currently rank poorly by global standards. Even after the 4G improvements, mobile data speed tests are currently about 30 megabytes per second (Mbps), while the global average is about 50 Mbps, Berman said. 

Israel actually has the cheapest mobile Internet service in the world, thanks to reforms implemented a decade ago to increase competition in the field. However, the high competition is now one of the factors holding back the county’s development.

Partner and Hot currently offer 5G packages starting at NIS 60, and Pelephone offers a NIS 50 plan, with about four to five different 5G-supported devices available for sale. The market research concluded that about half of global consumers were willing to pay about 10% more for the 5G service. Some networks around the world are providing 5G for the same price as 4G, while others are offering it as premium data packages only.

Due to COVID, the Internet has become a necessity for everyone, and that speed is really important. That’s why 5G will be a giant leap for consumers and businesses in all industries, making huge improvements in data delivery that will change the way business is done.

Rating:4.8 - 50Votes



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