Why is my wifi download speed so slow? 5 Unexpected reasons & fixes

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Have you ever wondered why is my wifi download speed so slow

In fact, many things can contribute to slow download speeds, and finding the underlying problem behind your slow connection can sometimes be difficult.

However, do not worry because there will always be solutions for you to fix this problem easily. 

Please refer to this article below!

Why is my wifi download speed so slow?

Why is my wifi download speed so slow?

What is download speed?

Download speed is an important parameter, this is the speed at which any content is downloaded to your device. 

It will tell you whether the data is downloading fast or slow.

The unit is megabits/second – Mbps.

In fact, many online activities you do every day require downloading data.

For instance, when you download movies, videos, or visit websites, all are download speeds.

What is download speed?

What is download speed?

So what affects your download speed?

Your download speed is influenced in part by your data plan and ISP. 

The caliber of your electronic devices, such as your desktop computer, router, modem, tablet, or laptop is another consideration. 

The demands on the ISP's network at any one time, or the number of users using it, also affect your download speed based on the sort of Internet service you have.

Additionally, download speed can differ based on the type of connection you have—cable, fiber, satellite, DSL, or mobile.

What is a good download speed?

It’s such a common question.

Simply said, look at the picture below to see how download speed is categorized:

What is a good download speed?

What is a good download speed?

As you can see, a download speed of 25 Mbps is considered average.

If you get 200 Mbps or higher, congrats!

Your download speed is fast, which means your Internet experience will be great.

However, remember that a good download speed does not always mean a fast one.

Instead, it’s good and sufficient for your online requirements.

For example, if you just use the Internet to surf the web or check mail, a download speed of 10 Mbps/person is good.

However, bandwidth-intensive activities such as video streaming and online gaming require 25 Mbps or more for optimal performance.

FCC also recommends online users to get at least 25 Mbps of download speed.

You can refer to this table for more information:

Internet requirements

Suitable online activities

1 - 5 Mbps

email and web browsing

15 - 25 Mbps

streaming HD video

40 - 100 Mbps

watching 4K video and light online gaming

200+ Mbps

streaming 4K video, online gaming, and downloading large files

In addition to the types of activities you use the wifi for, you should also be aware of network congestion. 

Assuming you share a network with many users who enjoy streaming Netflix or downloading large files frequently. 

Then, you need to think about how to get faster download speed to avoid connection bottlenecks.

Don’t worry!

We’ll mention it later, so read on…

What is slowing down your download speed?

Now, let's discover the cause of slow speed and how to increase download speed?

Problems in modem or router

The biggest problem slowing down your download speed comes from the modem or router you are using. 

If you are using a faulty router or modem, the network speed will slow down a lot.

Faulty router or modem

Faulty router or modem


In this case, to ensure the best speed, you must make sure that the modem and router you use reach the optimal speed according to the carrier contract.

Other devices use up bandwidth

As more devices send data over the Internet, download speeds slow down. 

This is due to the router's ability to transport and manage a specific amount of data per second, which is shared by all users and devices.

More devices use up bandwidth

More devices use up bandwidth


When downloading, try disconnecting any other devices, like smart TVs, iPads, and phones for the time being. 

This can significantly increase your download and access speeds.

The appearance of viruѕ and strange software

Once the computer is infected with the virus, the system will be affected causing your network speed to be significantly affected. 

At the same time, if your computer has pirated applications, they also affect the download speed.

Malware or viruses

Malware or viruses


Consider installing antivirus software to protect yourself from viruses, malware, and other online threats.

Network cable problem

The quality of the network signal and the length from the modem to the router or PC can also affect your download speed.

Network cable problem

Network cable problem

To optimize the transmission line, you should use network cable with good quality.

Also, try to replace it after a long time of use, and optimize for the shortest possible length.

Cache is full

The cache is where your data is stored to help you browse websites and apps faster.

Sometimes your browser cache gets full and can cause downloads to run slower.

Your browser cache gets full

Your browser cache gets full


While you may not want to completely clear your cache, you can choose which data to clear. 

You can clear your browsing history, computer cookies, cached images, and files.

Go into your browser settings, check the box with the data you want to clear, and hit “clear data”. 

You can also download browser plugins to help keep your cache cleared regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Why is my 100 Mbps Internet Slow?

As you can in the download speed classification mentioned earlier, 100 Mbps download speed is decent.

But, your capacity may be constrained by the Wi-Fi protocol that your hardware supports. 

100 Mbps may not be supported by all Wi-Fi protocols (Mbps). 

Similar to this, other factors, such as electrical interference or the types of walls between your computer and your Wi-Fi hotspot, can affect your WiFi connection.

2. How do I max out my router speed?

Router plays an important role in whether you can get your required download speed.

To make the most advantage of this device, you can try the following tips:

  • Turn things off and on again

  • Adjust your router's antennas

  • Move your router to a better location

  • Change your Wi-Fi frequency channel

  • Switch your Wi-Fi frequency band

  • Prune unnecessary connections

3. Is 1 Mbps download speed good?

With 1 Mbps, you hardly get anything done! 

Web pages hardly ever load quickly enough, not to mention use a video call or stream Netflix!


The article helps you understand why is my wifi download speed so slow. Also, keep in mind the fixes for a more seamless download experience. This is really a useful article for you.



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