5g Speed vs 4g Speed: Differences and Myths to Explore

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You’ve heard a lot about 5g speed vs 4g speed, but not entirely sure how different they are? 5g is going to be the next generation of cellular connectivity that replace 4g LTE technology, as it’s more efficient, faster, and has better signal strength. Can 5g replace 4g? 5g linked to COVID-19? iphone 12 5g speed test? In this article, we will cover all. 

5g Speed vs 4g Speed

5g Speed vs 4g Speed: Differences and Myths to Explore

5g vs 4g speed comparison

Well, when it comes to the differences between 4g vs. 5g, we usually talk about connectivity. It is the ideal metric to evaluate your Internet strength and quality but is 5g speed a significant shift as some industry experts predict. We’re going to look at three main differences. 

Connectivity: 5g speed vs 4g speed

Theoretically, 5g can reach 10 gigabits per second, 100 times faster than 4g. That means this network is capable of delivering high-level connections to solve the problems of latency and speed of people living in densely populated cities. 

The number of people using 4g has been on the rise. Because it right now is super crowded, depending on the number of devices around your home. The Internet can be super slow. 

Things are different with the shift to 5g, which is able to handle many more devices per meter (up to 1,000 devices) at the same time. So, you won’t have to worry about dropped connections when a ton of devices are using the network. Regarding 5g speed vs 4g speed, downloading a high-definition film over a 4g network takes nearly one hour while the figure for 5g is just nine minutes. Unbelievable!

All in all, 5g enables you to do all the things with faster and more efficient connections. 

5g Speed vs 4g Speed

5g speed vs 4g speed test 

Latency: 5g  is the winner

5g is designed to fix many of the technical weaknesses including high latency. This network is expected to provide a 10-time decrease in latency, which significantly improves current user experiences. 

The latency for 4g is 200 milliseconds while the 5g latency rate is just 1 millisecond. 

This will reduce the amount of time taken to send and receive information, thus developing new services and devices such as connected cars and vehicles. To see the difference, run  5g speed vs 4g speed.

5g vs. 4g comparison. Which is more secure?

The rollout of 5g means more opportunities for hackers. This is due to the wider use of private mobile networks, as well as the increased network access of third-party suppliers. Compared to the previous wireless networks, 5g is more secure. But this doesn’t mean it is free of security holes because of device connection to older networks.

5g Speed vs 4g Speed

 5g speed vs 4g speed: Which is faster

5g has anti-tracking and spoofing features that prevent bad actors from tracking and manipulating individual device connections. 

Moreover, compared to other wireless networks, 5g is based on much more software and a cloud-based system, helping spot potential threats. 

What’s more? It will also allow operators to do network slicing - Managing and customizing multiple virtualized networks over a common multi-domain infrastructure.


When comparing 5g speed vs 4g speed, coverage should be taken into consideration. It has taken 4g years to spread across the world, and many rural areas are still using 3g networks. Even the places with 4g coverage have speeds that vary widely. It is expected that the rollout of 5g networks will follow a similar pattern to 4g, with cities being the first to gain benefits.

How to run 5g vs 4g speed test

The best way to see the difference between 5g vs 4g is by running an Internet speed test. 

Many sites out there offer free 5g speed test and 4g speed test. They all give you general information on how good your connection is (download speed, upload speed, ping). Well, it is relatively simple to test your connection. The gold standard for this is gospeedcheck.com, and that’s the one we recommend you use. 

5g Speed vs 4g Speed

Run 5g speed vs 4g speed on gospeedcheck.com

You can access the website gospeedcheck.com any time, anywhere to measure the 5g network speed on your mobile phone. The site has been trusted by a thousand of users worldwide due to its accuracy and security. 

Apart from the cellular network (5g speed vs 4g speed), it can test other forms of gigabit internet connectivity such as speed test WiFi on all types of devices.

Interestingly, all your results are saved in history with all test locations. Compare your results with other users and vendors with a real-time barometer. Also, you can also share these speed results on social media for different purposes. 

Before the test, make sure your smartphone is using a 4g or 5g connection, not a WiFi network. If you’re not sure about what kind of network you’re using, go to your phone’s settings to verify that.

Here is a step-by-step guide on run 5g speed vs 4g speed

Step 1: Access the website gospeedcheck.com

Step 2: Hit “go” and wait for a few seconds.

The test results (upload speed, download speed, Ping) will be displayed. 

Make sure to save your speed test results by taking a screenshot or recording the results in a note on your smartphone. This helps you not only keep track of your Internet speed but also request a refund from your wireless provider if their service isn’t up to par?

5g vs 4g LTE speed test is important and easy to do, so you should perform regularly to make sure the bandwidth you are getting is worth the investment. 

5g Speed vs 4g Speed

Testing 5g speed vs 4g speed is easy 

Can 5g replace 4g?

5g has many advantages that build on top of existing 4g networks, but it won’t be replacing 4g LTE or wired internet soon because the cost of 5g employment is high and the use of 3g when 4g doesn’t get low, especially in rural areas and sectors.

Therefore, the idea that 5g is a replacement for 4g is infeasible. The invention of 5g is actually a complementary technology combined with the two to offer us good speeds wherever we are. A comparison between 5g speed vs 4g speed is necessary to see the advantages and advantages each type of network has.

Interesting Myths about 5g

The rollout of 5g has raised a lot of questions. Below are the three most interesting myths about the 5g we have collected.

Can 5g replace wifi?

Well, 5g replacing your home Wi-Fi connection can be expected as this network is faster and capable of handling devices better than traditional Wi-Fi connections. Of course, there are no revolutionary changes, but you can do everything with a lot faster and stronger speed. 

But it is a whole nother story when it comes to a wired internet connection. It’s hard for 5g’s high-band spectrum to penetrate buildings, with coverage indoors dropping to just a few meters. If anything, 5g’s growth as a wireless standard will only make high-speed fiber connections and professionally designed internet installations more important than ever before. What if you run 5g Speed vs 4g Speed vs wifi speed to see how they are different.

Is 5g linked to COVID-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on many aspects of our life. Some theorists cling to the idea that the virus is caused by 5g. 

5g Speed vs 4g Speed

 5g speed vs 4g speed: Do they cause Covid 19?

To add, one Facebook user reported that Microsoft co-founder Bill gates created 5g to decrease the world's population. These claims raised concerns among users about the dangers of 5g, but they don’t have scientific merit. 

According to scientists and health experts, the COVID-19 disease is caused by a new coronavirus and is spread through person-to-person contact, small, airborne particles. There is no evidence for COVID-19 spreading through 5g networks or radio waves.

5g speed vs 4g speed: 5G use high-band spectrum only

When it comes to 5G, we think of a high-band spectrum, in which 5G can reach its full potential and deliver maximum speeds and the lowest latency. 

It sounds perfect?

Of course not. It covers small areas and doesn’t penetrate buildings very well. Until providers and carriers build out their 5G networks and coverage, they’ll likely be “piggybacking” off the low- and medium-band spectrums to expand coverage.

What you can do with extra speed

As mentioned above, 5g up to 10 times faster than 4g in some places. As a result, it offers better connection speed and quality. More specifically, it enables you to download a 1-hour movie in just nearly 50 seconds. 

5g Speed vs 4g Speed

How to test 5g speed vs 4g speed


So we’ve covered everything we need to know about the differences between 5g vs 4g and myths about 5g. With the rise in remote working in 2020, the rollout of 5g may come faster than we’d anticipated as more activities move online. 5g will be about more than faster mobile internet as it delivers new levels of connectivity – and enhanced trust – across a wider ecosystem. We hope this article on “5g Speed vs 4g Speed: Differences and Myths to Explore” will be helpful for you.


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