Website test: Why does a mobile responsive website matter?

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These days, more and more people are accessing websites via their mobile devices. If your site is turned to the public without mobile responsiveness, then you know that your user experience will be affected a lot. And not only the user experience but also other aspects are impacted as well. Check out this article: “Website test: Why does a mobile responsive website matter?” to learn more about this topic.


To know how important mobile responsive testing is, of course, we need to find out why a mobile responsive website matters or its benefits. There are different aspects making mobile responsive matter and we are going to learn one by one right below here. But first, let’s spend a minute exploring what a mobile responsive website really is.

website test

Website test: Why does a mobile responsive website matter?

What is a responsive website design?

Responsive website design is a style of web development where a webpage changes both the layout and content based on the devices that it is being displayed on, especially ideal for mobile viewing.

With mobile responsive websites, no matter what screen size the visitor is using, all the elements like the text, images, graphics, and navigation will size fluidly. Thanks to responsive designs, websites will always look good and function properly at any screen size.

Well, when it comes to a mobile responsive website, its design needs to include elements such as:

  • No horizontal scrolling

  • Readable text without having to zoom

  • Sufficient space for tap targets

Simple ways to know how a website responsive website looks

You can see how a mobile responsive website looks by viewing it on your PC and then simply shrinking and expanding the browser window. Doing that, you will see 3 columns shift to 2, then 1 column. Also, you will see that images and graphics shrink right away and navigation adjusts as well.

website testYou will need mobile responsive website tests to clarify how well your site responds to mobile devices

A good and easy way to know if a website is mobile responsive or not is to view it on both PC and phones to compare. If both of them look the same, then you know that it’s not well responsive to the mobile version. Today, a site that doesn’t come with responsive design and mobile-friendly design can be very difficult to use on smartphones, tablets, or any other mobile device.

Well, the mentioned above way of checking a website's mobile responsiveness is just a very simple illustration of what a mobile responsive website is and how it looks. Definitely, if you want to clearly know how well your website is responsive on mobile devices, you need to do a mobile responsive website test.

Website test: Why does mobile responsiveness matter?

Perhaps, a mobile responsive website has never been so important as today. Take a look at the great benefits of a mobile responsive website below here to know why it matters. Those benefits also help you know why it is important to do a mobile responsive website test.

Help guarantee a great UX

Back to the old days when computers were the one and only way for us to access the web, the concept of mobile responsiveness didn’t appear. But now, with an increasing number of smartphone and mobile device users, it’s crucial to create a mobile responsive website. It’s a good way to offer a smooth and consistent User Experience for anyone interacting with the site via their mobile devices.

There are a lot of differences between the desktop and mobile experiences when viewing and browsing a website. With desktop presence, you have a lot of space to show information and divide the pages into columns.

website test

Website test: It’s crucial to create a mobile responsive website to offer a smooth and consistent User Experience

With mobile, space is much more limited, and having 2 or 3 columns would make the text and other content too small. Due to that, showing too much content at once also makes the users overwhelming. Another difference is that the users use their fingers to scroll the page and tap on interactive items instead of using a mouse.

Without mobile responsiveness, your website will display the desktop version on mobile devices. Think of the big differences mentioned recently, we all know that it’s so inconvenient and frustrating. As a result, the user experience will be affected a lot here.

But with a mobile responsive website, we can offer better experiences to the visitors and ensure their seamless interaction with our website regardless of the devices being used.

Helps improve website rankings on search engines

These days, if a website is not mobile-friendly and mobile responsive, it will be ranked lower on Google and also other search engines as well. 2 years ago, Google announced that they would be using mobile-first indexing. That means mobile-friendliness and mobile responsiveness are a part of Google’s algorithm used to rank a website.

website test

Website test: if a website is not mobile-friendly and mobile responsive, it will be ranked lower on search engines

Everything happens for a reason and Google had their reason for doing this. Do you know that there are up to 60 percent of Google searches done via mobile devices? So, it really makes sense for Google to encourage web owners to switch their sites to be mobile responsive. Google also created a Mobile-Friendly Test that helps users check how a page looks to Google on mobile devices.

Help keep a low bounce rate

Another benefit of a mobile responsive website is the way it helps keep a low bounce rate. Due to the differences between desktop and mobile versions, a mobile unresponsive website is considered one of the big reasons for a higher bounce rate.

No users want to interact with something inconvenient and uneasy to use. Therefore, if they go to your website on mobile and it is not optimized and well responsive for mobile devices, the users tend to not want to interact with it and then leave the site quickly, resulting in a high bounce rate.

Have only one website to maintain

Having a mobile responsive website means that you have just one website to maintain and don’t need to develop 2 separate products for desktop and mobile. That sounds really cost-effective as you can save money on domains, hosting, and maintenance costs as well, right?

website test

Having a mobile responsive website means that you have just one website to maintain 

In addition, having only one site for both desktop and mobile versions instead of using separate sites for desktop and mobile also provides another advantage. It will help you avoid duplicate content. 

When you use a separate website for the mobile version, you will need to have a separate URL for it and duplicate all of the content from your desktop version onto the mobile version, resulting in duplicate content. And that can hurt your SEO and your rankings on the search engines.

Other benefits

Together with the mentioned above benefits, mobile responsive websites also come with other advantages such as building trust, helping your business stay competitive, or making it easier for the customers to contact you, etc.

Do you know that 57 percent of online users say that they will not recommend a business if it has a poorly designed mobile website? That’s why it’s necessary to have a mobile responsive website or a mobile-friendly website.

Besides, while your competitors have probably already had mobile responsiveness sites, it will be hard for you to stay competitive without websites that are well optimized for mobile versions. Due to that, having a mobile responsive website or a mobile-friendly website should be one of your top priorities.

Furthermore, as it is more convenient for your users and customers to reach your site, your business will also benefit a lot. Due to the mobile responsiveness, the traffic to your site will likely increase and the bounce rate will also decrease. Also, your email address and your phone number are easier to find and clickable. So, there’s a possibility that your customers tend to contact you more and more thanks to the mobile responsive website.


Above are some basic things related to mobile responsive websites, including explanations on what it is, why it matters. Well, knowing the benefits of mobile responsiveness helps us understand how important it is and why it’s necessary to do a mobile responsive website test. In the end, we hope that this article did provide you with useful and valuable information. 


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