Why is my ping so high all of a sudden in online gaming??

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For gamers, ping latency is always crucial, especially when it comes to FPS games or any games that require fast responsiveness. For online gaming, the lower the ping, the better.

High ping can ruin your gaming experiences. The high ping results in lag, while lower ping means smoother gameplay. Not sure why is my ping so high in league or other games? Check out this post to find out!

Low ping vs high ping

Low ping vs high ping

Some first words

Yep, no one wants high ping while gaming, but even if you have high ping, don’t worry too much since there are many quick solutions and tips on how to improve ping in games. 

Using a wired connection, closing background programs, removing other devices from your network, playing on the game closet server, restarting the router, and more are common and simple fixes that can help decrease the ping rate. 

For sure, as long as you determine the real reason behind your high ping, you will know how to improve ping speed, in general, and how to reduce ping in games, in particular. But to be honest, various things can be the causes of poor ping rates. 

Why is my internet ping so high?

Following are some common reasons for “why is my ping suddenly so high”; let’s take a look.

A high number of devices connected to the network

Multiple devices connected and using the same network at a time use up your internet bandwidth together. The more devices connected, the more bandwidth is required. 

Inadequate bandwidth is one of the causes of high ping. So, if your network and your router have to support too many devices at once, your ping is likely to suffer. 

Background applications and programs

Programs and applications running in the background on your device also consume bandwidth. Things like huge file downloads, streaming services like Netflix, cloud upload, and more might use up a lot of network traffic and cause a higher ping.

Online gaming

Online gaming

Slow internet connection speeds

Your internet speeds can also affect the ping latency. Higher internet speeds allow you to send and receive data quicker, thus decreasing the ping time. But if you have lesser download and upload speeds, higher pings can be expected. During internet peak hours, slower internet speeds and higher ping are likely to occur.

Distance from the game server

If the game server is geographically far away from your location, then pinging it will give you a high ms value since it takes more time for the data to move between your device and the server. Please keep in mind that the closer the distance between you and the server, the lesser the ping. 

Well, that might be the reason “why is my lol ping so high” or “why is my ping so high but my internet is good” in gaming!

Good internet speeds

Good internet speeds

Wireless connections

This type of connection uses radio wave signals to transfer the data through the air. Since wireless connections are easily affected by several factors such as wireless interference, distance, or physical obstructions, they are considered less reliable than wired ones. That’s why slower internet speeds and poorer pings can result from the use of a wireless internet connection.

Distance from the router 

The signal strength of WiFi (wireless connection) can get bad significantly due to things like wireless interference, distance, or physical obstructions. 

It’s worth noting that the farther the distance between the router and your device, the worse the connection. Wireless interference and physical obstructions like walls, floors, etc can interrupt or even block WiFi signals, causing increases in ping time. 

Good gaming experiences

Good gaming experiences

Other causes

Along with the above reasons, other things like outdated routers, outdated devices, the quality of your Internet service provider, malware, and more can also cause the ping to get high. 

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Wrapping up

As you can see, different things can be the causes for poor ping rates. Determining what is the true reason behind your low ping is the very first step on how to improve ping. In other words, as long as you figure out what causes the ping to be high, you will find ways to reduce it so that you will always have good gaming experiences. And that’s all for this post titled “Why is my ping so high all of a sudden in online gaming?”; hope you liked it.