Team Fortress 2: How to reduce ping in TF2? Free fixes high ping

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Team Fortress 2 - TF2 is one of the best online games however, it is often neglected due to high ping while playing games. In this article, we will guide you on How to reduce ping in TF2 which is able to bring in entertaining moments to you. 

Reduce ping in Team Fortress 2

Reduce ping in Team Fortress 2

How to reduce ping in TF2?

General fixes

For online games in general and the TF2 game in particular, when your ping game is high, you can try out some basic tips:

  • Make sure you don’t have apps/ programs running in the background while playing TF2. These apps/ programs consume bandwidth and make your ping high. Turning off them, your bandwidth for TF2 is more and your game performs well. 

  • A poor network connection is considered as one of the main reasons for high ping. That can be due to distance from your device to your router or router issues. Thus, you should place your router in the middle of the house, place your PC near the Router. Besides, if possible, let’s use a wired connection. 

If possible, you should use a wired connection

If possible, you should use a wired connection

  • You might not be the only one that connects to your home network while playing the game. Siblings, parents or anybody else might be using your bandwidth as well. This means that the bandwidth is shared to many sources, resulting in Team Fortress 2 high ping. An easy solution is to limit your bandwidth for others, giving you extra bandwidth while playing the game.

  • Tf2, Dota 2, or rainbow six siege why is my ping so high. That can also be caused by bandwidth congestion. This is common with older routers, therefore it's best to reset your router after a long gaming session.

  • Call your internet service provider when your ping is too high. Your provider can send someone to take a look and rectify your problem. 

Call ISP to ask for a help

Call ISP to ask for a help

Advanced fixes

After trying out some general ways on How to improve ping, you don’t see significant changes, let’s move into advanced workarounds. This way will reset some expert settings.

Follow these steps below:

1. Open a command prompt and type "Regedit", hit Enter.

Regedit cmd

Regedit cmd

2. Go to the address : 

3. Look for the file with the IP address. If you were allocated an IP address via an HDCP server, you will need to look for a DHCP IP address instead.

4. Right-click on the interface file and choose New – DWORD (32-bit). "TcpAckFrequency" is its name. Then type"1" in Hexadecimal.

Change TCP AckFrequency value data to 1

Change TCP AckFrequency value data to 1

5. Right-click on the interface file again and choose New DWORD (32 bit) with the name TCPNoDelay.  Then change it to "1" in Hexadecimal.

Change TCPNoDelay value data to 1

Change TCPNoDelay value data to 1

6. Verify that both files are now visible in the interface you choose.

7. Close "Regedit" and restart your computer.

Implementing these solutions will undoubtedly assist you in significantly lowering TF2 high ping.

Select the closet gaming server

High ping in TF2 can not be due to your poor internet connection, it’s your gaming server. 

How to reduce ping on ps4 or improve TF2, DOTA2, or other games? Let’s select as close a game server as possible.

Select close gaming server

Select close gaming server

When in Manual Server Selection mode, you have two options: geolocation or ping.

You may use geolocation to choose a specific server or "Choose Best" for the region you want to use. In most situations, online games will dynamically select the best performing gaming server for you. 

When available, always choose (Choose Best). In most situations, each site has many servers. When selecting a server in Texas, Los Angeles, Germany, or elsewhere, always select the top (Choose Best) option; this will select the best performing online game server available at the moment. 

Although your connection to each gaming server may fluctuate over time, (Choose Best) ensures that your connection to that location is always optimal.

Alternatively, you may select "by Ping," which will display the server name, ping, and data loss in the menu. Pick a region that has the lowest ping to get the fastest speed in gaming.

Final words

How to improve ping ps4 or how to get better ping in TF2? There are always general tips to improve your connection performance. They are free and easy, everyone can do it. After trying out all those tips, if there is no significant change, you should call ISP and switch to an upper internet plan. 

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